New Orleans, Louisiana | A&E’s reality TV show, Night Watch on Thursday nights at 10pm PST / 9pm CST is about Paramedics, Police Officers and Firefighters in action working the mean streets of New Orleans.

Following the Paramedics lives of Holly, Nick, Dan and others gives a front seat into how it is like on the streets dealing with MVAs [they say MVCs], fires and shootings.  Recently, we were witness to a Police Officer being shot multiple times and seeing what it is like firsthand how Officers are subject to the intensity of stress, adrenaline rushes and the violence they face daily.

The life of a First Responder can be stressful and A&E shows us tidbits how they deal with it from working in the gym working on getting stronger to the close-knit family relationships shown in the Firehouse to Medics ending the night shift.  This is what it is all about and how they support each other.  Having a sense of humor doesn’t hurt as well and can relieve a lot of stress and heartache seen.

In happier parts on the show, we were able to see the lives saved by Medics from a person being stabbed to an asthmatic toddler.  Some critics have said this is all staged and scripted but we say otherwise.

Fans of the show have begun following Medics Holly @nightwatch_holly, Dan @nightwatch_Dan, Nick @nightwatch_Nick and others. We are still working to get the names of others to see if they have Night Watch Twitter pages to follow.

Others have said they are not the actual Medics/actors on the show but are people “pretending” to represent them.

Our belief is that they are truly who they say they are.  We are hoping to look into their Lives a little more closely through an informal interview as to why and how they became compassionate First Responders in this profession.

We’ll keep you all up-to-date.

Here in Washington State, the TV show is on Channel 52 [Comcast] or you can watch them ON DEMAND.  If you are not a fan or don’t know what this TV show is all about, you better turn it on and check them out!

Thank You to the Men and Women who are committed to train, are compassionate in what they do and to never let the job take you.  You all are Heroes in our Book and we can’t say Thank You even for what you all do. Keep up the great work.

This is definitely a hit amongst Public Safety folks and those who love/support them.  And, we are hoping there is no therapy because we are addicted.

Be Safe Friends.

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