Published July 9, 2022, Saturday


Multiple wildfires are burning in the State of Utah, the Halfway Hill and the Dry Creek Fires, which were discovered on Friday, July 8th.


Halfway Hill Fire

A wildfire designated as the HALFWAY HILL FIRE is located about three miles southeast of Filmore (Millard County) igniting in the last 24 hours.

Credit: UT Fire Info

An overnight report states moderate fire growth was observed on the wildfire last night and more crews will be arriving today to assist with constructing the fire line.

Fire officials will be able to give an update on the estimated acreage burned, which will be later in the day.

Evacuation orders remained in place for the Virginia Hill subdivision.

Cost-to-date has reached $50,000 for fire suppression and containment efforts.

Dry Creek Fire

The DRY CREEK FIRE was discovered on Friday at 1259 hours, from an unknown cause in the Millard County area.

About 1,200 acres have been burned.

Rower Mill Fire

The ROWER MILL FIRE was discovered on Friday evening around 1855 hours.

The actual ignition is unknown but caused by human intervention.

Two acres have been burned.


Weather forecasters state fire danger is extreme on Saturday over most of western Utah. A RED FLAG WARNING is in effect.

As of 0900 hours PT, current weather conditions for the town of Filmore are temps of 85*F, winds are light at two miles per hour and humidity is at 14%.

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