Washington State | Tieton Reservoir Fire | 1

UPDATE 1 – July 13, 2018 (Friday) – 1915 hours PDT

NACHES, Washington.  A fire is burning at Rimrock Lake, which is a lake along the Tieton River in Yakima County.

The lake about 22 miles west of Yakima on the Tieton River on White Pass.

Fire resources were deployed through the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center on Friday, July 13, 2018 at 1809 hours.

Resources include BATT-82, CREW-83, E-381 and E-382.

Current fire weather in the area of Naches are temps of 88*F, partially cloudy with winds at 12 mph and a RH of 27%.

The fire has burned 0.5 acres of grass so far.

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