Texas Wildfire #LongfellowGreyFire | 1

FORT STOCKTON, Tex. – The Longfellow Grey fire started within the last 24 hours, started on private land and is located 31 miles southeast of Fort Stockton in Texas.


Resources from Texas A & M Forest Service are currently on the fire line with 33 personnel, 5 engines and 1 helicopter.

Current Fire Status

The fire has burned 800 acres of short grass.  There is a 0% containment status.  Fire behavior is active.


Current fire suppression and containment costs-to-date is $1,000.

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OOA – Texas Wildfires Sit Rep – May 18, 2018

STATEWIDE, Texas – Here is the current Sit Rep for Texas wildfires happening across the State.  Information is gleaned from multiple sources and from all Social Media platforms to give you a great single post on what’s happening out in the fire world.


The Mallard Fire is located approximately 25 miles SE of Amarillo and about 5-6 miles SE of Claude in Armstrong and Donley Counties.  It is also located on the A Ranch and in Mulberry Canyon to the north.

The lightning-caused fire started on May 8, 2018.  It has destroyed 75,530 acres of brush and grass and a single structure but has reached a 77% containment status.  Fire behavior is being observed as minimum fire activity.

Fire burning in the canyon in DIV H

Fire burning in Canyon of Division H | Photo Credit: TX A&M Forest Service

There are 246 personnel along with 1 large and a small helicopter, along with 3 SEATs, 9 engines, 6 dozers and 4 hand crews.

Command will change from a Type 1 IMT back to a local unit on Saturday, May 19, 2018.

Increased containment has been successfully accomplished by firefighters during a very productive day and low heat confirmed by a recon night flight on Thursday, May 17, 2018.  A TFR will expire at 2100 hours this evening.

The total fire suppression and containment status costs-to-date are $6,400,000.

Fire Fact: 

There were 94 wildfires reported in the last 24 hours across the United States with initial attack activity.  Of those two were newly reported large incidents, four of those wildfires were contained and there are still seven that are still burning.  2 Type 1 and 2 IMTs are reported as still committed to large incidents – NIFC.gov


The Caldwell Fire started on private land and is located about 20 miles NW of Fort Davis and 25 miles east of Vallentine in Jeff Davis County on the Caldwell Ranch off of Highway 118.  It is said to be in the same vicinity as the McDannald Fire.

There has been 2,450 acres of burned brush and tall grass that has been destroyed with a 65% containment status.  Fire behavior is showing as moderate.

About 38 personnel are assigned along with one crew and three personnel.

A total cost-to-date has reached $1,000.

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Texas Fires: #BowersCityFire | 1

INCIDENT SUMMARY | A wildfire reportedly broke out in Bowers City (Gray County), Texas on Thursday, April 12, 2018. We are working on the exact location of the fire.

FIRE TIMELINE | Here is the timeline according to fire suppression and containment efforts as posted on Social Media and verified sources.

“Do you know why some of the wildfires are named? The reason for naming wildfires is to avoid confusion when there are multiple wildfires in an area or the state. Giving each fire a unique names allows first responders and citizens to know which fire is which.”

– Texas A&M Forest Service

1934 PDT:  Containment increases to 70% and fire is holding at 1,750 acres. Containment lines improving and in mop-up operations.

1808 PDT:  Fire burning in Gray County in Bowers City, OK.  1,750 acres. 50% containment. Fire crews are burning pockets of unburned fuels and making good progress.

1630 PDT:  1,000 acres with a 20% containment status.  Forward progression has been stopped.  Fire behavior is active with fire on flanks of the fire.  Good progress being made.

1429 PDT:  Fire resources are volunteer firefighters and working tirelessly on fire suppression efforts.

FIRE WEATHER | Though this map is from almost 12 hours ago, the fire weather remains to be the same, if not more critical and people need to be extremely careful outdoors.

SOCIAL MEDIA | #BowersCityFire  #TXwildfires2018


The Texas A&M Forest Service was created in 1915, that today has been recognized as the leader that defines the way of the future in forestry, tree development and wildfire prevention, mitigation and protection.  This is an integral part of the The Texas A&M University System.  It is mandated by law to “assume direction of all forest interests and all matters pertaining to forestry within the jurisdiction of the State.”

There are approximately 400 employees in offices across the state.

The Texas A&M Forest Service can be found on Social Media such as Facebook (@texasforestservice) or on their website at http://tfsweb.tamu.edu.

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Public Safety News | Overnight Trending Stories

November 7, 2017 | News from around the Nation of what is Trending and information gleaned from various sources.

SLC, UTAH.  A West Valley Police Officer was reportedly shot in the foot at an apartment complex Tuesday evening around 1900 hours.  It was stated by Police his injuries are not life-threatening. Info is still fluid and news media was reporting that it may have been a possible shooting between two suspects.  A large presence was at a nearby hospital in Murray where it was said both suspects arrived in a silver pickup at the front of the hospital bringing a large presence of police. [Code3 Alerts, Salt Lake City News]

WARM BEACH & CANNON BEACH, OR.  Multiple shark sightings were confirmed in both areas and signs  posted to area beaches, along with a message posted by both communities to warn swimmers, surfers and boaters. [Social Media]

EVER-CHANGING STATISTICS.  The Columbine HS mass shooting event stats was considered to be no longer the in the Top 10 Deadliest shootings in modern US History. [CNN]

MARYSVILLE, WA.  District Firefighters responded to a garage fire that was reported around 1845 hours.  Upon arrival, they found the structure to be fully engulfed. Mutual aid responded from nearby Cities, Everett, Getchell and Silvana. The Snohomish County Fire Marshal is investigating the cause.

