NEW – Welland Fire – Tennessee – Update 1

Updated 3:30 AM PST

The Walland Fire started on November 17th from an unknown cause and is said to be located in the East Millers Cove area in Tennessee. It is being said that this is a fast-moving fire burning in mountainous terrain. Many outside agencies are pouring into the area to assist as Mutual Aid resources.

Command is reported as being in Unified Command with the National Park Service (NPS), Tennessee Department of Forestry (TN DOF) and Blount County Fire Department (BCoFD).

The fire is expected to reach a high of 200 acres today, as drought conditions continue throughout the region.  Burn bans have been implemented for quite some time including no burn permits being issued as early as the first week of November.

Current weather conditions of 6:00 AM EST is 44*F and partly cloudy day with a high temp of 74*F with 1% precip, 65% humidity and wind speed at 4 mph.  On Saturday, the weather forecast is 30% chance of rain.  (We’re hoping this happens to assist with fire suppression efforts)

Though not directly being threatened, the fire appeared to be near the Walland Elementary School and Walland United Methodist Church.  Both have been evacuated and closed as precautions only.  School was closed on Thursday.

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