North Carolina Wildfires | Update 7

Updated  3:45 PM PST

North Carolina Wildfires

Here is the newest update on the North Carolina wildfires all across their State.

Eastern Cherokee Agency

Flaming front of Dobson Ridge-3 Fire on Eastern Cherokee Complex

Dobson Fire (Credit: Rob Wood/Courtesy: Inciweb)

Dobson 3 Fire:  Started on  11/2/2016.  15 total fires.  Unknown cause. 132 personnel. 9 engines, 4 hand crews, 1 helicopter and 1 water tender. 756 acres. 75% contained.

National Forests in North Carolina

Boteler Fire:  Start 10/25/2016. In the Shooting Creek community, 6 miles east of Hayesville. 8976 acres.  57% containment status. 426 Personnel assigned. Public Fire Info Meeting.  11/17/2016, Thursday @ 1900 hours.  1st Freewill Baptist, 259 Tusquittee Rd in Hayesville, NC.

Boteler Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Boteler Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Bullpen Fire:   Start 11/15/2016. S of Highlands / Bullpen Rd. 5 acres. Initial Attack efforts in effect.  Crews from Knob & Whitewater Fires moved to this fire.

Cliffside Fire:  Started 11/10/2016. 3 miles NW of Highlands. 101 acres. 99% contained.  1 crew member on-scene.  Fire is smoldering and behavior is minimal.  In Patrol status.

Dicks Fire:  Start 10/23/2016. Dicks Creek Drainage, 2 miles NW of Sylva.  Human cause. 728 acres, 98% containment status. Fire is minimal and smoldering. 7 personnel assigned.

Ferebee Fire:  Start 11/6/2016.  Cause unknown. 1 mile north of Nantahala. 3,175 acres. 34% contained. 163 personnel. Fire behavior is active, flanking and backing.

Knob Fire:  Start 11/2/2016. 1130 acres. 98% containment status. 5 personnel assigned.  Fire behavior is minimal and smoldering.

This is a Command Repeater used by the Incident Commander and Command Staff to communicate with Division Superintendents, who then use Tactical Channels to speak with crews in the field.

Command Repeater tower. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Maple Springs Fire:  Start 11/4/2016. Human caused. Located North of Santeetlah Lake. 7705 acres. 342 personnel.*  51% contained. Active portion of fire is backing, creeping and smoldering.

Burn out operation along Highway 129

Credit: Chris Colt

May Branch Fire:  Start 11/3/2016.  West of Nanatahala Lake.  Human caused. 175 acres. 98% contained.  # of personnel unknown. In patrol and monitor status.

Muskrat Valley Fire:  Start 11/11/2016. 7.5 miles SW of Franklin. Unknown cause.  103 acres. 95% containment status. 49 personnel assigned. Fire smoldering.

Roughy Fire: (being managed with Maple Springs Fire)  Started 11/8/2016. Unknown cause. 657 acres.*  Managed by Type 2 Blue Team. 100% contained.

Tellico Fire:  Start 11/3/2016. 3 miles south of Almond. Human caused. 13,679 acres, 74% containment status.  Fire behavior is moderate, backing and creeping. 464 personnel assigned.

North Carolina Forest Service

Night time on Chestnut Knob Fire

Chestnut Knob Fire night operations. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Chestnut Knob Fire:   South Mountain  State Park; 10 miles South of Morganton. 5,689 acres.234 personnel.  35%contained. Hardwood fuels. Moderate fire behavior with uphill runs with flanking and backing.

Party Rock Fire:  Chimney Rock State Park; 1 mile North of Lake Lure.  Cause under

The Party Rock Fire slowly backs downhill into Chimney Rock Village.

Fire above Chimney Rock Village. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

investigation. 6,712 acres.  920 acres. 32% contained. Hardwood litter fire fuels. Structure  protection in place above Chimney Rock Village.

Fire Fact:  The North Carolina Forestry Service in North Carolina is currently investigating all fires for arson.  See something? Say something by calling 828-257-4200.

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