The Wildfire Log | WA Fire Activity | July 8, 2019

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Here is the Wildfire Log for today’s wildfire activity:


Smoke Check | Rose Valley | Call dispatched 2006 hours PDT. WA DNR Communications Center. Open Incident.


Wildfire | Hogan Fire  | Burrows Rd on Intersection of Hogan’s Road. 0.1 acre. Grass, brush and logs. (IC) Ferneyhough. Dispatched at 1000 hours. Contained at 1025 hours. Controlled at 1100 hours PDT.  In Patrol status.

A Resource Order out of the Puget Sound Interagency Comm Center has deployed resources to assist with the SHOVEL CREEK FIRE in Alaska.


Wildfire | Chase Fire  Liberty Lake. 3.8 acres. Grass, brush and timber. Call dispatched @ 1316 hours PDT.  Resources o/s at 1345 hours PDT. (IC) Shcie. Resources:  AR29, 440, 442, C6201 OH.  Open incident.


Wildfire | Garden Spot Fire | Garden Spot Road. 0.1 acre. Grass, brush and light timber. Dispatched call @ 1728 hours PDT. Resources on-scene @ 1728 hours PDT. (IC) AR 414. Resources:  AR108, 414, 441, 450 and 61. Open incident.

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Wildfires Explode in the Dry Pacific NW | Monday, August 1, 2016

We all knew this day was coming and were expecting it to be really bad again year as weather forecasters predicted.  We are talking Wildfires Exploding in the great Pacific Northwest touching many lives, homes, businesses, livelihoods and hearts everywhere.

Over the weekend there were seven (7) fires burning in Washington and Oregon alone.  Today, there are more popping up everywhere.  Here is a recap of the current fires burning in both States.

Due to time constraints, we have left off a few from our list and will be adding those on Wednesday.


#BybeeCreekFire – West of Crater Lake Rim Drive, Oregon.

The Bybee Creek Fire started on 7/28/2016 from an unknown cause that is currently under investigation.  The fire has consumed up to 425 acres and has a 10% containment status.

The fire has been spotted at the West Rim Drive area.  Closures include on West Rim Drive from Discovery Point to North Junction are closed.

Fire crews will be working fire on the East side up the Pacific Crest Trail; South on Lightning Springs Trail and West of Crater Lake Rim Drive.

There are 280 personnel assigned to this incident, along with nine (9) hand crews, five (5) water tenders, six (6) engines, five (5) helos and two (2) Fixed Wing aircraft.

The temps have been in the 70’s with a 19% humidity.  Fire restrictions are at a Stage 1.  Visitors are not at risk and the Park is still open.

#RailFire – 10 miles SW of Unity, Oregon.

The Rail Fire has consumed 1,000 acres of lodge pole pine but has reached a 50% containment status. This fire started on 7/31/2016, is said to be two (2) miles long and one-half (1/2) mile wide.  It is burning timber and logging slash. Fire behavior is extreme with crowning and group torching.

There are four (4) engines, two (2) crews, one (1) bulldozer assigned to this fire, with a total of 100 personnel.  An Air Attack has been ordered for Tuesday, August 2nd.

#WeighStationFire – near Meachem, Oregon.

The Weigh Station Fire is about 688 acres with a 25% containment status, thanks to a very productive day today.  However, evening winds did pick up but lines held. There has been little fire activity, enabling fire crews to mop up to 300-feet from the control lines.

306 Personnel are assigned.   I-84 is reportedly open.

Weigh Station Fire (Credit: Erik Jacobs)

Weigh Station Fire (Credit: Erik Jacobs)

#WhitneyFire – 11 miles NW of Unity, Oregon.

This wildfire is very active, burning in grass and timber with torching and spotting.  As of this morning’s press release, the fire had only burned 10 acres and a 0% containment status.  The cause is unknown.

Firefighters are continuing to  improve lines and constructing fire lines.


#AntilonLakeFire – Burning near Manson, Washington.

The Antilon Lake Fire is said to be burning near Manson, Washington that has consumed up to 540 acres.  It has reached a 65% containment status, despite flare-ups this afternoon.  It was started by equipment failure on Friday, July 29th.  There is still an ongoing investigation into the cause.

Fire personnel include those from the U.S. Forest Service, WA Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) and Chelan County Fire District #7.  Additional resources include 150 personnel, two (2) helicopters, 10 engines, two (2) tenders, along with a Fire Boss Scooper that dipped out of nearby Lake Chelan.  Two (2) Type-2 Helicopters were also assigned to assist ground fire resources.