MAPLE VALLEY, WA.  A fire broke out around 2030 hours in the 19400 block of the Renton Maple Valley Road SE in Maple Valley.  Engines, Tenders, Ladder trucks, Medic unit and the area regional REHAB unit responded to the house fire. No word on the cause.  3 people were dispatched.  Red Cross was called in to assist. [Scanner Feed]

HOLLYWOOD, CA.  A large fire broke out in a vacant combination one & two-story residential 4-plex with excessive interior storage said to be near Sunset Gower studios in Hollywood that was reported to be vacant.  It was located in the 1300 block of N Gordon Street.  An additional Task Force was requested around 2229 hours PDT by ‘Gordon IC’. Knockdown was completed around 2245 hours. A good stop by firefighters to two [residential] exposure buildings.  Fire cause and value of damage is unknown at this time but will be later released by the LAFD.  [CA Fire Scanner, KTLA, LAFD]

FRESNO, CA.  2 large fires broke out at an apartment complex in the area of 900 of E Divisadero and a house fire at the 200 block of S Madera Avenue in Kerman.  No word on the extent of the damage or status.  The fires were still burning at the time of this post (around 2230 hours PDT, Tuesday) [Fresno Fire PIO]

OSWEGO, OR. Oswego Firefighters Local 4773 (Oswego Fire District Protection District) is coordinating a relief effort with all donations going directly to the 24 families effected by a large fire that took place 1500 Light Road on November 6, 2017.  Firefighters are accepting gift cards, certificates and monetary donations.  Families can use these to purchase items that are necessities such as clothing, food and toiletries.  Some families lost more than others and will need additional assistance.  [Oswego FF Local 4773 Facebook Page]

CONFERENCE ANNOUNCES KEY NOTE SPEAKERS.  The National Wildfire Suppression Association or NWSA for short has announced two great Keynote Speakers for their Conference that will take place on February 26 and 27, 2018.  Bruce Vincent’s There is Hope with Vision and the USFS Fire & Aviation Director Shawn LaGarza will be highlighted.  They will also have some great panels.  To learn more, go to their website – http://www.nwsa.us/2018-nwsa-conference.  [NWSA Facebook page]

OPERATION WARM.  Clark County Fire District 6 located in Vancouver, WA (IAFF 1805) is working to raise money to help “warm” kids by purchasing a little more than $5,000 worth of new coast for kids who need them in at least three Vancouver schools.  Want to help them achieve their goal?  You can find them on their Facebook page here  https://www.facebook.com/IAFFLocal1805/ [Clark Co Fire Dist 6 Facebook Page]

NEW WILDLAND FIRE VIDEO RELEASED. It’s showcasing some great #FireImages of men and women during the 2017 Fire Season in Western Washington State.  Photos are of those fire resources called into deployment.  Music Credit is Guadal Canal Diary – Where Angels Fear to Tread. [Washington State Fire, Stevens County Fire District 1 Facebook Pages]

MORE VIOLENCE IN SEATTLE.  Seattle Police responded to a call of a “man on fire” around 1900 hours in the area of the 4500 block of Leary Way NW.  A passerby extinguished the flames while waiting for Fire and Police to show up.  The man was transported to Harborview Medical Center (HMC) in Seattle where he is listed in critical condition. Police are asking for any tips or information to call the Homicide/Assault Tipline at 206-233-5000. [Seattle.gov]

AIRLINER ENGINE FIRE. News media began reporting around 2150 hours, a Hawaiian Airlines ferry flight from Paine Field (Everett) had an engine fire and landed safely at Sea-Tac airport (Seattle). The fire was out upon arrival. There were no passengers onboard, only crew members.  There were no injuries reported.  The FAA is investigating. [KOMO News, KIR0 7 News, Sea-Tac Airport]

FIRE MERGERS APPROVED.  In Kittitas County elections results, voters approved the Fire merger (Fire 8 Merger Resolution) of Kittitas County Fire Protection District 8 into Snoqualmie Pass Fire & Rescue, a Fire Protection District.

MOUNTAIN RESCUE TRAINING HELD.  NAS Whidbey SAR held some training today on the snowy slopes in the beautiful Pacific NW and practicing for mountain rescues.  With their many hours of training, they hone their rescue skills becoming the best-of-the-best.  They are used as resources for many SAR missions.  [NAS Whidbey SAR]

BULLETPROOFING STUDENTS.  One Florida school is selling bulletproof panels that can be inserted into students’ backpacks.  [CNN]

HEROES ON A MISSION.  6 Las Cruces Police Officers are headed to Puerto Rico to assist with #HurricaneMaria relief. [KFOX14 News]

FIREFIGHTER CANCER SPOKESMAN.  Former LA Fire Chief, Sandy Davis who spoke candidly about firefighter cancer has passed away.  He created a compelling video that focused on his own battle with cancer.  [Firehouse.com]





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Public Safety News | Overnight Trending Stories

United States | News from around the Nation as to what is Trending gleaned from various sources.  Here is your overnight news from Monday, November 6, 2017.

