The Wildfire Log | California | August 16, 2019

Due to the large number of large incidents burning across the United States, we will be breaking down wildfires burning in each State separately. We may miss one or a few but we promise, we will get caught up as we glean information from various verified sources.

Border 8 Fire | 1,500 acres | 60% contained

The Border 8 Fire is in the City of Tecate, southeast of San Deigo in Mexico County. The cause of this wildfire is unknown and under investigation.  Currently, they are in Unified Command with CAL Fire and Mexican Fire Agency Consulate Emergency Services FD.  At this time, the fire is threatening the City of Tecate, Mexico.

Border 9 Fire | 80 acres | 100% contained

The Border 9 Fire was located off of Marron Valley Road and Border Road, southeast of Dulzura in San Diego County.   The fire started on 8/15/2019 at 2:35pm from an unknown cause.  Fire agency deployed was with the CAL Fire’s San Diego County FD.

Cottage Fire | 156 acres | 90% contained

The Cottage Fire started on 8/15/2019 @ 1509 hours on Dersch Road and Cottage Hill Drive, northeast of Anderson.  The cause, like others are unknown and under investigation for the CAL Fire’s Shasta-Trinity Unit.  There are still 8 personnel assigned to this incident.

Gaines Fire | 1,300 acres  | 5% contained

The Gaines Fire started on 8/16/2019 from a cause that is unknown and under investigation. It is located in Mt. Gaines Road x Bear Valley Road in Bear Valley (Mariposa County).  CAL FIRE’s Madera – Mariposa – Merced Unit firefighters are deployed on this incident.

–> Evacuation Advisory |  Bear Valley, Pendola Garden Road and Hwy 49 <–

Hunter Fire | 423 acres | 60% contained

The Hunter Fire is located about 6 miles southwest of Bear Valley in the Merced-Mariposa Unit of CAL Fire’s area.  Fire fuels include tall grass.  Fire behavior is moderate.  There are currently, 77 fire personnel along with 2 crews, 13 engines.  Cost-to-date is $250,000.

Mill Fire | 310 acres | 98% contained

The Mill fire is located on USFS land on the Los Padres National Forest and 5 miles east of Lucia.  At this time 310 acres of timber, chaparral and tall grass have been consumed.

Arrowhead Hotshot crew buggies

Mill Fire | Credit: USFS

There are still 25 fire personnel assigned with 1 engine.  Cost-to-date in suppression and containment expenses have reached $5.1 Million Dollars.

Moose Fire | 225 acres | 95% contained

The Moose fire started on 8/12/2019 @ 1710 hours PDT off of Moose Road and Bus McGall Road NW, northwest of Hopland.  The CAL Fire’s Mendocino Unit is the one working this incident.

Patterson Fire | 35 acres | 90% contained

The Patterson Fire started on 8/15/2019, from an unknown cause and is still under investigation. This fire is located on Patterson Drive, south of Placerville in El Dorado County.  Fire crews are mopping up hot spots and patrolling throughout the night.  Fire Unit:  CAL Fire’s Amador-El Dorado Unit.  All evacuation orders have been lifted.  There are 2 engines and 10 fire personnel attache


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Disaster News | California Areas Touched by Aftershocks

UPDATE 3 – JULY 7, 2019 – SUNDAY


What appeared as an isolated incident of a single quake with multiple aftershocks, turned out to be nothing more than a fore shock and something we don’t hear much about – until today.  The original large quake that would shake near the Ridgecrest area of Kern County, California was measured at 6.4M This occurred on Thursday, July 4, 2019.  It was being called a foreshock (prior to the actual quake).

A 7.1M rocked the Ridgecrest area on July 5th causing widespread power outages, gas leaks, structure fires and many EMS calls, with most of them being for short of breath incidents.  Roads were reported buckling and separating roadways, all the way across.


Epicenter | Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake | 150 miles N of Los Angeles

Credit: US Military

The NAWS China Lake Station is about 150 miles north of Los Angeles and at the epicenter. No casualties or injuries were reported. All buildings were found to be structurally sound and still standing.