#HalfWayFire – Burning along Hwy 410, near Boulder Cave Rec area / 25 miles West of Yakima  (Yakima County), Washington.

This 99-acre fire is burning mostly in heavy stands of timber along the Naches River, about 25 miles West of Yakima.  On Sunday, July 31, 2016, Halfway Flat and Sawmill Campground were evacuated.  As a precaution, Camp Roganuda Christian Camp/Retreat and Conference, along with 25 homes in the Stillwater/Crag summer homes were also evacuated.

The fire behavior is very active.  Structures are still being threatened. Evacuations are still in effect.

Resources include: 70 Interagency USFS personnel, along with DNR, rural county Fire Districts with the assistance of two (2) – 20-person crews, three (3) engines, one (1) overhead team and Airtankers and Helicopters as needed

No structures or injuries have been reported.

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Updated 2357 Hours PDT 8/1/2016

National Fire Activity Report| April 15, 2016


The following report was released from the National Interagency Coordination Center for the week of April 8-14, 2016.

During this week, 729 new fires were reported as Light Initial Fire Activity incidents.  Of those, 17 were new large events and crews were able to contain 20 large fires.  Six [6] remain not contained.

Though the number of fires are showing a downturn at this time of year [based off of April 15, 2016] down to 12,272  since its prior years in 2015, of 13,286 and listed as 16,470 in 2014 – it is clearly a sign of land burning much more rapidly.

In 2016, 1,381,078 acres have been consumed, while at this time of year in 2015, only 297,023 acres and even a lesser amount of 226,291 in 2014.  Times have changed and the numbers do not lie.  The proof lies here and some, have already began early recruitment and staffing up for when the Firestorm attempts to burn up the landscape like it did in 2015.  Reinforcements will be ready for Mother Nature’s fury, when she most likely will strike.


Arkansas.  1 new. 1 contained.

Arizona.  0 new. 1 contained.

Florida.  3 new. 1 contained. 3 still burning.

  • Long Pine Key.  Everglades NP.  12 miles SW of Homestead. 3780 acres. Timber & brush. Moderate fire behavior.  Structures threatened. 65% contained. 59 personnel. 1 crew. 10 engines. 2 helicopters. $341,000 cost-to-date.
  •  Relay.  Florida Forest Service.  7 miles SW of Favoretta.  Southern rough.  Min. fire behavior.  400 acres. 85% contained.  6 personnel.  6 engines. No cost-to-date.
  •  Still Road.  Florida Forest Service.  3 miles NE of Barberville. Southern rough.  Min. fire behavior.  205 acres.  95% contained.  6 personnel.  1 helicopter. No cost-to-date available.

Kansas.  0 new. 1 contained.

Mississippi.  2 new. 2 contained.

Montana.  2 new.  1 contained.  1 still burning.

  • Elk Hill.  Lewis & Clark National Forest. 21 miles NE of Augusta.  Min. fire behavior with creeping and smoldering.  Trail closures are in effect. 1089 acres.  80% contained.  32 personnel.  1 crew.  2 helicopters.  $575,000 cost-to-date.

New Mexico.  0 new.  1 contained.

North Carolina.  2 new.  2 contained.

Oklahoma.  4 new.  6 contained.  2 still burning.

  • 350 Complex.  Department of Forestry.  6 miles N of Woodward.  Tall grass, brush and timber. Min. fire behavior.  Structures threatened. 57,167 acres. 92% contained. 37 personnel.  5 engines.  $900,000 cost-to-date.
  • Top Hat.  Osage Agency.  2 miles S of Hominy.  Hardwood litter.  Min. fire behavior.  1,544 acres.  95% contained.  3 personnel.  1 engine.  $22,000 cost-to-date.

South Dakota.  0 new.  1 contained.

Tennessee.  1 new.  3 contained.

Virginia.  2 new.  2 contained.


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#TopockFire and #PirateFire | April 7, 2016 | Update 1

Yes, we know we are a little late to the game but I [have] been fighting the flu and hoping it is just a bit at the tail end.  Now, that I am upright, thought I’d share what has been spreading like wildfire all over Social Media and is on the fire ground in AZ and CA – not a pretty sight.