6 FIREFIGHTERS LOSE THEIR JOBS.  6 male ( 5 are white, 1 black ) Firefighters (1 Captain, 1 LT, 4 FFs) were fired after a noose, lewd drawings were found over a black LT’s firefighter’s family photo and lewd pictures drawn on it.  Police investigated the incident at the fire station while the Miami City manager said in a statement that investigators found sexually explicit and racially offensive conduct by the 6 employees.  A noose was made out of twine and several of the LT’s family photos were defaced.  This is the second incident in the Southern portion of Florida. The Union says they are aware of the incident but claim the facts are still unclear as provided by the City.  [Sources: AP, Fire Rescue1, KOMO 4 TV, Social Media]

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, TEXAS.  The killer was able to obtain guns w/o the USAF providing the #TXShooter’s DV history to the FBI as required by Pentagon rules. This enabled him to purchase several weapons that killed 26 people.  At today’s (Monday) presser, Police stated there were 4 victims that remained in serious condition while 10 others are in critical condition. One of the children killed, was the Pastor’s youngest daughter.   We send our sincere sympathies and so sorry for the loss of Life. God be with you all. [Photo Courtesy:  OC Firefighters]

CHURCH FIRE.  A large fire broke out at a church in Van Nuys, California around 1820 hours on Monday evening.  Investigators rule the cause is due to arson.

TEACHING HOW TO “SAVE A LIFE”.  The Los Angeles FD (LAFD) wants people to learn life-saving skills by using hands-only CPR and how to use AEDs by placing the devices around public places. This week there will be training for people around the City. [Sources:  LA Police Foundation, KFI AM 640]

4 HEROES RECOGNIZED.  4 San Bernardino County Captain Bob Brockert, Engineer Matt Helmcamp, Firefighters Mike Kordich (he was shot in the arm while rendering CPR to one of the shooting victims) and Dave Arnold were off-duty in Vegas sprang into action helping provide aid to the victims.  They were recognized as Heroes on [Source:  Channel 4 News/NBC Los Angeles] on “The Challenge Hero of the Night: San Bernardino County Fire.

SUICIDES AMONG WILDLAND FIREFIGHTERS are on the rise.  The article talks about how suicides are generally spike after Fire Season is long over.  Check out this article and make sure your guys and gals are getting the most of CISD debriefings.  If there aren’t any, why not? They can help save a life! [Source:  The Atlantic.com].

STAGGERING NUMBERS.  Chicago was just named one of the Cities where they are about to surpass 600 homicides in 2017. This is the second time they have been named the deadliest City in America as it occurred the first time in 2003. [Al Boe News, Chicago Tribune]

WEEK LONG FIRE NOW OUT.  A massive plastics fire burned for eight days before it was put out.  The International Import Export warehouse located in Parkersburg, West Virginia kept drums of unknown chemicals stored inside and outside of the building which housed plastics recycling debris.  It is now a 10-acre property of hulking twisted metal and looking more like a war-zone than anything else.  Nearby residents reported their “throats were burning”.  It was reported that the smoke in the air was more similar to a wildland fire. [Source: Huffington Post]



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Public Safety News | Overnight Trending Stories

United States | News from around the Nation of what is Trending and information gleaned from various sources.

TEXAS MASSACRE.  Around 1120 am a gunman opened fire upon a church service in progress at the 1st Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX killing 26 people and injuring scores more.  The shooter was approached by a neighbor next to the church and began shooting back at him.  The shooter is said to be deceased from an unknown bullet used by either the killer or the neighbor.  This is said to be the worst mass shooting in all of Texas history.

A FALLEN HERO.  Fallen Hillsboro FD Firefighter Ryan Grimaldi was out on a hunting trip when a tree fell on him.  He passed away from his injuries.  He was well-respected and loved in his community.  His fellow firefighters and Fire Agency brought him home yesterday.  Several hundreds were seen in his procession as they headed to their destination.

HOMELESSNESS GROWING ON WEST COAST.   How is this Public Safety related?  It has to do with Officer and 1st Responder safety when they are responding to aid and fire calls inside the camps.  There have been often too many dangers where Seattle Police have to provide an escort to Firefighters because of the looming problems with some homeless people.  KOMO News put out an article about the homeless population soaring on the West Coast and how cities are struggling to cope.

HIGHRISE FIRE IN THE BRONX, NY.   A fire broke out on the top floors of a multi-dwelling highrise where fire was seen from different angles shooting through the roof. The FDNY responded to the fire burning on the top floors and inside the cockloft that was located at 4769 White Plains Road.  Command called out to their firefighters to use caution as this building had been cited before for doing illegal rennovations on the top floors.  The 3-alarm fire was ruled accidental due to electrical building wires that caught fire.  (Photo Credit:  FDNY)

View image on Twitter

SECOND SHOOTING IN ONE DAY.  Another church shooting occurred on Sunday, November 5 and one that is not being covered as much as the large mass shooting in Texas.  An estranged wife and her boyfriend were leaving the St . Alphonsus Catholic Church in Fremont, California when they were gunned down by her soon-to-be-husband killing them both. They were in the middle of a divorce. He was later found in his vehicle deceased of self-inflicted wounds.

