According to the National Interagency Coordination Center based out of Montana as of Monday, June 8, 2015, the following fires are currently burning nationally:


5 “new” fires were reported. 0 new large fires have been reported.

1 fire is currently burning in the area named Bogus Creek Fire. It is located in the Southwest area within the Department of Forestry. The fire started on FWS lands and is approximately 37 miles SW of Aniak.  Moderate fire behavior of burning grasses. Structures are currently threatened.  25, 260 acres scorched. 68 personnel on the ground including 3 crews and 1 helicopter. Cost-to-date is approximately $460,000.

Crane used at Snag Canyon Wildfire in Ellensburg, Washington [Credit: LR Swenson]
Crane used at Snag Canyon Wildfire in Ellensburg, Washington [Credit: LR Swenson]

The States’ Fire Managers reported 2 “new” fires, with 1 of them being as an “uncontained” active burning wildfire.

Spring Fire is being fought by the Papago Agency on Bureau of Indian Affairs lands, located 20 miles SE of Sells, AZ.  There is minimal fire behavior of burning brush.  Structures were listed as being threatened.  The fire has consumed 1850 acres.

Fire is reportedly at a 90% containment status.  24 personnel are on scene with 1 crew and 1 engine.  Cost-to-date damage is listed at an estimated amount of $450,000.


1 “new” fire has been reported and is currently burning, as an “uncontained’ event.

Celebration Fire is located in the Bureau of Land Management’s Boise District, four miles NE of Murphy.  There is a moderate fire spread with driven winds, burning fire fuels of brush and grass.

About 7,400 acres have burned and are currently at a 90% containment status. 62 personnel with 1 crew, 6 engines, and 2 helicopters are still on scene. Cost-to-date is estimated at $125,000.

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