Kern County | Commercial Structural Damage 

On July 6th, the Governor of California was out to businesses and areas to view the hardest hit areas.


Credit: CA Gov Office

Kern Co Damage | GOP Leader Visit

On the afternoon of July 5th, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy met with local Officials and 1st Responders to discuss post-earthquake efforts and tour some of the damaged areas firsthand in Kern County.

Kern County | Mobile Home Park


Businesses suffered greatly. | Credit: Kevin McCarthy, GOP Leader

City of Trona | 20 miles E of Ridgecrest

The City of Trona’s one and only water pipeline has been reported to have several cracks.  Repairs are currently ongoing and they are working to fix their main water resources.  On July 6, 2019, after the quake hit – there were reports of being extremely hit hard and had no power or water.

Between Trona & Ridgecrest | SR 178

CHP and CALtrans District 9 assess one of the major roadways at night of a serious large fracture.  This is on SR 178 between Trona and Ridgecrest.


Credit: CALtrans

Kern County | Ridgecrest Regional Hospital

After the 6.4M quake on Thursday, July 4th, the hospital began evacuating some patients due to reported structural damage inside the building. No word on any further damage after the 7.1M quake on Friday or if additional patients were moved from the facilities.   An ambulance strike team from Bakersfield was due to assist with evacuations.


CAL OES | Local Leaders giving briefings



Credit: CAL OES

 Los Angeles County FD | OES Haz-Mat 811 is surveying the damage.


Credit: LACoFD

Orange County Fire Authority | OCFA Heavy Rescue 6 out at the China Lake Naval Weapons Center conducting a damage assessment at the facility.


Credit: OCFA PIO

DISASTER FACT | The Searles and Little Areas are being touched by many Aftershocks in the last 24-48 hours.

Public Health Deployed | Kern Co FD – OES


Credit: KCFD – OES


An American Red Cross shelter has been opened at the Kerr McGee Community Center located at 100 W California Avenue, Ridgecrest, CA.


Closures | Ridgecrest DMV * CLOSED * Monday, July 8th.  Appointments will be honored at nearby field offices. This location is being inspected for structural damage and making repairs. (

Free Transportation | Trona area residents can receive FREE transportation at the high school to the Ridgecrest Shelter located at the Kerr McGee Center.

Red Cross Services | The Red Cross is currently distributing water, food, clean up kits in the communities of Trona and Ridgecrest.  These are FREE services.


Credit: ARC

Natural Gas Service | PGE reminds its customers that if you have HAD your gas turned off, not to turn it back on yourselves but to call 800-743-5000 to have service resumed.

Crisis Support | Quakes can be stressful, for Mental Health Crisis Support, contact the Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline at 800-991-5272 or the local Crisis Support Center at 760-463-2880.

How to Prepare for Emergencies |

When to Do When the Shaking Starts |

How to Prep for Aftershocks |

Report Structural Damage |  Kern County/Ridgecrest residents only by calling 760-499-5083 or contact by email:

Donations for Quake Victims | Red Cross | 800-RED-CROSS or go to

SOCIAL MEDIA | Taken from Eyewitness Accounts Reported on Social Media

“It was like violent shaking, things breaking.”

“No damage in Anaheim reported. Keep 9-1-1 lines open for emergencies.” – Anheim PD

The strongest quake to hit Southern CAL in 20 years.” – Media

Multiple tweets sent to President, asking for assistance. – Multiple Users

“San Bernardino County reported no injuries, but significant instrastructure damage.” – Media user.

“I could feel the quake all the way down here.” – Las Vegas (NV) resident.

“Ridgecrest is far from LA. It felt small compared to aftershocks of Northridge in 1994.  They (Ridgecrest) does not have the population or infrastructure LA has. There is no damage here (LA).” – Media poster.

“There’s quite a bit of damage that needs to be fixed. We have red tags everywhere and the assessment isn’t even done yet. There’s a lot not being showing on the news.” – Media user.

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Disaster News | California Suffers From Another Large Quake



What appeared as an isolated incident of a single quake with multiple aftershocks, turned out to be nothing more than a fore shock and something we don’t hear much about – until today.  The original large quake that would shake near the Ridgecrest area of Kern County, California was measured at 6.4M. This occurred on Thursday, July 4, 2019.