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TX Reeling From Post-Storm Affects – 2

POST SUMMARY State of Texas, known as The Lone Star State was hit extremely hard from by a Category 4 Hurricane (Harvey) that made landfall late evening on Friday, August 25, 2017.  It was downgraded to a Category 2 later but not before the storm unleashed its fury of downpours.  

This storm is due to produce ever more water than the areas can even hold flooding structures, infrastructures, threatening the State’s economy.    The storm reached its peak intensity slamming into Rockport sustaining much of the extreme amount of damage.  Many parts of the State have been devastated beyond recognition.

. . . . . . .

” It is the first time since 9/11 that all 28 FEMA Urban SAR teams have been mobilized.”

– Jeff Stern, VA State DEM Coordinator

. . . . . . .


Call 9-1-1.  The US Coast Guard says do not report Distress calls over Social Media. You must report by calling 911.  Keep trying until you get through.


Rosenburg, TX.  Mandatory evacuations for homes on Huntington Road. Unknown if bridge into area will hold as river levels are rising. Bridge is only escape out of area. (Posted by RPD 2202 Hours CDT). 

Bay City, TX. Mayor announces entire City is under a mandatory evacuation by 1300  hours on Monday, 8/28/2017, due to 10-foot flood expected. https://www.facebook.com/footstepsforthefallen/posts/645510148987649

Sugar Land, TX. Two LIDs are under mandatory evacuations. http://abc13.com/judge-mandatory-evacuations-for-two-sugar-land-lids/2349438/

. . . . . . .

As of Aug 27, 2017,  there is NO evacuation orders in place for the City of Pearland. (This was fake news)

. . . . . . .

(Credit: Rosenberg PD)


What to Do to Be Rescued.  The USCG is urging residents, people to be rescued to call the Houston # at 281-464-(4851) or (4852) or (4853) or (4854) or (4855).  Get on your roofs.  Tips:  Stay calm; don’t panic. Don’t go to the attic as rescuers cannot see you. Get to high ground immediately. Mark the roof to be seen from the air. Wave sheets, towels to be noticed.

. . . . . .

Houston 911 received 56,000 calls (from 2200 hours Saturday, 8/26/2017 through 0100 hours on Sunday, 8/27/2017).  During an average day, they usually handle about 8,000 calls.  

                       . . . . . . .


No Drones in Disaster Recovery Zones.  TX Military Department has seen a rise of

Drone operators trying to get in on some action of their own, but did you know that it is extremely dangerous for those on the ground and in the air?  Did you know it is illegal and can not only net you a ticket, but some hefty jail time? It is true.  Here are some of the problems and where rescuers are working.

. . . . . . .

FAA, DOD asking people not to fly drones in and around Houston, TX.  There have been reports of close calls by pilots.

. . . . . . 


WB I-10. Westbound I-10 being closed at mile marker 655 or about 40 miles east of Seguin due to flooding. (TxDOT – Yoakum)

Ben Taub Hospital, MD Anderson. Shutdown as of 1913 hours CDT.  These are the two trauma hospitals in the City.

. . . . . . .

As of 0600 Hours CDT 8/27/2017, Houston TranStar logged 174 high-water road closures in the area. This included I-10, I-45, I-610, I-69, US 290, TX 225, TX 288,  Beltway 8 and TX 3 in Galveston, Texas.

. . . . . . .


Volunteers Needed.  City of Dallas, TX.  http://www.voly.org/join/index.html

Boats Needed.  Houston Police Department.  Call 713-881-3100.

Blood Donations. Austin hospitals need blood donations at We Are Blood, A Blood  Center in Central Texas.  https://weareblood.org/

. . . . . . . 

 Social media rumors tell of hundreds dead, thousands of rooftop rescues and millions of people stranded is #FakeNews. 

. . . . . . .


Boil Water Alert.  City of Corpus Christi is under a WATER BOIL ALERT. Do not drink the water. Caused due to the Storm’s destruction. Effective 8/25/2017, until further notice.

American Red Cross.  Safe and Well.  Register today so your loved ones can find you, or use as a way to find those who may be missing.  https://safeandwell.communityos.org/cms/index.php

. . . . . . .

Turn Around, Don’t Drown campaign is critical in saving lives more than ever. 

. . . . . . .

Facebook Safety Check.  Activated for this event. Log in to your Facebook page and register ASAP.  https://www.facebook.com/safetycheck/hurricane-harvey-aug24-2017/about/

Emergency Alerts.  Sign up for Pearland, TX Residential Alerts here –> https://www.pearlandtx.gov/residents/get-connected/e-alerts  Government offices currently shutdown on 8/28/2017 and 8/29/2017 with a possibility of longer says their website.

Wading Through Flood WatersAVOID DRIVING, WALKING through flood waters.  6 inches of swiftly moving water can knock an adult over.  (NWS Houston)


Incident Cooperators are those who act as Partners and as in this State of Emergency – work together on Federal, State and Local levels to ensure resources are able to assist the area’s needs of the government, its people, property and its communities. Due to the vast amount of resources, we apologize ahead of time if we missed anyone!

American Red Cross.  100’s of volunteers are/have traveled all over the U.S. to lend their time, talents and compassion to victims and evacuees. 

LA Cajun Navy.  State of Louisiana sending the LA Cajuna Navy. 

