#BreakingNews – New World CAD System Down | Snohomish County WA | Update 1

Snohomish County, Washington State – Scanner traffic is starting to pick-up news of the New World Dispatch system by Tyler Tech is now down.  Several Fire Departments are currently self-dispatching.

Currently, SNOPAC911 has now been notified to start paging every single Everett fire/police unit for all calls inside the City. This is now in effect until their system comes back up.


News coverage of this particular Dispatch system that SNOPAC911 uses has been anything but positive since it went live in 2015, but later would be integrated into their communication system.

October 9 2016 – System reportedly goes down. Unknown reason.  Several Fire Departments are heard self-dispatching over Scanner radio traffic and being reposted by Bloggers.

June 4, 2016 – An article states that a recycling fire in Everett started out as a one-alarm but quickly ramped up to a two and a three but Dispatchers and a Supervisor desperately tried and failed to dispatch due to a system error.

March 28, 2016 – Another fire but this time a large commercial fire at one of Everett’s marina.  As the alarms were being elevated, again Dispatchers could not get their system to work properly.  “This was a system bug and not from the Dispatchers or from a Training error.” As one Official was quoted saying.

Around 1722 hours, a Dispatcher told all units not to sign-in to New World as it is down. If they signed in, they were told to log out until further notice.


We will keep you all posted!

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