Published Sunday, May 21, 2023, 1800 hours PDT

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This is the wildfire activity report for the week of May 18 – 21, 2023.

Photo Credit | WA DNR


The Aeneas Fire was controlled on Sunday at 0945 PDT after resources were dispatched on Saturday, at 2200 hours to Aeneas Creek in Okanogan County. About 0.1 acres of grass and timber have been burned. The fire was contained at 0006 hours PDT. Incident# NES-1230 and APG-221. The Communications Center is the WA-NEC.


The Canyon Creek Fire was located in the Canyon Creek in Okanogan County prompting State firefighters to be dispatched on Saturday at 1831 hours. With their quick response and egress efforts enabled crews to hold the fire to less than one acre. It was contained at 2045 hours after an IC assumed command at 1950 hours. Fire fuels included grass and light timber.


On Thursday of last week, fire resources were dispatched through the WA-NEC communications center to Fletcher Road in Okanogan County, where less than one acre of slash and blowdown was destroyed. They were dispatched at 1218 hours and it would be contained the same day at 1500 hours. It is currently in patrol status.


The Gate 116 Fire ignited on Goose Egg Hill in Benton County on Friday, March 19, 2023, where 0.1 acres was consumed. Firew resources were dispatched at 1224 hours and contained and controlled at 1230 hours PDT.


A wildfire is burning on Grizzly Mountain in Okanogan County which broke out on Sunday, May 21, 2023. The IC Sylvester is effect at 1802.


Chelan County was the venue where a wildfire broke out today at Chumstick Creek, prompting the deployment of firefighters and resources at 1356 hours PDT. Less than one acre of grass and shrubs have been consumed. IC Holt assumed command of the fire this afternoon at 1628 hours.


Fire crews and equipment are on the scene of a wildfire on Lowe Road in Spokane County, Washington on Sunday, May 21, 2023. AR 7403 and Capt 7404 have been deployed to the fire line at 1500 hours. About 0.5 of an acre of timber, understory, and timber litter. Incident #NES-1230. APG-221. The Comm Center is the WA-NEC.


On Friday, May 19, 2023, at 1741 hours PDT, fire resources and equipment were dispatched after a smoke check turned into a wildfire incident in the Mudgett Lake Road area to a wildfire where 0.2 acres of grass, timber, and litter were destroyed. Incident #NES-1225 and APC-221. Comm Center-WA NEC.

NS 1224 FIRE

The NS 1224 Fire was located in the Deep Lake South Shore Road area in Stevens County, This is showing an open incident.


A wildfire broke out in the 800 block of Arcadia Road in Mason County on Saturday, May 20 where firefighters were dispatched to the area at 1820 hours. Less than one hour of timber, litter, and grass was destroyed. It was contained and controlled at 1945 hours. Currently, it is in patrol status.


On Friday, May 19th, fire resources were dispatched at 1118 hours to Peachcrest Road in Ferry County, where they were able to quickly hold the fire to less than one year of grass and shrubbery being destroyed. It was contained at 1200 hours and controlled at 1215 hours.


The Scotts Valley Fire was contained on Friday, May 19th at 1900 hours and controlled on Saturday at 0900. Resources were originally deployed to the Tumtum area at 2200 hours on Friday, May 19, 2023. About 0.4 acres of timber and understory has been consumed. It is now in patrol status. Incident #NES-1226 and APD-222. Comm Center: WA-NEC.


The Short Fire broke out in Onalaska in Lewis County on Thursday, prompting WA DNR fire crews being dispatched at 1530 hours, where one acre of slash blowdown was destroyed. It was contained at 1752 hours.

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