Snohomish County Firefighters Respond to Late Night Fire


Snohomish County Firefighters were dispatched Friday night, May 1, 2020, to a trailer fire that spread to a nearby home around 2340 hours PT.

The fire was located in the 28300 Old 99 Street, Stanwood, Washington.

At the 20-minute timer (at midnight), Command stated the fire was in offensive operations with the fire in the attic and at a 50% containment status.

Water supply was established by Engine 90 and being tasked with incoming tenders.

Primary search of an exposure building, a shop on the Delta side had an all-clear. It was determined by firefighters there was no extensive inside or from the exterior into the building.

One occupant was rescued by firefighters.  Medic 63 was respond

Just after midnight on Saturday morning, Command requested two nearest engines for more manpower and their air unit. Dispatch advised Aid 94 was unavailable., but the engines were enroute.

Firefighters currently on-scene stated they had a good knockdown on the fire, were checking for extensions and conducting a primary search on the house.  They stated they could handle with the resources on the fire ground.  Command would cancel the two incoming engines 63, and 46.

Around 1220, Command asked if any Deputies  or the Fire Marshal were on-scene. Dispatch reported that none were dispatched to the scene. The IC received new information and requested Dispatch send a Deputy to the fire ground, non-emergency.

No injuries to firefighters were reported.

No preliminary cause has been released by Fire Officials at this time.


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