Active Wildfires | NW Region | July 28 2017

NORTHWEST WILDFIRES | We are listing the current active wildfires for Saturday, July 29, 2017.

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Aeneas Side Fire. Okanogan County. 0127 resources dispatched. Grass + brush fire fuels. HI 149 responded. CAD showing fully staffed. #AeneasSideFire

Bissell Fire. Northeast Region, Washington DNR. Eight miles north of Hunters. Timber, brush and tall grass. | 250 acres. 100% contained. 206 personnel. 9 crews. 4 engines. $350,000 CTD. #BissellFire

Map showing heat signatures detected during the July 28, 2017 Infrared flight

Map of Diamond Creek Fire on July 28, 2017

Diamond Creek Fire.  (NF Fire not included in NICC #s).  18 air miles from Mazama and at the intersection of Diamond Creek and Lost River in the Paysaten Wilderness of the Okanogan-Wenatchee NF.  Started 7/22/2017. Cause is suspected as human intervention.  Moderate fire behavior with wind-driven runs, group torching and long-range spotting. Structures are under threat. Trail closures are in effect.  | 4,285 acres. 0% contained. 81 personnel. 2 crews + 3 helicopters. $250,000 CTD. #DiamondCreekFire

Gail Rd Fire. 430 Gail Rd, Kittitas County. Brush Fire. 0855 County + DNR dispatched. 1100 KBFR I/C on-scene. 4 acres. Grass + brush. #GailRdFire

Fire Fact:  “Nationally, there have been 37,987 wildfires since July 28, 2017.”

Noisy Creek Fire.  3 miles E of Sullivan Lake. Pend Orielle County.  Colville NF. Moderate fire behavior with lateral movement. Lightning caused. Start 7/15/2017 @ 0800 hours PDT. | 795 acres. 30% contained. Type 3 IC (USFS), 69 personnel.

Photo of Noisy Creek Fire taken from Sullivan Lake Rd

Noisy Creek Fire from Sullivan Lake Road. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

North Mill Fire.  13 miles NE of Colville. Colville NF. USFS + DNR. Slash and smoldering stumps. Started 7/26/2017 @ 1530 hours. | 40 acres. 30% contained. 160 personnel. #NorthMillFire

Paterson Slough.   Mid-Columbia National Wildlife Refuge Complex, FWS.  4 miles East of Paterson.  Tall grass. | 886 acres. 75% contained.  14 personnel.  3 engines. $75,000 CDT. # PatersonSloughFire


Blanket Creek Fire.   Rouge River-Siskiyou NF. IMT 2. 9 miles NE of Prospect. Timber.
Moderate fire behavior with short crown runs, flanking and group torching. Road and trail closures are in effect. | 250 acres. 0% contained.  206 personnel. 9 crews + 4 engines. $350,000 CTD. #BlanketCreekFire

Chetco Bar Fire.  Rogue River-Siskiyou NF. NIMO. 16 miles East of Selma, OR. Timber and brush.  |  2,205 acres. 0% contained.  130 personnel. 3 crews + 2 helicopters. $871,000 CTD. #ChetcoBarFire

Fire Fact:  YTD, 5,279,990 acres have been destroyed due to wildfires.

Crane Fire.  Lake Unit, Oregon DOF. 4 miles SE of Lakeview. Timber. Minimal fire behavior. | 602 acres. 90% contained.  138 personnel. 4 crews, 11 engines + 2 helicopters. $988,000 CTD. #CraneFire

Emerson Fire.   Ochoco NF. 4 miles NE of Madras. Brush and tall grass. Moderate fire behavior with creeping, smoldering and isolated torching. Structures  are being threatened. Road and area closures are in effect.  1 structure destroyed. | 10,527 acres. 70% contained. 92 personnel. 2 crews + 9 engines. $650,000 CTD. #EmersonFire

Fire over the Harney Electric Yard on the Upper Mine/Mtn Fire. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Hawk Fire.   Vale District, BLM. 10 miles NW of Jordan Valley, OR. Brush and short grass. | 1,412 acres. 100% contained. 45 personnel. 10 engines. $200,000 CTD. #HawkFire

NEW! Haystack Rock Fire.  Vale District, BLM. 11 miles SW of Adrian. Brush and short grass. Active fire behavior. Sage-grouse habitat threatened. | 1,500 acres. 10% contained. 69 personnel. 1 crew + 13 engines. $100,000 CTD. #HaystackRockFire

Fire Fact:  “In 2017, we have bypassed the 2006-2016 average # of & acres lost.”

Indian Creek Fire.  West side of Eagle Creek Trail.  Between Tunnel Falls and 7.5 mile camp Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness within the Hood River Ranger District of Mt. Hood NF. Started 7/4/2017.  No fire growth. 74 acres.  66 personnel. Type 1 Helicopter. #IndianCreekFire

Upper Mine Fire.  Burns District, BLM.  8 miles South of Fields. Brush and grass. Minimal fire behavior. Structures and sage-grouse habitat threatened. | 4,135 acres. 85% contained. 120 personnel. 2 crews + 14 engines. 3 structures destroyed. $1.2 Million CTD.  #UpperMineFire

Firefighters on the Whitewater Fire

Whitewater Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Whitewater Fire.  Willamette NF. IMT 2. Started on BLM land 10 miles east of Idanha. Timber and brush. Minimal fire behavior. Structures threatened. Road, trail and area closures in effect. | 89 acres. 60% contained. 157 personnel. 5 crews + 4 engines. $200,000 CTD. #WhitewaterFire


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