Published March 22, 2023

There were a few starts today and here is the daily Sit Rep for today.


The Lois Fire ignited, sparking a response from WA DNR firefighters at 1231 hours in Spokane County.

Firefighters were successful in stopping the forward progression and keeping it at bay with less than one acre of grass, shrub, and timber litter being consumed. (0.1 acres).

The fire was contained today at 1330 hours and under control at 1400 hours.

Incident #NES-1028 – ALW-221


Another wildfire incident broke out in Spokane today and firefighters were dispatched through the WA – Northeast Communications Dispatch Center at 1431 hours PDT this afternoon.

This fire was located in the 29000 block of Cornwall Road.

ON THIS DAY IN 2019 | There were unseasonably high temps paired with strong easterly winds which led to many human-caused wildfires over a period of time from March 19-22, 2019. – WA DNR Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz

About two acres of grass and shrub were destroyed. There is no containment or control date and time listed in but it is currently showing in patrol status.

The original 9-1-1 calls indicated the brush fire had scorched four-to-five acres in size, according to Officials with the Spokane County Fire District #3 agency.

Incident #NES-1029 – ALX-221


The Jaeger Road Fire is showing as an incident as of 1850 hours PT, with firefighters dispatched through the WA-SPS at 1651 hours PT to the 300 block of Jaeger Road in Kalama.

About one acre has already been burned, according to Other Scanner feed is reporting 1.9 acres.

According to other sources, they state this fire was located involving multiple disabled vehicles around 1655 hours PT and at 1718 PT, the fire was reported as being out. Extensive overhaul was underway but units were soon clearing after it was out.

Resources are reported as Riepe Viklund.

Incident #SPS-9


Smoke in the Air Calls Reported

Some residents reported seeing smoke in the sky toward Cheney and a possible new fire started but turns out to be a Prescribed Burn (RX Fire) that Turnbull Wildlife Refuge is conducting. These are unrelated to nearby fire starts.

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Source: WA DNR,

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