Wildfire SitRep: RoundFire Explodes Into Thousands of Acres Burned

Inyo County, California | The Round Fire first started around 1407 yesterday at around 50 acres slowly increasing in size to 100 acres around the last update at 2130 hours.  It is located off Highway 395, above Kern County near Nevada border in Inyo County.

The fire is being managed by CAL FIRE’s Inyo-Mono San Bernardino Unit.

CAL FIRE stated the fire has exploded into 3,000 acres when actuality it has increased to 7,000 due to remapping of the area.  The blow up occurred on the Boundary area.

Here are some of the reports after their last update at 2115 hours on Friday evening.

CAL Fire states due to heavy rainfall, it has stopped the forward spread which is great news for firefighters.

Those following Scanner Feeds reported last night from the Sheriff’s Office, the fire crossed over Rock Creek Road in the canyon and heading up to Lower Rock Creek Road.  It had then reached the top of Lower Rock Creek Road.  The fire was still heading for Rock Creek Canyon.

At 2156 Hours last night, it was reported there was major structure loss  were lost in the Swall Meadows area.  Paradise has now been defined as an area near the fire, not the actual town as they are in another County.

Access can be tricky sources say,

“It is at the top of the Sherwin Grade north of Bishop coming into Tom’s Place. The winds come off the Sierras west to east and then there is a down slope wind from Tom’s Place and Crowley, into Bishop.  Very tricky.”

Weather forecast for Saturday as “Precipitation to show up East of the fire area with a 53% change of rain after midnight.  Accumulations expected of 0.10” by dawn.  Winds expected to reach 17mph with SW winds gust to 26mph, decreasing after midnight to 1-7mph.  The Relative Humidity to be over 80%.

Aircraft had still been grounded due to the windy conditions.

More info to come after as it is being released.

Thanks for joining us on this Fire and others happening.


CAL FIRE is a major firefighting asset to the State of California.

They are responsible for 31-plus Million acres in the State Responsible Area [SRA] while their Local Response Area [LRA] incorporating counties, cities and districts [Mutual aid agreements].


A CAL FIRE operated Brush Truck. Photo taken in July 2014 [Credit: LR Swenson]

In 2014, CAL FIRE responded to over 4,000 wildland fire incidents, while personnel handled over 400,000 calls in their local response areas.

Staffing with CAL FIRE personnel includes:

  • Permanent: 4300
  • Seasonal:  2400
  • Local Government Volunteer Firefighters: 2750
  • Inmates, Wards, Conservation Corps: 4300
  • Volunteers in Prevention: 2600

CAL FIRE has 235 fire stations and 21 fire units.  Assets include: 343 Fire engines, 58 bulldozers, 215 rescue squads, 63 medic units, 12 Hazmat units, 12 Mobile Kitchen Units, 6 Mobile Comm Centers, 39 Conservation camps, 23 Airtankers, 12 Helos, 15 Airtactical planes, Demonstration State Forests of 8 forests with 71,000 acres and 1 Nursery.

Under contract, they also operate 759 local government Fire Engines, 38 Aerial Ladders and 575 local government Fire Stations.

The Department operates on a $1.4B budget with $762M designated to Wildland Firefighting alone.

[Source: calfire.ca.gov]

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