Photo Credit: Mohave FD's Butch Merriweather

Photo Credit: Mohave FD’s Butch Merriweather

Our Thoughts and Prayers are there for those are involved in this powerful wind-driven firestorm of 2016.


The fire started on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, around 0500 hours on two specific sites on the Arizona and California borders on the Colorado River Ranger District.

Photo Credit: Mohave FD's Butch Merriweather

Photo Credit: Mohave FD’s Butch Merriweather

NOTE: Generally where there are two separate fire names, it is because they have started one name and it is changed over time to reflect a more accurate location.  This fire is listed to be two different locations on both the AZ and on the CA sides.  We are unsure if there were two different origins, so we’ll that up to the Fire investigators to figure that one out, but for the purpose of this post – we will refer to the #TopockFire as on the #AZFire side and the #PirateFire on the #CAFire side.

The fire is known by two names, #TopockFire on the Arizona side, is approximately two (2) miles West of Topock and Golden Shores, Arizona.

The #PirateFire is on the California side, about ten (10) miles SSE of Needles, California.

Topock Fire MohaveFD 1

Photo Credit: Mohave FD Personnel


The cause is unknown, but it is listed as an active investigation.  No updates from that investigation have been released.


Due to the fire being on both sides of the Arizona-California borders, Command is in an Unified Command Status.

Photo Credit: San Bernardino County FD

Photo Credit: San Bernardino County FD


There are about 165 personnel assigned to this incident, including Mutual Aid from the following:

  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Arizona Dept of Transportation
  • AZ Dept of Forestry
  • BNSF Railroad
  • Buckskin Fire Department
  • Bullhead Fire Department
  • CAL Transportation
  • California Highway Patrol
Photo Credit: San Bernardino Co FD

Photo Credit: San Bernardino County FD of Pirate Cove Resort

  • City of Needles
  • Fort Mohave Fire Department
  • Golden Shores Fire Department
  • Kingman Fire Department
  • Mohave Valley Fire Department
  • PG & E
  • San Bernardino County Fire Department
  • San Bernardino County Probation
  • San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office
  • SW Gas Corporation

We are still trying to find out what type of crews, equipment and apparatus is on-scene but so far, we haven’t found that jackpot yet. We will put out more updates as information is received.



  • 2200 total acres (both AZ-CA) as of 4/7/2016
  • Pirates Cove Resort in California suffered some about 10% roof damage due to firebrands burning the thatch room.
Photo Credit: San Bernardino County FD

Photo Credit: San Bernardino County FD


  • Evacuations of Park Moabi Mobile Home Park residents and  Pirates Cove Resort employees and Campers occurred on 4/6/2016.
  • Evacuations have been lifted on 4/7/2016 but employees and Campers are only allowed to recover their possessions with an escort.
  • Park residents evacuation orders have been lifted and appears there are no restrictions returning to their homes.


  • 40% containment status.


Windy conditions have arrived and firefighters have been able to establish containment lines. So far, they are reporting that they are holding.

Golden Shores, Arizona is reporting a warm temp of 89-degrees with 15% percipitation, 9% humidity and winds at 6-mph.



  • Route 66 from Golden Shores to I-40.
  • BLM using roadway for equipment and staging areas.
  • Reports on Facebook are not accurate.

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WILDFIRE: Mud Pond Fire | George Washington, Jefferson NF | Update 2


The Mud Pond fire is burning in the Mud Pond area of Rockingham County, Virginia on the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests and near the community of Union Springs.

The fire was detected on the night of November 13, 2015.  The cause is still unknown at this time and is under current investigation.  Fire is minimal and backing.

Currently, there is no containment on the fire and Fire Managers state they have no known date as to when it will be contained.  So far, 629 acres have been burned.


There are a total of 9 Firefighters, 1 dozer and 1 engine assigned to this incident from the Virginia Department of Forestry and the National Park Services.  27 personnel attached to this fire incident.


Firefighters are expecting a wind expect on Wednesday into Thursday and therefore will be making efforts to establish and maintain existing fireline, mop-up and rehab firelines.


The following areas and/or roads have been closed to hunters and the general public.

  • Cliff Trail #429
  • Mud Pond Gap Trail #544
  • Blueberry Trail #544a
  • Hidden Rocks Trail #511
  • Portion of Meadow Knob #428
  • The Peach Pond Road #FR225C


Fire Managers are asking Hunters to obey all the closures as hunting is not permitted in these areas due to active wildfire.


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