TX Governor Greg Abbott  

Houston OEM

Houston PD.  SWAT team conducted several hundred high-water rescues and were still actively searching and conducting more rescue operations. (1713 CDT)

(Credit: Houston PD)

INTF-1 HAZMAT Support.  Indiana Task Force 1 arriving in Katy (near Houston), TX. (1834 PDT)

LAFD TF1.  70 members en route says LAFD Fire Chief Terrazas.

MA-TF1.  A FEMA Task Force is en route from Massachussetts and will soon joining others. (1810 PDT)

Miami-Dade Fire.  FL-TF1 en route to Texas to assist with SAR effects in affected areas.

(Credit: MDFR)

National Guard.  Multiple military trucks, Humvees and other vehicles that can tread water were seen driving down City streets.

New Jersey.  SAR crews were deployed.

FDNY – NYPD USAR NY TF1.  The Joint FDNY and NYPD USAR NY Task Force-1 deployed earlier today.

(Credit: FDNY)

PA TF-1.  40 members.  Leaving the PA Fire Academy and heading to South Texas.  (1917 PDT)

Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies.  Hotline setup for people with Disabilities. 800-626-4959.

Sacramento Fire.  USAR TF7 sends 14-member water rescue team.  Crews drove 2,000 miles to their destination.

Salvation Army.  Previously shipped extra pallets of water and food on 8/23/2017.

Save The Children.  Setting up Child Friendly Spaces in evacuation shelters to help kids and families.  DONATIONS. Text “HURRICANE” to 2022 to donate $25 to the “Save the Children’s Hurricane Harvey  Relief Fund”.

TX State, Emergency Management Department Is the main hub of activity that will coordinate Federal, State and local resources pouring into their State.

US Coast Guard Heartland.  The USCG is urging residents, people to be rescued to call the Houston # at 281-464-(4851) or (4852) or (4853) or (4854) or (4855).  Get on your roofs.  Tips:  Stay calm; don’t panic. Don’t go to the attic as rescuers cannot see you. Get to high ground immediately. Mark the roof to be seen from the air. Wave sheets, towels to be noticed.

USCG makes sure no Family member is left behind. Rescuing pets and their people. (Credit: USCG Heartland)

WA TF1 Urban SAR.  FEMA team from Pierce County, Washington State is sent to assist along with other FEMA units.


American Red Cross Shelters.  Shelter Locator here –> http://www.redcross.org/get-help/disaster-relief-and-recovery-services/find-an-open-shelter?utm_source=arctwitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=harvey

Harris County, TX.  Compiled list of open shelters. http://readyharris.org/News-Information/Ready-Harris-News/Post/26637

Katy ISD.  The Morton Ranch HS (MRHS) located at 21000 Franz  Road 77449 and the Cinco Ranch HS (CRHS) located at 23440 Cinco Ranch Blvd, both in Katy, TX will be opening at 0730 CDT on Monday.  They will be offering shelter, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to those in need.  DONATIONS of blankets, pillows, towels will be accepted at either High School beginning at 0730 hours.  SOCIAL MEDIA Channels are Katy ISD “OnTheGo” app. Website:  www.Katyisd.org.  Twitter:  @katyisd 



Storm Surge Tracker.  The NWS  created the first-ever operational storm surge watch. Twitter @NHC_Surge. https://twitter.com/NHC_Surge/status/900376620543823872 Shows the current conditions. 



There are multitudes of photos, storm images and other unimaginative descriptions of what those are truly seeing, hearing and experiencing.  We will share with you what they are feeling, see and what they are hearing.  Some photos are copyrighted so we will try to explain the best way we can as to what is being posted out there in the Social Media world.

(Credit: USCG Heartland)

USCG Heartland.  Sector Corpus Christi IMD members assess damage in Port Aransas, TX. 

Disaster Assistance & Recovery Info.  The City of Austin (TX) Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management have a wealth of info.  Go to their site here –>  http://austintexas.gov/help (8/26/2017 @ 0417 CDT

Gas Prices.  National news media reporting gas prices are set to spike due to #HurricaneHarvey wreaks havoc on our vital energy facilities.  It is time to focus on rescues and saving lives.  This something that can easily be put back on the back burner.

Roadblocks.  I-10 freeway is now closed due to heavy flooding. Police are using multiple cruiser to keep motorists out of harm’s way.  A photo by a news media outlet shows mostly semis (approximately 8 semi rigs across and unknown how long the back-up is but there is no getting off this freeway by turning around.

Pet Rescues.  Social media reporting dog rescues are coming in at 60 per hour. 

Countries Pray for  Our U.S. Texas.  Canadian President: “Canadians are keeping the people of Texas in our thoughts – we’re ready to offer any assistance needed to help recover from this disaster.” – Justin Trudeau

(c) 2017 The NW Fire Blog – Updated 8/27/2017 

Hurricane Harvey Slams into Texas – 1

Post Summary | A Category 4 Hurricane has slammed into the United States with a direct hit to the State of Texas. Many in Texas began preparation as early as August 23, 2017.

This post will be the first of many to come with us gleaning information from all over Social Media, news media, government sites and other additional countless sources.

We are posting by the date of when the information/storm details and other news was reported.  At the bottom of each update we will put the current publishing date and time.

# # #

We are thinking of our friends in the Texas and those in the direct path where Harvey is due to impact.  Please heed all evacuation orders and listen to First Responders/Agencies helping with various resources.