DISASTER FACT | 200+ Quakes measured 2.5M + have occurred between both the 6.4M – 7.1M quakes. – USGS

Today’s large quake originally measured at 6.9M has been elevated to a 7.1M with more aftershocks to come in the following minutes, to hours, to days or even months.


An American Red Cross shelter has been opened at the Kerr McGee Community Center located at 100 W California Avenue, Ridgecrest, CA.


How to Prepare for Emergencies |

When to Do When the Shaking Starts |

How to Prep for Aftershocks |

Report Structural Damage | Ridgecrest residents only | 760-499-5083. City or County inspections are onsite.

Donations for Quake Victims | Red Cross | 800-RED-CROSS or go to


We have currently signed off and going out of service on this incident as we will be out of town this weekend but staying on the Ridgecrest Earthquake Fire news watch.  We will continue postings but they may be delayed.

To stay more up-to-date on fire news coverage, please follow us on our Twitter @nwfireblog for live updates. Please stay safe out there, wherever you may travel or be deployed to. We appreciate everything you all are doing out there.  #FireResources

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Disaster News | California Shaken By Large Quake, Aftershocks

UPDATE 1 – JULY 5, 2019 – FRIDAY

A large earthquake shook the Ridgecrest, California area on Thursday, July 4, 2019, which startled a lot of people.

The Kern County EOC was activated due to the large earthquake and aftershocks. This evening, a larger quake measured at 6.9+ with some reports stating as high as a 7.1M occurred, prompting Fire Agencies to start checking their Fire Stations.

Call volume has increased with firefighters responding to calls related to breathing difficulties, structure and grass fires and gas leaks, as well as HAZMAT calls.


An American Red Cross shelter has been opened at the Kerr McGee Community Center located at 100 W California Avenue, Ridgecrest, CA.


How to Prepare for Emergencies |

When to Do When the Shaking Starts |

How to Prep for Aftershocks |

Report Structural Damage | Ridgecrest residents only | 760-499-5083. City or County inspections are onsite.

Donations for Quake Victims | Red Cross | 800-RED-CROSS or go to

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The Wildfire Log: CAL Fire’s Wolf Fire

CAL FIRE resources from the Riverside Unit were dispatched to a wildfire around this morning.  The fire named the WOLF FIRE is located off of Lamb Canyon Road and California Avenue, southeast of Beaumont in Riverside County in an unincorporated area in the State of California.

Just before noon, the fire had scorched just over 15 acres and fire behavior was moderate to a dangerous rate of spread.  Air support was en route.


Credit: CAL FIRE Riverside FD/ Sudmeier

About ten minutes later, Air Attack was saying the fire was more than 20-plus acres and quickly growing.  At the time there was an additional resources that included two additional tankers and a Type 2 copter with crew that was the closest available.

All-in-all, there was a total of 340 acres burned.  Resources were in overhaul mode around 1540 hours PDT and will remain overnight to gain a 100% containment status.  At the time of this posting, fire crews have reached a 40% containment status.

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The Wildfire Log | Lumgrey Fire | CA | 1

UPDATE 1 | JUNE 19, 2019

A wildfire named the LUMGREY Fire ignited on Monday, June 17, 2019, around 1800 hours from an unknown source, which is currently under investigation.  It started as two separate fires that merged together. The incident is off of CA Hwy 96 and near Lumgrey Creek on the Klamath National Forest in Siskiyou County, California.

There are approximately 266 total personnel along with an US Forest Service – Klamath NF IC E. Willy is in charge of Fire Command.  Some resources were dispatched on Tuesday from neighboring Eldorado National  Forest and CAL FIRE  to assist with the wildfire.

CHP lead drivers as an escort on Hwy 96 for local traffic only.

Help from above also arrived with airtankers based out of the Medford Airtanker Base making drops about 18,000 gallons of retardant and spending a whopping $94,000!

The forward movement of the fire and its behavior is expected to be at a minimal impact but there were legitimate concerns when the fire was reported on June 18th, that it had jumped the Klamath River.

