Washington State Wildfires | July 6, 2017

Here are the wildfires happening across Washington State.

Active Wildfires

#MitchellFire  Southeast Region, Washington DNR. 4 miles South of Orondo. Timber and brush. Active fire behavior with running. Structures threatened. Evacuations in effect.

#RockCandyMtnFire  Thurston Co, Capitol Forest (near Olympia), smoke visible from I-5, 1-2 acres, engines & crews en route. (updated @ 2050 hours PDT).

#ShieldsFire  On Upriver Road on Beacon Hill in Spokane County, Washington. Grass, brush.  Mop-up operations in progress. AR 25 AR 29 AR 441 AR 442 AR 443 AR 444 DNR 33 FP 10 HT 42 HT 44 were dispatched. Resources on-scene @ 1920 hours.

#SpokaneFire  Spokane Firefighters announced they were assisting District 9 with Valley Fire with a wildfire.  We reached out to Spokane Fire to see if it was the same as the #ShieldsFire or a separate one.


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