# # #


TX State, Emergency Management Department.  State spends the day together to ensure State and Federal partners are ready to support to local partners. (8/23/2017)

Salvation Army.  Disaster Response delivers an additional 13 pallets of water and 10 pallets of clean-up kits for staging. (8/23/2017)

Local resources.  People gather together to fill sandbags. (8/24/2017)


Pets Alive:  Austin Pets Alive are seeking foster families for evacuated pets arrival.  See news story here — > http://www.statesman.com/lifestyles/pets/austin-pets-alive-seeks-foster-families-after-evacuated-pets-arrive/TxRup2za5M9cB0qbZJJ7mI/ .

National Weather Service (NWS) of Houston, TX:  Flash Flood Warning for Lake Jackson, Freeport and Clute, TX.  https://twitter.com/NWSHouston/status/901344176301801472 (8/26/2017)

City of Corpus Christi:  City is under a WATER BOIL ALERT. Do not drink the water. Caused due to Storm’s destruction. (8/25/2017)


Disaster Assistance & Recovery Info.  The City of Austin (TX) Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management have a wealth of info.  Go to their site here –> http://austintexas.gov/help (8/26/2017 @ 0417 CDT)

Facebook Safety Check:  Activated for this event. Log in to your Facebook page and register ASAP. (8/26/2017)

National Weather Service:  created the first-ever operational storm surge watch. Twitter @NHC_Surge. https://twitter.com/NHC_Surge/status/900376620543823872 Shows the current conditions. (8/23/2017)

Media:  Text messages will go through when calls won’t.  It will free up space for emergency communication. (8/24/2017)


Shelters:  Do not require you to show proof of ID. (8/25/2017)

News Media:  Island Campus students are ordered to evacuate/leave campus.  Required to be off campus by 0700 hours CDT.  Move-in day was supposed to be on 8/24/2017 but has since been postponed due to the incoming hurricane. (8/23/2017) 

News Media:  Pleas from posters ask pet owners not to leave pets tied up outside or leave them outside. (8/24/2017)

Twitter Poster:  RVs seen evacuating on ferries out of the Port Aransas area. (8/24/2017)


News Media:  WIND has been downgraded only.  There is due to be catastrophic & historic flooding that will continue for days even after the Storm has left the area.

News Media:  Rain has begun in Bexar County.  Heaviest will be to the SE. (8/25/2017 @ 0355 hours)

News Media:  Up to possible 10″ of rain in parts of Texas so far from the Storm.  (8/26/2017 @ 0359 hours)

News Media:  Rainbands reaching the TX coastline. (8/26/2017 / 0353 hours CDT)

News Media:  Storm was at a Cat4 made landfall on 8/25/2017.  Now down to a strong Cat2 but flooding threat is just beginning.   Reports of 25 mi NNW of Rockport, TX.  Moving NW at 6 mph.  Max winds @ 110 mph.  Min Pressure is at 954 mb. (8/26/2017 / 0352 hours CDT)

This is what a Cat4 Hurricane looks like in space. Credit: NASA

NWS of Lake Charles.  Current weather conditions in Miami, FL.  Storm weakening over land but water levels are still rising. http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATCUAT4+shtml/260758.shtml (8/26/2017)

Twitter Poster:  As of 0300 hours CDT.  Rockport, TX (25 mil NNW).  Victoria, TX (35 miles SSW).  (8/26/2017)

Corpus Christi Visitor Center:  Map released showing hurricane due to hit landfall on Mexico at 1000 hours CDT on Wednesday; to impact parts of Texas and Louisiana around 1000 hours CDT on  8/26/2017. (8/23/2017)  

News Media:  Map released of Houston, TX about to get poured upon this weekend and early next week.  Some rain projections of up to 36″ of rain! (8/23/2017)

Twitter Poster:  Weather predictions for TX are also affecting Costa Rica with high chances of rain. (8/23/2017)


Twitter Poster:  Rain was supposed to hit on 8/25/2017 @ 1900  hours with renewed time at 0300 hours.  Current time 0339 hours. No rain. (8/26/2017 / 0349 CDT)

News Media:   Residents at the Rockport (City of) Senior housing complex have been rescued. (8/25/2017 / 2300 CDT)

News Media:  Tornado damage in Sargent, TX. (8/25/2017)

Twitter Poster:  Tide begins to rise on an empty beach North of Bob Hall Pier. (8/24/2017)

News Media:   Water already rising into the barge docks across from the American Bank Center. (8/24/2017)

News Media:   A General Surgeon stays behind while his family flies out of the Corpus Christi airport. (8/24/2017)

Twitter Poster:  Raining then stopped at the University of Houston. (8/23/2017)


News Media:  162,000  – 200,000 people in Corpus Christi without power and clean water.

Twitter Poster:  We will ride out this storm and it will be flooded all over Corpus Christi.  We will still end up with (water) restrictions. (8/23/2017)

Ignoring the Evacuation Order:  Some people have decided to ignore the evacuation order and now, some say – they did not know this was going to come and are stuck in their homes, businesses and other structures.

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Nationally Speaking

30 large fires have burned nearly 180,000 acres. 20 new large fires were reported in nine states. More than 8,000 firefighters and support personnel are assigned to wildfires across the country. Firefighters contained 11 wildfires on Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

At 2 p.m. MDT on Wednesday, June 28, 2017, the National Multiagency Coordinating Group increased the national preparedness level to PL3 due to the increase in large fire activity in multiple geographic areas.” – The National Interagency Fire Center.



