A Blast from the Past: Fire Scene of the Week

On December 26, 2011, the first call Dispatch received was at approximately 1731 hours.  According to media reports, fire units arrived five minutes later to a haze from the two-story office building located off of Bel-Red Road across from the Coca-Cola plant in Bellevue, Washington.


Forty-three minutes into the incident, the it was elevated immediately to a second and then a third alarm bringing mutual aid units from Kirkland, Redmond and Seattle.


Firefighters were ordered to evacuate the building forty-five minutes later.  Media reported the East side of the building then collapsed.

Fire Rehab

Over 15 businesses were displaced that once occupied the two-story Forum West Office Building.

Aerial Ops

Aftermath 0

Engine 2

Engine 4

Fire 00

This photo is one of many as our inspiration for creating this online publication and is our Fire Blog Logo.  We know how dangerous fires like this can be and we were there watching it unfold frame by frame during our Fire Rehab days.


The intense heat from the fire could be felt across the street where I stood taking photos frame-by-frame.

Firefighters worked tirelessly through out the fire event.  It was impressive to watch them work the fire from all angles.

Thank you to all of our Firefighters, Command Staff, Medics and Mutual Aid units who responded on that day.  We admire the work you all do.

We were glad that we could be there to help hydrate fire crews and capture your amazing acitons in time.  Keep up the great work and be safe friends.

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Structure Fire Upgraded to 8-Alarms in Boston, MA

Boston, MA – Firefighters were called by the Summer Street Fire Alarm System Monitoring Company in the early hours this morning to report to a structure fire.

Summer Street Command

Boston Firefighters were dispatched and reported a 5-story brick office building located at 327-333 Summer Street with smoke showing.  They would later call for a 3-alarm after finding heavy fire on several floors of the building.

Shortly after, fire blew out windows on floors 1-3 initiating a 7-alarm response.  No injuries were reported at the time of the blow out.

Evacuation sirens began to sound.  Firefighters at this time repositioned their fire apparatus and deck guns on the fire.

Later, the fire was upgraded to a 8-alarm fire.  

Major notable operations that took place during the stubborn fire with the Department of the Chief Hasson assuming Command on the fireground.  The Fire Alarm Emergency  Dispatch Operations conducted a PAR [an accountability system for all fire crews on the fireground]. There was no missing Firefighters reported.

Firefighters were Heroic this morning when they had to forcibly open doors, enabling several cleaners to escape with their lives out the back of the building.  

Firefighters fought the blaze for several hours into the late morning, finally stomping on the stubborn fire that refused to be extinguished.  And, for having no firefighter injuries – Everyone Goes Home Safe.

The Boston Fire Department reported at 1245 hours EST, the fire was still smoldering.

It is estimated that damage to the Office Building is $2 Million.  Fire Investigators had been on scene but had not been able to access the inside of the building. Cause is currently unknown at this time and the BFD states they may not have a cause for a day or two.

A Structural Engineer was brought in as the Chief had concerns about a depression in the street.  Streets around the building were closed but were recently opened at 1535 hours EST.

Currently, there is 2-engines, 2-ladders along with a District Chief checking for hot spots.  The IC and Safety Chief had entered the building checking the interior.  

Some reports are coming back saying that a wooden floor at the rear of the building has been burned away.  A burned beam is currently holding up floor 1. 

We will report as soon as we receive more details about this incident.

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