North River Estates Drive. Spokane County. Dispatched resources on March 28, 2023, at 1402 hours PDT. 0.6 acres of timber and litter. Incident # NES-1046, AMB-221. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC.

Current Status: Patrol Status.


Sherwood Road, Stevens County. Dispatched March 29, 2023, at 1539 hours PDT. 6 acres of grass and shrubs. Resources arrived on the scene on 3/28/2023 at 1610 hours PDT. Incident #SPA-1047, PA P56C (1522), BQW-221. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC.

Current Status: Open and active.


Advanced Technology from Pano AI Allows for Rapid Response to Emerging Wildfire Threats

Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz has announced a new pilot partnership to use advanced AI technology and actionable intelligence to combat the states’ growing wildfire threat. Technology from Pano AI would enable early detection and monitoring to provide richer data on wildfires as they emerge and allow for safer, faster, and more effective fire response. The partnership also supports prescribed fire practices by enabling additional visibility of the fire and utilizing artificial intelligence to detect and notify of any concerning flare-ups. 

The pilot program will pair ultra-high-definition, 360-degree cameras, satellites, and other data feeds with artificial intelligence to provide active wildfire detection and up-to-the-minute situational awareness. Using cameras to identify smoke and fire immediately as it appears on the landscape and pinpoint the latitude and longitude or bearing line of fire will significantly increase DNR’s ability to get resources on the scene and alert nearby communities of danger in their area.

“As soon as smoke or heat is detected on the landscape, our fire managers can direct air and ground suppression forces to the source in record time. It also means more time for nearby communities to receive information from emergency services and act quickly if evacuations are required,” said Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz. “When a fire is bearing down on your property, you don’t care how or when it started, you need to know that help is on the way right now.”

Pano AI is the first disaster-preparedness technology provider to offer a fully integrated product for active wildfire detection using artificial intelligence to help fire authorities identify and extinguish new ignitions before they become a threat. Harnessing the latest developments in hardware, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based software, Pano AI provides fire agencies with real-time actionable intelligence and situational awareness to coordinate an informed rapid response to wildfires before they escalate, safeguarding lives, communities and the environment.

“We applaud Commissioner Franz and the State of Washington for being trailblazers in leveraging modern technology to combat the growing threat of wildfires,” said Sonia Kastner, CEO and founder of Pano AI. “Our team at Pano is made up of former fire professionals as well as world-class technologists who have come together to build the best possible tools for first responders. Our wildfire intelligence solution combines ultra-high-definition cameras, satellites, 5G, AI, and an easy-to-use software interface, all with the goal of making firefighting safer and more effective in the face of increasingly destructive climate-related threats. We’re excited to partner with DNR to demonstrate the impact of our technology across Washington State this fire season.”

The Department of Natural Resources and Pano AI recently signed a contract to begin the AI pilot project, and initial rollout systems demonstrations will begin soon.


Cottonwood Creek Road, Stevens County. Dispatched March 29, 2023, 1336 hours PDT. 0.5 acres of grass and shrub. NC27 and 61 were dispatched to the scene as additional resources. Incident #NES-1048, AMC-221. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC.

Current Status: Patrol Status.


Chestnut Lane, Spokane County. Dispatched March 29, 2023, 1513 hours PDT. 0.5 acres of timber litter and grass fire fuels. 100% lined and 80% mopped up. Incident #NES-1049, AMD-221. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC

Current Status: Lined and Mop Up Operations is in effect.


Northport Flat Creek Raod. Stevens County. Dispatched March 29, 2023, 1625 hours PT. 27.62 acres of unknown fire fuels. NC25 and 28 were dispatched to the fire scene and arrived on the scene at 1651 hours PT. Incident #NES-1050, AME-221. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC.

Current Status: Open and active.


200 block of W Beeville Rd in the Puget Sound area. Dispatched March 29, 2023, 1618 hours PDT. 0.1 acre of unknown fire fuels. Incident #SPS-11. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – SPS.

Current Status: 100% controlled and contained.



Career seasonal GS-5 Forestry Technician at the McNary National Wildlife Refuge. Will serve in a leadership role on an engine module. One of the most active fire programs. Responding to an average of 50 wildfires annually. Also, the role includes additional incidents of fuels management/Prescribed fires, firefighter training, and development support.

Deadline – > March 31, 2023> bit.ly/3FtyhIS

Photo Credit: USFWS

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