As more assessments are made of the total fire perimeter, there may be a readjustment of total acres burned.  At the time of this post, there was about 207 acres destroyed.

Crews have reached a total 60% containment as this evening.  They will, however, continue to work on securing and improving lines around the fire which will increase the containment number.

Evacuation warnings for Dutch Creek and Empire Creek were lifted.  Previous evacuation warnings were also given to those who live near the Gottsville area. (June 17).

Fire images | Photo Credit:  USFS – Klamath NF. Courtesy of: Inciweb

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The Wildfire Log | McMillan Fire | CA


CAL FIRE and SLO County FD fire crews were on-scene to a brush fire located east of McMillan Canyon Road on Highway 46 on June 12th.

Here is a timeline of the wildfire as it unfolded over Social Media:

6/12 1305 | Fire reached 10 acres with a moderate rate of spread.

Credit | CAL FIRE – SLO Unit

1320 | Fire increased to 50 acres.

1340 | Fire behavior began to change from moderate to a rapid rate of spread, bringing it to 200 acres destroyed.

1351 | By this time, just shy over 10 minutes, the wildfire exploded into 600 acres.

1439 | Fire crews were beginning to get a handle on the wildfire and bringing the containment now to 20%.

Credit | CAL FIRE – SLO Unit

1501 | Firefighters were still at 20% containment but the fire grew to a scary 1,000 acres.  Fire assets were brought in for fire suppression from the skies and the ground.

Credit | CAL FIRE – SLO Unit

1626 | The fire was still increasing.  It had now reached 2,000 acres destroyed with 20% containment status remaining the same.

1523 | Firefighters were working tirelessly as they were trying to bring this fire under control and contained.  At this time, the forward progression of the fire was stopped and containment now up to 50%.  Fire Managers and Law Enforcement reopened EB traffic on Hwy 46.

1554 | As containment increased, some fire assets and personnel were slowly beginning to be released from the incident.  Progress for full containment was still the main objective.  Smoke was still visible in the northeastern portion of (SLO) the County.

Credit | CAL FIRE – SLO Unit

1827 | Fire remained at the same 50% containment but structures were no longer threatened by the impending wildfire, thanks to the efforts by fire crews in both the air and on the ground.  Both directions of the highway were now opened but traffic was being diverted through Shandon.

2104 | CAL FIRE, CHP, and CAL Trans worked through coordination to open one WB lane on the Highway.  Once all the way open, no more traffic was said to be diverted through Shandon.

2116 | Fire equipment and personnel were due to remain on the fireline throughout the evening to strengthen containment lines and put out any hot spots that may arise.  A strike team of engines are due to be deployed to the line the following morning.

Credit | CAL FIRE – SLO Unit

6/13/2019 1000 | CAL FIRE – SLO Unit E3469 out of the Cayucos FS #11 worked on the containment lines.  With good weather conditions, crews were able to help those area assigned to the fire to increase the containment status even higher.

1109  | Fire objective is still the focus of fire crews. Containment increases to 75%. With more accurate mapping, Fire Managers release the total destroyed by the fire at 1,764 acres.

1631 | Fire crews have been on-scene all day and have now reached a containment status of 95%.  They have laid almost 10 miles of fireline constructed around the fire.

This is our first and last report on this wildfire since fire crews have reached their fire objective. – Ed.

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The Wildfire Log | Calaveras Fire | CA | 1


Update 1 | Tuesday, June 11, 2019 | 2045 hours PDT

A wildfire is burning in the CAL FIRE SCU area that provides fire services in the Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa and in the western portion of Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties.

Photo Credit: CAL FIRE SCU

It started on June 10, 2019, off of Calaveras Road and Weller Road, just east of Milpitas in Santa Clara County, California.

Fire crews have successfully held this to a small 35 acres and 90% containment.  Full containment is expected on Wednesday, June 12th.

This evening, firefighters will continue to reinforce containment lines and mop-up operations, as well as extinguishing any hot spots may rekindle in unburned fuels.

A firefighter was reportedly injured during yesterday’s fire suppression efforts. His condition is unknown.

