Update 2 | Silver Mine Fire | North Carolina Forests




The Silver Mine wildfire was ignited by human intervention on April 21, 2016, around 1515 hours.  Located 1 mile E of Hot Springs, North Carolina and in the NC Forests.

The fire is burning mature timber, shrub layer of hardwood litter quickly grew to 2500 acres by April 22, 2016.  Rain fell in the area but not enough to tap the fire completely.

Photo by Kevin Reese

Photo Credit: Kevin Reese via Incident


By April 27, 2016, the fire was at a 60% containment status.  It had burned 5000 acres within containment fire lines.  Less than one inch of rain dropped over the fire ground.  Fire Managers are predicting acreage grow to a total of 6,000 acres by the end of the event is completely out.


Aerial burn out of Silver Mine Fire

Aerial Mapping of burnout mopping operations. Photo Courtesy: Inciweb


Personnel remained high at 183 tied to the incident.


On Thursday, April 28th, the containment status reached an all-time high of 90% with 5300 in scorched land.   Fire behavior displayed itself by being active, active, creeping and smoldering.

Aerial burn out of Silver Mine Fire

Another great aerial shot of Silver Mine Fire from above. Photo Courtesy: Inciweb


Fire Managers will focus on the mop up and helping with landscape restoration which assists the environment to return to a healthy habitat and food source for wildlife and other ecosystems.

Aerial burn out of Silver Mine Fire

Burin out operations. Photo Courtesy: Inciweb


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