Published 6/21/2022, Tuesday, 1750 hours PT

The EDGEWOOD FIRE continues to burn at this moment, which was reported this afternoon in the Emerald Hills community, near Edgewood Park in San Mateo County, California. The fire was reported just after 1420 hours in the area of Edgewood Road x Crestview Drive.

At this time, the fire has currently burned 20 acres but there are serious concerns of fire still heading uphill towards structures, prompting a 6-Alarm fire response.

1733 PT | The Structure Protection Group is currently working on staffing resources of Type 3s, Crew 16Alpha, Strike Team Leader (1611), and two Colton engines just recently assigned. Four more (E32, E13, 6, 5) were added to the Structure Protection Group. This has been named the Maple Structure Protection Group.

1735 PT | Division Nora — states they have laid their hose line as far as it will go. They would like to tie into the Structure Protection Group. There are several Type 3 resources and they will reassess when all resources are in the area.

1737 PT | Staging now has three engines (E19, 13, 7) which are over the 6-Alarm response (possibly into the 7-11 response). E19 is now being assigned to Division Nora.

1740 PT | With the current resources on the fire, it has now reached a 7-11 alarm. In staging, there are E32, 6, 5, 13, and 7 along with BC3.

According to a recent CAL FIRE presser, fire fuels and conditions are extremely dry, well ahead of a few weeks of where they would normally be for a fire season. Roadways are extremely tight and narrow and they are asking evacuees or those who need to evacuate to please do so and stay away to enable Firefighters to continue fighting the fire.

No structures have been reported as damaged or destroyed.

One firefighter who was on the fire line was injured and transported to Stanford Hospital. His/her condition is unknown at the time of this update.

No cause is available as they are still working on fighting the fire and it will take some time for them to investigate.

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