UPDATE | 3-Alarm Fire Knocked Down



Firefighters were dispatched to a multi-level residential structure fire this evening, located at 47 Woolson (some reporting Woodson) in Boston, Massachusetts on Thursday, February 11, 2021.

Firefighters arrived to the fire at 1826 hours PT and immediately escalated the fire to a 2nd alarm. Shortly thereafter it was increased to a 3rd alarm, after crews were told to get off the roof immediately.


Reports of heavy fire were visible on the second and third rear porches with it through going through the roof.

Crews went to nearby structures with hoselines to hit the fire building from multiple angles. Fire was quickly knockdown and crews were working putting out hot spots and transiting over to extensive overhaul operations.


Current temps are 23*F with mostly clear skies and winds at 11 miles-per-hour. Humidity is 41-percent. Crews are working snow and ice on the ground at 1855 hours PT. At 1910 hours PT, temps had increased to a cool 28*F with increased winds at 14 miles-per-hour and decreased humidity at 36-percent. Skies were now being reported as cloudy at 1910 PT (2210)

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Photo Credits | Boston FD


BFD has had several multi-alarm fires in their City. Here is a sampling of some of those fires and events that date back to 1760 and to this present day.

1760 | The Great Fire of 1760. Destroyed 349 building on March 20, 1760.

1872 | Board of Fire Commissioners is created after the Great Boston Fire of 1872, destroys 776 buildings and killing 13 people. The City is faced with $75 Million Dollars in damage and destruction. Mutual aid arrived from New Haven, CT and Manchester, NH.

1887 | On March 14, 1887, the Bussey Bridge over South street in Roslindale collapse during the morning hours, killing 38 people and injuring 40. The bridge was built for two RR tracks but contained only one, collapsed after the train, tender and three cars had passed.

1889 | Two firefighters were killed during the Thanksgiving Day Fire which deemed to be an eight-alarm (never heard of one this big before) fire.

1942 | The Cocoanut Fire took place on November 28, 1942 at 2215 hours. Killed 490 lives and injured 166. Fire spread from an electrical box when it shorted out and ignited gas leaking from a faulty refrigeration unit.

1972 | Vendome Hotel Fire. On June, 17, 1972, at 1435 hours, a 4-alarm fire broke out and it took firefighters nearly three hours to control the fire, which the southeast section of the building collapsed. Nine BFD firefighters were killed and eight more injured.

2007 | Boston bomb scare when 2 men were working with a broadcasting company sent out flyers mistakenly as bomb threats causing wide-spread panic.

2013 | Boston Marathon bombing.

2014 | Beacon Street Fire. On March 26, 2014, two firefighters were killed when they were trapped in the basement in a Beacon Street Brownstone in Boston’s Back Bay. 18 others were injured.

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Mill Creek Home’s Fire Extends from Fireplace to Attic

Snohomish County Firefighters were dispatched to a Chimney fire that occurred around 2100 hours this evening of a home located at 13820 14th Drive SE in Mill Creek,  Washington..

When firefighters breached the home’s door after arrival onscene, they were faced with smoke upon entry on the Charlie side.  Several fire units found a fire burning in the fireplace but extinguished it with a pump can.  A Ladder company was sent to the roof to check the attic for extension.

Another fire crew observed smoke coming from underneath the home’s eaves and shingles about 10-15 feet back in on the roof.  They had found the fire had extended to the Charlie side wall on both the interior and the exteriorl.  Fire then went through the roof and hose lines were requested to be brought up to the attic.  This was about 10 minutes into the incident and still continuing with their offense fire tactics.

During the fire incident, the “2 in, 2 out” protocol was established.

Firefighters were able to have a good knockdown of the attic fire that left a light to moderate smokey haze in the air, but was later tapped.

Within 25 minutes on the incident clock, firefighters began the salvage process.  The fire was quickly tapped thereafter.  In between these two fire activities, firefighters completed a 360 of the building, conducted primary and secondary searches with nothing found.

Firefighters are currently in overhaul mode and waiting for the Fire Marshal to arrive onscene.  No cause of the fire is currently suspected or known at this time.

No civilian or firefighters injuries were reported.

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