Published June 16, 2022, Thursday, 1845 hours PT

Credit: SFD

Firefighters were dispatched on Thursday at just before three this afternoon to the 4800 block of Terrace Drive Northeast in Seattle, Washington for a working residential structure fire.

The fire building was listed as a three-story apartment building. The structure sustained fire holes (ventilation holes (firefighters cut these into the roof to ventilate smoke and heat) and water damage.

About 19 units were dispatched which include A25, AIR10, B2, B6, DEP1, E16, E22, E25, E40, E9, L10, L5, L9, M17, M44, MAR5, REHAB1, SAFT2 and STAFF10.

During attempts to put the fire out, Fire Command (Incident Commander) requested a second alarm for additional resources.

Just after 1600 hours (4:00 pm), about one hour into the incident, the fire was quickly put out. It was confined just to the attic space.

No injuries were reported.

No cause of the fire was released at the time of this news update.

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