Fire Unit/Agency:   Tanana Zone, BLM.   Location:  76 miles NW of Anaktuvuk, AK. Short grass.  Fire Behavior: Minimal fire behavior.  Size/Containment Status:  434 acres, 0%.  Resources:  0 resources.  CTD:   $4,000.



Fire Unit:   Coronado National Forest Location:  4 miles South of Arivaca, AZ.  Fire Fuels:  tall grass and brush. Fire Behavior:  Moderate fire. Backing.  Flanking. Size:  2,400 acres.  Containment Status:  50%.  Resources:  147 personnel. 5 crews.  9 engines.  1 helicopter.  CTD:  $400,000.


Fire Unit:  AZ DOF.  Start Date/Time:   June 28, 2017 @ 1730 hours.   Location:  Located 30 miles east of Kingman along Route 66, between the communities of Hackberry and Valentine.  Cause:  Unknown.  Fire Fuels:  Dry vegetation, including grasses and brush.  Resources:   Total 50 personnel. Fire crews from the Department of Forestry and Fire Management are en route to assist  the Mohave County-area fire crews.  Current Tactics:  Focusing on structure protection and fire suppression.  Evacuations:  Valentine is in a pre-evacuation status. Road Closures:  State Route 66 is scheduled to be closed until midnight Wednesday, June 28, 2017.


Fire Unit:  Southwest Area.  AZ DOF.  Location: 13 miles West of Amado, Arizona.  Fire Fuels:  Short grass and brush.  Fire Behavior:  Minimal. Smoldering.  Closures:  Roads, area and trails. Size:  1,200 acres.  Containment Status:  0%.  Resources:  94 personnel. 3 crews.  3 helicopters. CTD:  $40,000.


Location:   SE Area on Arizona Department of Forestry lands. 13 miles West of Amado, Arizona.   Fire Behavior:  Minimal.  Size:  1,024 acres of short grass and brush consumed. Containment Statuts:  60% Resources: 96 personnel with 3 crews, 5 engines and 3 helos.  CTD: $100,000 .


Fire Unit/Agency:  AZ DOF.  Start Date/Time:  June 27th @ 1715 hours.  Cause:  Unknown.  Size/Containment:  1,600 acres, 0%.  Location:  10 Miles East of Elfrida, Arizona.  A few miles from the Saddle Fire. Fire Fuels:  Grass and brush.  Personnel:  50.  Fire Weather:  Dry and breezy conditions.


There were 37 wildfires that were reported on Wednesday, June 28th with 3 of them being new starts and 4 being not contained wildfires, says the National Interagency Coordination Center for the United States.


Start Date/Time:  June 28th prior to 1400 hours.  Location:   near Horse Mountain southeast of Tulelake in California.  Resources: Modoc National Forest, Modoc County, CALFIRE and multiple other agencies.   Size:  562 acres.  Containment Status:  0%.


Bell Fire 6/27/2017  Reported 1557hrs

Bell Fire. Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

Start Date/Time:  June 27th @ 1557 hours.  Fire District/Agency:  Within the Kern River Ranger District of the Sequoia National Forest.    Located:  Community of Riverkern, 5 miles north of the town of Kernville, California. Cause: Unknown.  Size/Containment Status:  108 acres, 90%  Resources:  50 personnel.


Start Date/Time:  June 28th @ 1549 hours.  Location:  off Ben Hur Road and Silver Bar Road in Mariposa County, California.  Unit:  CAL FIRE – Madera – Merced – Mariposa.  Size:  800 acres.  Containment Status:  0%.


Fire in San Clemente from Doheny State Park in San Clemente County, California (Photo Credit: @bbdd333)

Start/Date Time:  June 28, 2017.  Location:   Off Cristianitos and Talega Roads on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base near the San Mateo Campground. Command:  Unified Command with OCFD and Camp Pendleton Fire.  Fire Conditions:  This vegetation fire that is located  is now threatening structures to North San Clemente, California.   Air Resources:  Aircraft making good progress.  Planned night operations with air support in the planning stages.

Photo Credit: Pendleton Camp 75

Personnel/Equipment:  Multiple strike teams are also on-scene.  300 firefighters are assigned. Mobilizing the U.S. Forest Service night flying helicopter & fixed wing air attack, say Military Officials. Evacuations:  No evacuations as of yet.

Photo Credit: OCFD PIO


Date/Time Started:    June 26th @ 1527 hours.    Cause:   Unknown.  Fire Unit:  CAL FIRE – San Obispo  Location:   Park Hill Road and La Entrada, east of Santa Margarita   Resources:  Unknown.  Current Conditions:  1,598 acres. 75% contained.


Date/Time Started:  June 26th  @ 1510 hours. Cause:  Traffic Collison with fire.  Fire Unit:  Riverside Unit &Cal Fire. Location: 3 miles South of Beaumont and Lambs Canyon (Highway 79 N) Near Dump Road in California .  Fire Fuels:  Tall grass and chaparral.  Evacuations:  All Orders have been lifted.   Fire Behavior:  Moderate fire behavior with creeping and smoldering.  Resources:  2 ambulances, 575 firefighters, Police Department, EMD, PIO, Fire Investigator, Utilities, 3 crews, 47 engines, 30 overhead support personnel, 1 helo, 15 water tenders, 6 dozers assigned. Threats:  Numerous residences threatened.  Closures: Road, area and trail closures in effect.  Size:   6,309 acres.  Containment Status:  77%.


