Douglas County / Eastern Washington State

The Cold Springs Fire began around 1000 hours this morning [Saturday, June 13, 2015] and is located North of Well’s Dam in Brewster, Washington and running alongside the Columbia River.

Initial reports received showed it was a 100 x 100 fire, but has initially grown to between 300 – 500 acres [varying sources reporting different acreage].  Now, one “unconfirmed” report of one or more homes, plus crops are being threatened.

Resources from Douglas [DC1, DC2, DC3, DC4] Chelan [CC1, CC7, CWICC #213] and Okanogan Counties were dispatched and arrived safely on the fire ground.  The fire was listed as a 3rd Alarm Brush Fire.  A State Mobilization has been requested with two Strike Teams coming from Snohomish County here in Western Washington.

New reports as of 2314 hours, states the fire has increased to 800 acres with confirmation of many structures are being threatened as of this post.

The Getchell FD stated on their Facebook page,

Getchell Firefighters along with Firefighters from all over Snohomish County have been deployed tonight on an early season State Mobilization wild fire near Brewster WA.

Snohomish County Firefighters are responding to an 800+acre fire threatening structures. Crews deployed in a Strike Team of Type 6 4×4 brush fire engines lead by a Strike Team Leader.”

As more information comes to light, we will be updating this information.  We wish all of our Firefighter friends a safe journey to the fire, during and after.


Brewster is located on the confluence of the Okanogan and Columbia Rivers, a city in the Okanogan County in Washington State.   It has a 1.19 square miles.  Three Rivers Hospital has a 30-bed facility and is the largest hospital in the County. The 2010 census reported approximately 2370 residents.


Well’s Dam is a hydroelectric dam located on the Columbia River downstream from the confluences of the Oknogan, Methow and Columbia River in Washington State. The dam, associated structures, and machinery make up the Wells Hydroelectric Project. It is owned and operated by the Douglas Co Public Utility District.

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