NEW! #ErskineFire Rages in Central California District – June 23, 2016

Updated 1830 Hours PDT

Incident Summary

Erskine Fire (Credit: CALFire)

A wildfire has been ignited sometime on 6/23/2016, located off of Erskine Creek Road in Lake Isabella of Kern County.     It has reached  up to 1,500 acres already. At 1900 hours, the fire had increased up to 2,000 acres.

Current Status:

Reports of the fire running uphill with the wind to the NE.  Fire is spotting ahead (unknown if it is short-range or long-range spotting).

Night shift operations to be operating.

The cause is unknown.


Command is currently in Unified Command with Kern County and the National Forest.  Command Name:  “ErskineIC”


The current resources on the incident are:

  • Air Tankers:  4
  • Helicopters:  2 Type 2
  • Helitanker:  1
  • Task Force:  Medium, for structure protection


The following communities and major buildings:

  • Kern County Hospital
  • Lake of the Villa up to “E” Street
  • Lakeland Estates
  • Yankee Canyone
  • Mountain Mesa
  • Goat Ranch Road

Structures Lost:

1915 hours, Kern County tweeted there were 50-60 homes lost and more being threatened.



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