A wildfire has ignited on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 today.  It is named the Baseball Fire and its Incident Number is #MNF-144 M0GP.

It is located off of Atchison Creek in the Covelo Ranger District on the Glenn – Mendocinco County line.  It is burning in the Mendocino National Forest, about 15 miles southeast of Covelo near the Achison campground.

The fire has burned 60 acres.   There is a 5% containment status.

The cause was determined to be from a previous pile burning on the Baseball fire project.  It is being said from various sources that this was from an earlier prescribed fire project that was completed in the end of January and may have been smoldering for awhile due to dry conditions, warm temps and winds swooping through the area.

There are aproximately 55 personnel assigned including one crew, three engines, on water tender and a single helicopter.  Units were dispatched today around 1004 hours PST.

IC Robert Hoyle has a request in for additional resources on order.

Fire weather consists of light wind, 70*F temps and a low to moderate rate of spread.

There are no threats to property or to structures, nor are there any precautionary evacations in effect.

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