Fire Unit:  San Bernardino National Forest . Location: Two miles northeast of Highland, CA.  Fire fuels: Tall grass and chaparral.  Fire Behavior:  Active fire behavior with uphill runs, short-range spotting and wind-driven runs.  Threats:  Numerous residences threatened.  Closures: Road, area and trail closures in effect.


Schaeffer Fire June 27

Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

Fire Unit:  Sequoia NF.  Location:  17 miles North of Kernville, CA. Fire Fuels:  Brush and timber. Fire Behavior:  Moderate activity with backing and flanking.  Closures: Trails. Size/Containment Status:  586 acres, 0%.  Resources:  24 personnel. 1 engine. 1 helicopter.  CTD:  $17,000.


412 Fire. Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

412 FIRE

Fire Unit:  San Juan National Forest.  Location:  Located in the Ryman Creek area of the Dolores Ranger District about 7 miles South of Rico, Colorado.  Start Date/Time:   June 23 @ 1500 hours.  Fire Fuels: Heavy dead and down mixed conifer forests, spruce and fir.  Cause: Lightning.  Size/Containment Status:  75 acres, 0%.  Resources:  65 personnel.  1 Type 3 IMT.



Fire Unit:  Florida Forest Service.  Location:  3 miles NW of Rockledge, Florida. Size/Containment:  4,500 acres, 70% containment.  Fire  Fuels:  Short grass. Fire Behavior:  Moderate fire behavior. Resources:  1 personnel.  1 engine.  CTD:  $1,000.



Fire Unit:  Boise District, BLM.  Location:  10 miles NW of Mountain Home, ID. Fire Fuels:  Short grass.  Fire Behavior:  Minimal fire behavior with smoldering. Size: 900 acres. Containment Status:  80%.  Resources:  4 personnel.  1 engine.  CTD:  $10,000.

I84 MM 271 FIRE

Location: Idaho Falls District on BLM land and 25 miles SE of Malta, Idaho.  Fire Fuels:   Short grass.  Fire Behavior: Active fire behavior with running.  Size: 3,000 acres.  Containment Status:  65%.  Resources:  59 personnel. 13 engines. CTD:  $150,000.



Location:   30 miles South of Socorro, New Mexico.  Fire District:  Southeast District of New Mexico State Forestry lands.  Fire Fuels:  Chaparral and hardwood litter.  Fire Behavior:  Extreme fire behavior with crowing and torching. Threats:  Residences are under direct threat.  Size/Containment Status:  836 acres have been destroyed but there is a 25% containment status.  Resources:  There are 111 personnel on the wildfire along with 3 crews, 11 engines and 1 helicopter. Cost-to-date has reached $120,000.

Camp Pendleton Fire. Photo Credit: Camp Pendleton 75.



Fire Unit:  McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge, FWS.   Location: 9 miles Eastof High Island, TX.  Fire Fuels:  Tall grass.  Fire Behavior:  Moderate fire behavior.  Acres/Containment Status:  500 acres, 0% contained. Resources:  2 personnel.  CTD:  $1,000.



Fire Unit:   Salt Lake Field Office, BLM.  Location:   Short grass and brush.   Fire Behavior:  Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs.   Size/Containment:  8,146 acres, 80%.  Resources:  45 personnel.  10 engines.  CTD:  $175,000.

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#CrownMountainFire | TX | 3


Update 3 – May 18, 2017

  • Juniper Canyon area of Big Bend National Park, Texas
  • Richard Sinkovitz, Type 4 IC
  • 77 personnel
  • 944 acres
  • 89% contained
  • Fire behavior minimal

PIO Map of Crown Mountain Fire

# # #

Update 2 – May 16, 2017

  • Fire managed by Tom Barta, Type 3 IC; Ken Roberts, as Trainee
  • 162 assigned personnel
  • 1,041 acres
  • 100% contained
  • Fire behavior decreased to minimal with limited smoldering
  • Fire crews to work on fire perimeter & remove fuels from Chisos Basin
  • Areas are reopening:   Chisos Rd opens Wed 8AM! All trails & lodge/restaurant open Wed 8AM, campground closed ’til Thurs
  • Social Media hashtags using:  #CrownMountainFire #TXwildfires2017
Crown Mountain Fire, as seen Monday May 15th from the air. This fire is in the Juniper Canyon area, southeast of the Chisos Mountains.

Courtesy: Big Bend NP

# # #

Update 1 – May 15, 2017

  • Discovered 5/14/2017 1030 Hours
  • Burning in Juniper Canyon area of Big Bend National Park
  • Burning in back country of Park
  • Possible cause is lightning from previous evening
  • 1,044 estimated acres
  • 60% containment status
  • Type 3 IMT arrived May 15, 2017
  • On-scene/en route:  (5) Type 1 crews, (1) Type 2 handcrew and (1) helitack crews.  Miscellaneous overhead team and support personnel.
  • Facilities in the Chiso Basin facilities closed
  • Campgrounds also closed.

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