SODO Commercial Structure Seriously Damaged by Fire | 1

SEATTLE, Wash. – A commercial building located in the 3600 block of E Marginal Way South in the SODO industrial area and near the main arterial Spokane Street, caught fire on Wednesday, July 4, 2018.

Fire was from an unknown ignition causing massive damage to the 3651 Warehouse building – an Event Rental Space building. (per Google Maps and Seattle’s CAD exact address given)


Seattle Fire dispatched the following units on July 4th at 1903 hours (PDT) for both the initial and 2nd Alarm companies:

E13, L17, B5, E36, A14, AIR10, B7, DEP1, E27, E30, E32, E5, E6, L11, L3, M10, M44, MAR5, REHAB1, SAFT2, STAF 10, B5, E36, E13, L7


Here are some of the highlights from the actual fire call as we focused on live coverage on both of our Facebook (@nwfireblog) and Twitter (@nwfireblog) pages.

Water  Supply

In the early stages of the structure fire, firefighters quickly set up water supplies in various areas around the fire building.  One of several were established with the first one where lines were laid over Burlington RR tracks (the RR was notified). A second one was established in Division Bravo, protecting an exposure building to the South. A third location which they laid 1,000 feet of a hose line to the nearest hydrant.


Command made sure all fire crews were aware of his fire objectives when At 40 minutes into the fire, he stated they were working to knock down the fire and make sure there were no extension through the fire wall on the Alpha side.  They wanted to save the front of the building and stopping any extension. They wanted to go for a maximum flow in Division Bravo and Delta.

Ladder 3 was assigned as the RIT team.

50 minutes on the incident clock (1955 hours)

Ladder 7 would experience a mechanical failure in which the aerial could no longer pump water from its aerial.

70 minutes on the incident clock (2015 hours)

Division Alpha

Firefighters were working successfully with 2 1/2″ hand lines on the exterior side in defensive fire operations.

Division Bravo

Engine 5 became the supply line to Ladder 7 on the Charlie side from the Bravo side. They were busy helping Ladder 7 establish Ladder Pipe Operations, along with Ladder 1.

L1 was located at the Alpha/Bravo of the exposure building.  More resources were needed for manpower.  A 3rd Alarm was called by the IC but was later cancelled.

E25 set up a 2 1/2″ dry hose line to L7. (2000 hours)

Fire was knocked down on the Bravo / Charlie side. Some crews were sent to REHAB for recycling.

Fire was knocked down completely in the Charlie side with no extensions. (2007)

City Light arrived in this Division and helped shutdown all power lines.

Units in the Division Bravo area included L1, L7 (Alpha), E27, E6, B6, E5 and E2.

Division Charlie

Aid 14 was assisting L7 with Ladder Pipe Operations but was recalled to the  Command Post.  Another unit would come in and continue with assistance.

Fire was knocked down (1950 hours).

L17 Team Bravo was assigned to Division Charlie.  A 2 1/2″ line was put in on Charlie from Delta side.  They were working on assisting with putting out car fires.

Division Delta

E13 was located on the Charlie/Delta exposure side where a fence was located. Their needs for (2) 2 1/2″ to help save the building on the corner of the exposure building.

Cars in the rear of the building were catching on fire.  The IC cancelled the 3rd Alarm due to firefighters were fighting defensively and not going interior.

They were making good progress and would later shutdown L7 (Alpha) ladder pipe operations and to implement a reassessment.

Rooftop Operations

Firefighters were on the most Southern rooftop and could see the fire building on their stable operating platform. They observed the roof caved in on the Fire building but that others were not affected.

Due to their good location, they stated they could hit the fire building safely from the rooftop with (2) 2 1/2″ lines safely.

Engine 25 Officer would become assume Rooftop Operations (2013).

REHAB Operations

REHAB Operations was established to help rehydrate firefighters with water, healthy foods and in conjunction with Medical Group in making sure crews are assessed for medical reasons.  They are generally grouped together with the Seattle Fire Buffs and near the Seattle Fire Air Unit.

Social Media

We have seen reports that this was a “Junkyard” Fire and another stated it was a 4-Alarm fire.  We can confirm this was a commercial structure fire and only a 2-Alarm.  It was a 3-Alarm for a very short time but then it was cancelled by Command as they stated they weren’t going interior operations.

As many of you know, we work to try to provide the best and most accurate details of any fire-related/Public Safety/Emergency/Disaster event we cover or write about.  We generally glean information from verified sources before we publish.  There are many versions of this fire incident in the news and through eyewitness throughout the Seattle area.

Editor’s Message(s):

We thank you for reading our post and understanding how this fire unfolded.  We send our sincere condolences to those whom may be affected by the fire from the owners down to Management to the employees.

Special Thank Yous to all of the Seattle Fire crews who worked in dangerous fire and weather conditions to get this fire out and for those who will spend their 4th of July on Fire Watch throughout the night.

To those who support the Fire Service, including the Dispatchers and Fire Buffs (REHAB Support) who took part in this incident. Your engaging efforts were well received and appreciated.  You all did a great and amazing job.

To the Seattle Police Officers that handled Traffic Control and other assigned duties.  We appreciate your dedication and service.


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