Bellevue, Washington | The Bellevue Police Department has announced they will be presenting training for students, staff, parents and the community regarding Active Shooter Preparedness Training:  “A Discussion on School Safety”.

There are many great training videos and programs out there pertaining to these very real incidents happening all across the United States and around the world.  We don’t mean to frighten you but these are very real and to help save lives and getting Police there quickly is to know what to do in the event of an Active Shooter event.  This will not only save your life but the countless students and staff all around you.

Students, do you know to do if a person walked inside your school with a weapon and sought out teachers or even fellow students?  Would you know how to protect you and your fellow students around you? Are you familar with your school’s evacuation plan or places where you can safely evacuate to inside the school if you couldn’t exit the school?

These are all real and great questions to ask the Police Department.  Though we have just learned of these great trainings, we know they will be covering the basics from A-Z.  Students, parents, staff and the Community are invited to attend this great training.

These are all located in the Bellevue, Washington from 1800 – 1930 hours PST in each school’s Performing Arts Center.

January 27 – Interlake High School

February 10 – Newport High School

February 25 – Bellevue High School

Note:  The Bellevue School District asks parents to determine if this is appropriate for their children and able to participate in group discussions.

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