As fire managers were managing this incident, another wildfire ignited called the WATER FIRE on the same day and located just west of the Calaveras Reservoir.  Crews were able to stop the forward spread of this fire.

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Two Brush Fires | Clay Fire | California

Jurupa Valley, CA. | CAL FIRE/Riverside, Riverside County Fire and Riverside City Fire firefighters were dispatched to an area near Van Buren Boulevard and Clay Street in the Santa Ana Riverbottom of the Jurupa Valley community.  The call was for two brush fires burning in a single area.

The fire was reported on the afternoon of Saturday, January 26, 2019, around 1423 PST.


The two fires, one acre in size each were said to be holding in a three-acre area in heavy fire fuels.  Crews were in extensive mop-up operations and due to remain on the fire ground an additional four hours (around 1915 hours PST).


There was about 85 firefighters from CAL FIRE’s Riverside division, along with Riverside County FD and Riverside City FD that joined into the battle of the two fires.

Additionally, there were 13 fire engine companies (Type 3 engines) , two hand crews, two dozers and three overhead personnel assigned to this incident.  An air attack was also deployed.

Updated Resources | 2 hand crews, 2 dozers and Type 3 engines. 1/26/2019 @ 2232 PST


There is currently no known cause released.


There were none reported.


We are using the following hashtags for this incident:  #ClayFire #California #BrushFire #CAFires_2019

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California Wildfires | Fire Updates | July 7, 2018

UPDATE 1 – 2250 hours PDT


The BOX FIRE is burning on NB I-5 at Kenwood Avenue that started as a car fire  into an urban interface on Friday, July 6, 2018, around 0955 hours.  The fire has scorched 100 acres of grass and chaparral fire fuels.

Photo Credit } Inciweb

Weather concerns are continued near record high temps and low RH percentages.

There are a total of 105 personnel  from the CAL FIRE – Inyo-Mono-San Bernardino Unit, San Bernardino County FD and San Bernardino National Forest are attached to this incident will continue to monitor for embers and hot spots.   Other resources include those from the CHP, San Bernardino County OEM nd the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office.

The fire has reached a 50% containment status.


The COUNTY FIRE is burning in CAL FIRE’s Sonoma-Lake Napa (Napa and Yolo Counties) Unit’s area.  The fire is being managed by a CAL FIRE IMT Type 1 that was formerly managing the PAWNEE FIRE.

Members of OES Strike Team 2870C celebrating Independence Day in Division ‘H’ on July 4, 2018.   Personnel from Alameda County, Oakland, Hayward & Fremont . Photo Credit | Alameda Co FD

This fire is burning one mile southwest of Guninda and east of Lake Berryessa, California.  Fire fuels include brush.

Current fire behavior is active with uphill runs, flanking and backing. Many structures are being threatened. Evacuations, roads, area and trail closures in effect.

88,425 acres. 55% containment reached. 2,858 personnel. 61 crews. 176 engines. 23 helicopters, 48 bulldozers and 51 water tenders.

Night Operations. Photo Credit | Alco Firefighters

Mandatory orders have been lifted as of 2111 hours PDT. For evacuation information, visit the Napa County Sheriff’s Office for details.

Incident Cooperators include – California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Cal OES, California Highway Patrol, California Conservation Corps, Yolo County OES, Yolo County Sheriff, Solano County Sheriff, Napa County Sheriff, PG&E, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, Bureau of Land Management, United States Forest Service, California Air National Guard and California National Guard.

Photo Credit | CAL FIRE

There is a conflicting report that 18 structures have been lost (NIFC) and 10 via CALFIRE’s presser.  Fire suppression and containment status reaching an all-time high of $27,500,000.

Public Resources – Dial 2-1-1 for Yolo County evacuations or advisories ; Text 888777 for updates for Napa County residents.;  707- 967-4207 for County Fire Information.


CAL FIRE crews were dispatched to a brush fire near 40 Dutzel Lane in Cherokee around 1530 hours this afternoon.   AA 210 were overhead reporting the fire to be about two to three acres with a structure involved. Three additional engines were requested with CAL FIRE’s TGU unit and a dozer from the Plumas National Forest en route.

