Good Evening Brothers and Sisters:

As you all are painfully aware, the DFFA is being challenged on all fronts by Public Act 436 and the Emergency Manager’s legal abilities. Today is just one example of our struggles. Police, Fire and EMS contracts are under direct attack.

 In this instance, the city of Detroit (physically present) and the Emergency Manager (by submitted briefs and letters) were arguing in front of the Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) that Police, Fire and EMS unions in Detroit have no ability to go to binding arbitration as well as not having the ability to bargain a contract – in essence having new terms and conditions imposed upon us.

 The DFFA was in Lansing today in solidarity with these other unions to put forth legal arguments. Since we are not in arbitration, we filed an “amicus” brief which the MERC Commission allowed in. The Commission decided to put off a ruling until June 4, 2013 but, in the meantime, ordered arbitrators on the current cases to suspend their Act 312 hearings until then.

 This is an update on only one of the struggles we are in. The issue of federal bankruptcy continues to swirl about us as we work diligently to protect ourselves against all groups and agencies trying to tear up our contract, safety and humane working conditions.

 The DFFA will continue to keep you informed as timely as possible about all our battles to protect ourselves.

 Stay Safe,

Dan McNamara

Posted by: Detroit Fire Fighters Association

Reblogged: 3/27/13 1610 Hours PST