UPDATE 1: April 28, 2023, 2110 hours PDT

There are multiple wildfires burning in Canada with these in British Columbia (BC). Here is Friday’s update for April 28, 2023.


The Dripping Water Fire is located east of Dripping Water Road, about three km or two miles north of the community of Tl’etinqox or nine km (almost six miles) southeast of Alexis Creek. It was said to be 80 ha (April 27). Smoke could be seen as shown in this photo from BC Hwy 20 and surrounding communities.

(left) Photo Credit: BC Wildfire

C10112 FIRE – N of Kluskus Lake

This fire was caused by suspected human activity on April 28, 203 around 1509 hours. It is approximately two hectares or closer to 10 acres. Dispatch Center for this fire is the Caribook Fire Centre based out of the BC area. No structures are threatened and no active evacuation orders are in effect.

FIFTYSEVEN CREEK FIRE – N of Fiftyseven Creek

The wildfire was discovered today at 1305 hours. There are no evacuation orders in effect at the time. Suspected cause: human activity. Approximately seven ha. Dispatch Center: Cariboo Fire Centre.

G80121 FIRE

This fire is a small one but is considered one of many out-of-control wildfires. This is located in the Prince George Fire Centre dispatch area. The cause has been determined as a suspected human activity. It is currently about 4 hectares or almost 10 acres. It was discovered on April 28, 2023, around 1743 hours.

There have been 29 wildfires caused by humans, to date, and 12 new starts within the last 24 hours. – BC Wildfire Service

G80117 FIRE

This fire was discovered today at 1831 hours and is considered to be approximately 50 hectares or just about 123.55 acres.

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