Photo Credit | CAL FIRE

According to a timeline, the IC requested five additional engines due to the wind shifting and three additional structures at 1537 hours.  Oroville FD was dispatched and responding as mutual aid to the fire.

Tankers 88 and 89 were inbound from the Grass Valley area at 1549 hours.  About ten minutes later, the forward progress was stopped with the dozer going back in service.  Tankers were were available but would be eventually released. Water tenders were requested to continue with responding, however all other incoming engines and additional dozer were CODE GREENed.

All-in-all, the total amount of acres scorched was four with one shed, car and trailed being destroyed.  The GOOD NEWS is that firefighters saved many, many structures.


Today, at noon the EAST CREEK FIRE was reported to fire officials of a fire burning in the Kings Canyon Wilderness located south of the Bubbs Creek Trail and west of the East Creek Trail or about 8.5 miles east of Roads End Permit Station.  It is said to be burning 8,700 feet in a stand of Red Fir.

Photo Credit | Inciweb

The cause is unknown and under investigation. The total acreage burned so far is 10 acres of timber with a 0% containment status.

Due to the remote location, there are no threats to property or people in the area.  However, there is some potential for fire growth which fire crews are working to contain as quickly as possible.

There are 15 personnel assigned to this incident.


Photo Credit | SBC Fire PIO Mike Eliason

CAL FIRE and Santa Barbara County fire personnel were battling a 35-acre wildfire on July 6th around 2345 hours PDT off of north Fairview Avenue and Holiday Hill Road in the City of Goleta (Santa Barbara County).

Mandatory evacuations of these are areas are still in effect Sunset Ridge Road, Franklin Ranch Road, North parts of La Goleta Road, north Fairview, north of La Goleta Road, El Camino Ratel, Holiday Hill Road, Villa Lemora, Cuesta Verde, Edward Place and Pine Tree Lane.

Red Cross Shelter –> 5769 Hollister Road.

Animal Evacuation Hotline –> 805-681-4332

Photo Credit | San Bernardino Co PIO Mike Eliason

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office Deputies spotted a drone over theGoleta Valley Junior HS.

This will undoubtedly cause all aviation fire resources to shutdown until the airspace has been cleared. DON’T DO IT!  #NoDronesInFireZones period.

The fire was said to have started on the same day around 2040 hours.  Today, it is at 100 acres and with an 80% containment status.


The KLAMATHON FIRE is burning about two miles southeast of Hornbrook in CAL FIRE’s Siskiyou Unit’s service area in timber, chaparral and tall grass. Fire behavior is extreme with short crown runs and running.  Communications infrastructure in several areas are currently being threatened. Evacuations and road closures are in effect.

Public Service Announcement –> Siskiyou County Office of Emergency Services

“If you are in an evacuation zone, take your animals and animal supplies with you including crate, bed, feed, leash, whenever possible. Siskiyou Co Ag Dept public hotline to request animal evac or animal care assistance is 530-841-4028. Leave a detailed message.”

9,600 acres with a 5% containment status. 572 personne along with 18 crews, 61 engines, 8 helicopters are assigned.  40 structures have been lost with costs-to-date of $1,000,000.



Helicopter at helibase

Helicopter at Helibase on June 29, 2018. Photo Credit | Sierra National Forest

The LIONS FIRE is burning in the Sierra National Forest without a Type 1 or Type 2 IMT that has scorched 4,064 acres.  The fire cause was lightning that ignited the area on Monday, June 11th around noon about seven miles southwest of the Mammonth Lakes area.  It has an 84% containment status.

There are 174 personnel, four crews and four helicopters. Cost-to-date has reached $4,300,000.


The MARILYN WILDFIRE is located in the 29300 block of Marilyn Drive where fire crews were dispatched at 1928 hours.  IC P17 on-scene.  No further details available.


The PAWNEE FIRE is burning in CAL FIRE’s Sonoma-Lake Napa Unit’s area.  This is no longer being managed by the CAL FIRE IMT Type 1 of the COUNTY FIRE, due to being transferred to the local unit today.

