SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Seattle Firefighters were dispatched at 2204 PT to the 5400 block of NE 65th Street in the Ravenna/Bryan area. The call was for a kitchen fire in a single unit of a two-story multi-family residential building.

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Units dispatched include A25, Air10, B2, B4, DEP1, E17, E21, E22, E34, E38, L10, L5, L9, M17, MAR5, REHAB1, SAFT2, STAF10.

Firefighters were able to quickly egress on the fire and get it tapped by 2224 hours PT. A reduction of resources was completed and issuing a Code Green to non-committed units, except for Engines 38,17; Ladders 9 and 5; B5, Marshal5, and Air10 were canceled.

All occupants were said to have been evacuated safely. No injuries to firefighters were reported. Unknown if any residents suffered smoke inhalation or had any other injuries.

Primary (2221 PT) and secondary (2225) searches of the building were conducted. Nothing further was found inside the structure.

Northeast 65th Street was closed for traffic control. Metro Transit had to temporarily suspend service due to the closure. It was said to reopen by 2300 hours PT.

(c) 2021 NW Fire Blog | Published 11/9/2021 2238 PT