Here is the Washington State Wildfire Activity Report for Monday, September 21, 2020.  This covers all wildfire activity and smoke reports from Sunday 0800 PT until 2000 hours PT on Monday for all incidents across the State

Incidents are listed by each time resources were dispatched via each Communications Center.

September 21, 2020

1605 PT | YALE FIRE |  Yale Road. Spokane County.  0.1acre.  Grass, brush and reproduction. IC 7411. Patrol status.  NE WA Communications Center.

1306 PT | HWY 20 PIT  | False Alarm. Hwy 20. Concrete. False alarm. Not WA DNR jurisdiction. Northwest DNR Region.

1212 PT | OYSTER DOME |  Oyster Dome. Skagit County. 1 acre. No fire located.

1200 PT | BOISE CREEK FIRE | 0.1 acre. Grass, timber and brush. IC HOB1. Contained 1300 hours PT. Controlled 1350 hours PT. South Puget Sound Dispatch Center.

0815 PT | BULLDOG FIRE | Bulldog Mtn. Ferry County. 0.7acre.  Grass, brush, reproduction, timber, slash, logs and duff.  Resources on-scene at 1055 PT.  CAD showing as an open incident. NE WA Communications Center.

September 20, 2020

2138 PT | BRENDER CANYON | Smoke Check.  Second Canyon.  Fire units unable to locate anything in the area.  Central WA Communications Center.

2124 PT | PETE LAKE | Smoke Check. Kittitas County.  Nothing found.  Central WA Communications Center.

2115 PT | LAKE GOODWIN | 7700 block x 143rd Place NW, Lake Goodwin in Snohomish. 0.1 acre. Patrol Status.  Northwest DNR Region.

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