Photo Credit | Inciweb

This fire is burning five miles northeast of Clearlake Oaks in brush and tall grass.  Fire behavior has been reduced to minimal fire activity.  Evacuation orders are still in effect.

15,185 acres destroyed with 22 structures lost. 96% contained.  543 personnel along with six crews, 10 engines with a cost-to-date of $36,500,000.


Petersburg Fire

Photo Credit | Klamath National Forest

This fire was reported to have ignited on Sunday, July 1, around 1445 hours by an unknown cause. It is  burning in the Klamath National Forest, about 21 miles southwest of Etna in timber.  Command transitioned from a Type 3 to a Type 4 IMT under IC Isbell with the U.S. Forest Service (Klamath NF)

Fire behavior is said to be minimal but 215 acres have been scorched.

Crews have successfully reached a 90% containment status and crews are expecting this fire to reach 100% containment by Sunday, July 8, 2018.

37 personnel are assigned along with two crews and one engine.  Two structures have been lost.  Fire suppression and containment costs have reached $1,700,000.


A brush fire prompted fire resources to be dispatched today at 1547 hours to the Sierra Hwy and Mint Canyon Road.  This is an open incident with limited information.


The TUNJUNGA FIRE is located in the 13000 block of Little Tujunga Canyon Road where SO-41, RD-23 and P5EK1S-0501 and CAPT 310 were dispatched to at 0559 hours this morning. Limited information.


Valley Fire Smoke Plume

Photo Credit | San Bernardino National Forest

The VALLEY FIRE is burning on San Bernardino National Forest lands from an unknown cause on Friday, July 6, 2018 around 0130 hours.

The fire is burning on Hwy 38 at Valley of the Falls Drive and is being managed by a Southern CA IMT 2 which took command of the fire incident as of 1800 hours on Saturday, July 7, 2018.

The fire has consumed 1,000 acres of brush and timber,  as of tonight’s reporting but crews have successfully reach a 5% containment status.  Currently in Unified Command with San Bernardino County SO, San Bernardino County FD, US Forest Service and CAL FIRE – San Bernardino Unit.

Evacuations are in effect for the Forest Falls Community area, east of Hwy 38.  Structure protection and security resources are in place if the fire reaches this area.  No structures have been reported damaged or destroyed from this wildfire.

Public Service Announcement —> Devore Animal Shelter – 19777 Shelter Way, San Bernardino.

Public Service Announcement —> Incident Fire Info Line – 909-383-5688

Public Service Announcement —> List of Closed Recreation Sites on the San Bernardino National Forest –

504 personnel are assigned to this incident along with 39 engines, nine crews, five water tenders, two dozers and nine helicopters.  Additional fire suppression and containment resources will continue to arrive on the fire line over the next few days.

A TFR is in effect over this fire until further notice.


The WEST FIRE is burning on the Cleveland National Forest, off of I-8 and West Willows Rd, about two miles east of Alpine (San Diego County)i n chaparral and tall grass.  Fire behavior is extreme and currently threatening the community of Alpine.  Evacuations and road closures are in effect.

Photo Credit | CAL FIRE

504 acres have been burned up and crews have reached a 81% containment status. 18 structures have been destroyed.

Evacuations are in effect for Suncrest Vista Lane, Highlands View Road, Manzanita View, Olive View, Scenic View Road, Scenic View Place, Pine View, Viejas View Place, Sage View, Oak View Road, Verde View Road, Calle Caleta Viejas and Via La Mancha.

420 personnel from CAL FIRE – San Diego, Alpine Fire District and Cleveland National Forest are assigned along with eight crews, 67 engines and five helicopters.  Cost-to-date is $500,000.


Fire resources were dispatched today at 1606 this afternoon  to the Guffy Campground near the Wrightwood Wash on the east side. PAT 38 (IC) arrived on-scene.  Open incident.


Photo Credit | CAL Fire Butte Unit/Butte Co FD

CAL FIRE’s Butte Unit and the Butte County Fire Department were on-scene of a brush fire that broke out on Yankee Vista Circle, where fire crews worked tirelessly to stop the forward progression and holding the damage to a half-of-an-acre.

Mop-up operations were on-going around this afternoon at 1450 hours.

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