Friday has been busy full of wildfire activity and updates on ongoing incidents.  Here is a summary of wildfires on April 17, 2020.

NEW | Applewood Lane Fire 

The Applewood Lane Fire was burning north of Applewood Lane in Spokane County.  Personnel and equipment were dispatched at 1203 PT. .4 acres. Grass, brush and reproduction fire fuels. Contained 1400 PT. Controlled at 1430 PT.

ONGOING | Cloquallum Slash Fire

This fire is burning northwest of Elma in Thurston County. Fire fuels include slash debris.  Resources IC Langaker, Dozer1, Engines 8306 and 8308 dispatched at 1720 hours PT.  1 acre has been burned. Open Incident.

NEW | Cross Road Lane Fire

This wildfire was burning in the Methow Valley Highway area in Okanogan County.   Fire fuels include:  grass, logs and duff.  Resources were dispatched at 1145 PT.  2 acres burned. Showing as an open incident.  Dispatched via Central Washington Interagency Dispatch Center.

At 1404 hours, resources dispatched through the Central Washington Communications Center sent addtional crews. They successfully kept to a minimum of 0.1 acres of slash, logs and duff.

Fire is in patrol status.

NEW | Four Lakes Fire

Four Lakes Fire started in Spokane County off of Merriney Road.  DNR fire crews and equipment was dispatched at 1352 PT. 0.9 acres of of grass, brush and duff were burned.  The fire was contained at 1430 hours PT and controlled at 1500 PT. In patrol status.

NEW | Gold Fish Fire

The Gold Fish Fire is burning off of Dike Road in Cowlitz county. Firefighters were dispatched at 1407 hours to the area.   Their efforts contained the fire to a small area of 0.1 acre of grass, brush and duff.  Under control at 1528 hours PT.

NEW | McDowell Fire

Located in McDowell Canyon in Lincoln County is this fire of 2 acres.  Fire resources were dispatched at 1407 hours PT include:  AR 27 AR 62 AR 7407 AR 7411.  Fire fuels:  grass, brush and light timber.  Resoures arrived on-scene 1543 PT.

NEW | Mini Fire

The Mini Fire ignited in the Beacon Hill community in Spokane County today prompting assets to be dispatched at 1304 hours PT.  Dispatched at 1304 hours PT. Contained at 1400 hours PT and controlled 1430 PT. 0.01 acres. Grass and brush fire fuels.

NEW | Muscrat Fire

This fire ignited in an unknown location in Yakima County.   Fire resources were dispatched at 1503 hours and contained at 1605 hours PT. 0.2 acres of grass, brush and timber were burned.  Dispatched through Central Washington Interagency Dispatch Center.

UPDATE | Porter Creek Fire

Update 2 | Fire was last updated:  70 acres. 60% containment status. Whatcom County. Mopping up.  DNR last updated at 1248 PT.

Update 1 | Located up the Middle Fork Road in Whatcom County. This is an open incident that started on 4/15/2020 prompted dispatched of resources at 1945 hours PT.  80 acres. Resources:  IC Monteith 4/16 0930 E11, 5465, 5466, KUL30, KUL32, NW28, SAL32.

NEW | Short Fire

The Short Road Fire is burning in Spokane County. Fire assets were dispatched at 0811 hours PT.  0.1 acre slash has been destroyed.  IC: AR29. Open Incident.

UPDATE | Stanwood Bryant Fire

Update 2 | Fire is 100% contained. Fire crews mopped up the last of the area, east side of the fire earlier this morning. WSDOT North Traffic and Snohomish County Fire District #7’s E76 provided structure protection as mutal aid. North County Fire (lead agency). (1248 PT)

Update 1 | A fire burning deep within the forest located off of Stanwood Bryant Road in the City of Arlington has the undivided attention of many Snohomish County volunteer and paid fire departments. 70 acres of wetlands, brush and timber. Original time of dispatch was on 4/15/2020 at 1541 (DNR firefighters).  Resources CAS41, CL41, E5560, IS30, SAL30.  Open Incident.

UPDATE | Topelt Road Fire

Update 2 1950 PT | Resources include:  WA DNR:  CHANDLER ENG 2303 ENG 2405 ENG 2406 FORTIN HARTELOO SUND21.7 acres. 75% contained.  Original dispatch time at 1616 hours PST.

Update 1 1603 PT | Wildfire off of Topelt Road Fire in Lewis County. 8-10 acres burning. Grass fire fuels. Dispatched at 1603 PT.

NEW | Waneta Fire

Fire is burning in the Northport – Waneta area in Stevens County. Approximately 0.1 acre of grass, brush and slash has been destroyed. Resources include:  NC 26 NC 7304 dispatched at 1521 PT with some additonal resources reported still en route to this incident. Open Incident.

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