#ErskineFire Burns in Lake Isabella of Kern County, California – June 24, 2016

Updated 0715 Hours PDT


Date & Location:  A wildfire has been ignited sometime on 6/23/2016 around 4pm, located off of Erskine Creek Road  and Apollo Road in Lake Isabella of Kern County.

Acreage:   In the initial moments of the fire, it quickly gained up to 1,500 acres and in that short amount of time the out-of-control Fire Monster consumed up to 8,000 acres.  Before we signed off the incident around 2230 hours on 6/23/2016, some sources were reporting the fire had consumed a whopping 16,000 acres!

Fire Fuels:  Brush, small and large trees.

Weather:  Weather has been in the high 90’s with low humidity.  It is still been dry.


Injuries:  3 Firefighter injuries from inhalation and were transported to a local hospital.

Conditions:  Heat, steep and rugged terrain, wind and a fast-moving fire are all huge challenges for fire crews.

Air Support:  Today will include 6 airtankers, including a VLAT, and 7 helicopters on the fire.  More have been ordered and are en route.

No Drones have been spotted but as a more common thing to see, drones.  This is just a reminder that if you fly in a fire zone, it is a misdemeanor and if you collide with fire apparatus it is simply a felony.  Please do not do it as aircraft has to be grounded and it puts many lives in danger.



The Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, and Kern County Fire District are in Unified Command.

A Type I incident management team is en route.


Fire Resources::

  • Air Tankers:  4
  • Helicopters:  2 Type 2
  • Helitanker:  1
  • Task Force:  Medium, for structure protection
  • Personnel:  350 Firefighters.


The following communities and major buildings:

Communities:  Bella Vista, South Fork, Weldon, Onyx, Lakeland Estates, Mountain Mesa, South Lake, Squirrel Valley, and Yankee Canyon.


Red Cross:  Kernville Elementary School is now the primary shelter for evacuees. There are currently approximately 125 evacuees at the elementary school.

The Red Cross Safe & Well site is available for those looking for loved ones affected by evacuations.  Here are some resources for Evacuees.  https://safeandwell.communityos.org/cms/index.php and  https://www.facebook.com/ARCcentralvalley/?fref=nf (Safe and Well)


Many other agencies are assisting, including Red Cross, Caltrans, Animal Control, and law enforcement from local, county, state, and federal agencies.


About 100 structures have been lost.  1500 are still being threatened.



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