Published June 29, 2022, Wednesday

Wildfires have broken out in many areas in Washington State in the last 24-48 hours. Here is a recap of those incidents, as gleaned from and other verified fire sources.


Water Tender Incident – Apparatus Crash

Two Grant County Fire District 7 (Soap Lake) members were injured on Tuesday, June 28th around 1930 hours, when their water tender rolled over near Road 20-NE and Road B.5-NE after early indications they drove onto a soft shoulder. The GCSO states the apparatus rolled three-quarters of a roll down a steep embankment. It was not speed-related.

They were part of the wildfire response to an incident near Soap Lake. There were only two occupants in the vehicle at the time of the crash.

They suffered minor injuries and both were transported to Columbia Basin Hospital.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Motor Traffic Unit is investigating. ##

SR 28 / Soap Lake Fire – Wildfire

Credit: GCFD13

This wildfire does not have an official designated name as both the Sheriff’s Office and the IC are using variations. This incident is located near Soap Lake. At 1735 hours, the GCSO stated this fire was not under control, prompting evacuations for Adrian Road between SR28 and Road 20-NE, 21000 block of Rd D.5-NE, 2400 block of Road 20.8-NE, Road D.5 NE/Road 20.6-NE. The fire had burned at least 300 acres and 50 structures were threatened.

Resources included: WA DNR, Grant County FD7 (Soap Lake) and 13 (Ephrata).

All evacuation orders were canceled in Grant County, as of long’s presser. ##

Bourdeaux Road – Smoke Check

Resources, including E8213, were dispatched at 0911 hours this morning to Bordeau Road via the SPS Dispatch Center. Multiple units are en route to the scene. ##

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The Grant County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the public that you should only call MACC911 with EMERGENCIES ONLY. They appreciated assistance during the wildfire incidents but asking about when your power will be restored, if you can offer assistance, etc. does not constitute as an emergency and ties up the line for REAL emergencies.

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JUNE 28, 2022, TUESDAY

Harms Road Fire – Wildfire

The Harms Road Fire, a grass fire was reported at 0912 hours near Harms Road in Centerville. Two brush trucks responded to the 600 block of Harms Road. Winds were whipping up to 30 miles per hour. Limited information. ##

Pirates Fire – Wildfire

The Pirates Fire was located on Pirates Court in Spokane County. Fire resources were dispatched at 2309 hours to the scene where it was quickly contained at midnight and controlled this morning (6/29/2022) at 0030 hours PT. About 0.1 acres of grass and shrub were burned. No word on the cause of any injuries. Dispatch Center: WA – NEC. ##

Four Mound Fire – Wildfire

The Four Mound Fire broke out on Four Mound Road in Spokane County. Fire units were dispatched at 1754 hours PT for non-burnable fuels. About 0.1 acres were burned and the fire is now in patrol status. No cause known. Dispatch Center; WA – NEC ##

Spirit Fire – Wildfire

Fire assets and resources were dispatched at 1607 hours PT to the Deep Lake Boundary in Stevens County at 1607 hours via the WA – NEC Dispatch Center. Fire resources have the fire 100% line and 99% mopped up. No cause known. About 0.1 acres burned. ##

Aladdin Hill Fire – Wildfire

On Tuesday at 1553 hours, a wildfire call was dispatched via the WA – NEC communications center to Aladdin Road in Stevens County. Today, fire resources NC25, NC40, NC7302, NC7304, NC7305 are still on the fire line. Currently, they have the fire 100% handlined. Three acres have been consumed. ##

Egypt Loop Fire – Wildfire

Fire resources were dispatched at 1146 hours to the Egypt Loop Road area in Lincoln County for a wildfire. Though 65 acres of grass were destroyed, fire crews stopped and contained the fire at 1250 hours PT. It was controlled at 1445 hours PT. Dispatch Center: WA – NEC. ##

Butler Creek Fire – Wildfire

WA DNR and Rural 7 resources were dispatched via the WA – CWC (Central Washington) Dispatch Center to Schuster Road, north of Goldendale at 1759 hours for a wildfire. The fire would be contained at 1948 hours and controlled at 2218 hours PT. About 0.5 acres of grass and brush were consumed. ##

Road 14 and Adams Road Fire – Wildfire

Grant County had several wildfires happening at the same time as well as a gas leak at the Coulee Medical Hospital, prompting evacuations for all events. This was one of several wildfires happening in the area.

Grant County fire assets were dispatched via the WA – CWC Dispatch Center to Monument Hill for a wildland fire. About 123 acres were destroyed. This is showing as an open CAD Call as of 6/29/2022. ##

Hiawatha South Fire – Wildfire

The Hiawatha South Fire is located in the Hiawatha Valley in Grant County, where 120 acres of grass and brush were reportedly have been lost. Resources were dispatched at 1333 hours. This is showing as an open CAD Call on 6/29/2022. ##

Hiawatha West Fire – Wildfire

This fire was located on Hiawatha Road, where fire resources were dispatched at 0656 hours PT. Firefighters quickly put out this fire at 0852 hours. About 1.5 acres were burned. Dispatch Center: WA – CWC. ##

Gemstone Fire – Wildfire

In Kittitas County, a wildfire named the Gemstone Fire broke out and assets were dispatched at 0517 hours to the 880 block of Gemstone Drive. Firefighters contained the fire at 1358 hours and it was under control at 1611 hours. About 10 acres of grass and brush were razed. Dispatch Center: WA – CWC. ##

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