Published Saturday, July 9, 2022 | 1915 hours PT

ALDERPOINT, CALIFORNIA — The MARSH FIRE is located near the 700 block of Willow Pass Road and had become a wind-driven fire spreading to dry and unburned heavy fire fuels.

Credit | ALERTwildfire

The fire originally appeared to have started on Friday, July 8th, and was being monitored only by the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District as it was in an inaccessible and uninhabited area.

They reported there were no structures being threatened and were aware the fire was working on burning itself out.

The fire name was listed as the PITT MARSH FIRE at the time.

Credit | CCCFPD

As the fire began to continue to smolder, fire behavior increased prompting firefighters to be dispatched to the same area, but this time on Saturday, and were quickly on the scene just before 1400 hours PT this afternoon.

Credit: CCCFPD

Around 1430 hours PT, the smoke was so heavy, that visibility became poor due to the numerous palm trees in the area torching off. About 15 minutes later, the brush fire began moving towards a decommissioned power plant in

Though firefighters have stopped the forward progression of the wildfire, they will remain throughout the night mopping up numerous hotspots.

About 200 acres burned.

No structures were damaged or destroyed.

No injuries to civilians or firefighters were reported.

The cause of this wildfire is unknown and we have reached out to the Fire Department.

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