Published Sunday, July 31, 2022, 1130 hours PT – Summary

A wildfire named the MORSE CREEK FIRE is burning about 1.5 miles from Hwy 410 and about 1.5 from the Pacific Crest Trail on Morse Creek in Yakima County, Washington. This is just east of Crystal Mountain.

This was formerly named the PICKHANDLE POINT FIRE.

AHTANUM BATT-81 CREW-33 CREW-74 DIV-8 E-4302 E-4401 PATROL-8 were dispatched on Saturday, July 30th around 1523 hours PT to the scene.

The Incident Commander is Ben Dronen.

Currently, there are 6 rappelers, 1 hand crew, 1 Type 2 copter, and 1 dozer on the scene. Two more hand crews are en route as well as additional resources are on order.

Credit: USFS

A TFR (temporary flight restriction) is in effect. No drones in fire zones. If you fly, they cannot.

About nine acres of shrub, timber, and litter have been burned.

Fire Officials warning: “A staging area has been set up off of Hwy 410 and travelers can expect fire-related traffic. If possible, please choose an alternate route and avoid the area to provide for the safety of fire resources working in the area.”

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