Published Sunday, May 21, 2023, 1430 hours PDT

There are several out-of-control wildfires burning in Alberta and other parts of Canada. As of yesterday, there were 87 fires burning but today, there are now 86 wildfire incidents.

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This is a summary of some of the


There have been 16 wildfires in this area year-to-date. Current wildfire danger is “very high”.

Dormer Fire | Located in Panther. 2022 Fire Season’s wildfire ANP-007 is currently being held (controlled). It has been monitored over the winter season and will be scanned for current fire behavior activity. 669 ha. Unified Command with Alberta Wildfire and Parks Canada.

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EWF031 & EWF039

These wildfires were detected on May 4. Located 25 km west of Lodgepole, 20km northwest of Brazeau Dam, and 14 km southeast of Edson. Out-of-control fires. 113,244 ha. 79 firefighters and overhead teams are assigned to this incident and the EWF039. 20 pieces of heavy equipment and nine copters are attached to this fire. An air tanker group is available as needed.

Heavy smoke lying low in the area, has created unsafe conditions for firefighters due to poor visibility. A chance of isolated and/or scattered showers and thunder cells are in the weather forecast.

A US IMT arrived on Saturday and will be transitioning over today to take full control of the Complex on Monday, May 22, 2023.


This wildfire is located near the O’Chiese Reserve. Out-of-control fire. Estimated 82,869 ha. 55 firefighters and support staff are assigned along with three copters to the individual and four additional attached to the Complex incident. 22 pieces of heavy equipment are also assisting.


The RWF040 is located 6 km northeast of the Forestry Truck Road and Brown Creek Provincial Rec area. It is an out-of-control wildfire. It is currently being monitored. Estimated 4,544 ha. Growth was observed as increasing in the West. Though the Blackstone Lookout Tower is in the area, it is currently not under direct threat.



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The fire was detected in May and is located 3 km east of Shining Bank. This is an out-of-control fire and is estimated at 18,608 ha. Yesterday, the fire had doubled in size. It is now south of Township Road 570 and two km north of the RR tracks in Niton Junction. It has spread across Rge Rd 123 and along the Lobstick River.

Fire crews are also assisting landowners by putting out hotspot fires on their properties. They will continue to build containment lines on the south perimeter.

Some rain fell over the fire line, enabling some relief for crews but not enough significant impacts to stop the fire.


This wildfire was detected on April 29, 2023, and is an out-of-control fire. There have been 7,281 ha in size with no new fire growth. It is located southeast of Enthwistle and west over the Pembina River where it has spread north and crossed over Hwy 16. It is running parallel with Hwy 16 and has moved further west where spread north of Wildwood and currently burning in Chip Lake. Hotspots are occurring near the highway, which crews are working to cool.


The WCU002 fire also was detected on April 29th and is burning on both sides of Hwy 22, just north of Hwy 16. It is considered an out-of-control wildfire. It is estimated to have consumed 2,400 ha. No new fire groups have been observed.


There are multiple wildfires located south of the Little Smoky River, north of the Wild Hay River, and east of Hwy 40 north. These also include the areas near Willow Haul Road and Jack Wright Road north of Hinton. These wildfires were formerly reported as five separate fires, but due to more accurate GPS measuring, have been determined to be two larger fires. 


The EWF037 fire is now being held as of yesterday afternoon. Containment lines are holding.


This is an out-of-control fire with 684 ha burned.


There have been 18 wildfires in the FMFA since January 1, 2023, 13 have been put out while there are others burning in the fire zone.


This wildfire is located at Chipewyan Lakes is burning out of control with an estimated 19,499 ha in size. Heavy smoke is creating poor visibility for aircraft. They are waiting for the skies to be more clear to allow the copters and air tankers to resume dropping suppression activities.

There are 46 firefighters, a heavy equipment group, and six copters assigned to this incident.

An evacuation order is in effect for the Chipewyan Lakes and surrounding areas.


GWF019 – Bald Mountain Fire

The fire is located about 17 km west of Hwy 40. It is considered an out-of-control wildfire that has reached 14,540 ha in size. It crossed over Bald Mountain Road to the east on Friday. It is now near the intersection of Odom Ridge Road and BNald Mountain Road to the south. 46 Firefighters with five copters and 12 pieces of heavy equipment.

GWF027 – Eagle Complex


The use of recreational drones over wildfires in Alberta is dangerous, and illegal and could result in a fine of up to $15,000* for putting aircraft and people at risk. Please give Alberta firefighters the space they need to do their jobs safely.

*Transport Canada


Hot and dry conditions continue to plague the area and prompting Fire Officials to warn the Public and residents alike of the fire Danger. A Provincial State of Emergency has been declared for those in Alberta. If you need assistance, call 310-4455 for wildfire-related info.

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