Traffic Alert: Bellevue Way to be Transformed into Snowflake Lane

Bellevue, Washington | Every time this year, beginning on November 26, 2014 through December 24, 2014, Bellevue Way will close from 1830 – 1945 hours for nightly performances of “Magic Season” on Snowflake Lane [aka Bellevue Way].

Snowflake Lane, is host to beautiful colorful performances by toy soldiers drumming away and a spectacular light show of glowing snowflakes.

A parade will start off the Season and evening performances on Friday, November 28 and will require the closure of the following streets:

  • Bellevue Way, from NE 4th St to NE 10th St
  • Southbound 106th Ave NE between NE 8th & NE 10th St
  • NE 6th & NE 7th Streets between 105th Ave NE &  Bellevue Way
  • NE 8th St from 106th Ave NE to just W of Bellevue Way

When driving into the area, please watch signs and obey all traffic laws. Bellevue Police Officers will be handling traffic control.

You can also check area traffic cameras at showing live feed.

Or, check with the Bellevue Transportation Department on Twitter @BvueTrans for traffic updates.

Hope you all have a safe journey and enjoy your Holiday shopping/entertainment/eating out excursions.

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Happy Mother’s Day from The NW Fire Blog

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“My mother taught me about the power of inspiration and courage, and she did it with a strength and a passion that I wish could be bottled.” – Carly Fiorina

Mothers Day is a well known and the most popular holiday celebrated around the world annually, all in the name of Love.

Moms Day created long ago.

In 1904, Frank E. Hering, President of the Order of Eagles made a plea for a “National Day to honor our Mothers, but it was later that it would become so popular.

“Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are.”

In Present Time…

Mother’s Day was established by Anna Jarvis with the assistance of Philadelphia merchant John Wanamaker following the death of her mother in 1905.

A small service was held for her mother in the Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia on May 12, 1907.  The “first” official service for Mothers Day was held on May 10, 1908.  The following year, the celebration grew widely popular in New York.

“I got to grow up with a mother who taught me to believe in me.” – Antonio Villaraigosa

Campaigning for Holiday to be a Remembrance.

Anna Jarvis later campaigned to establish Mother’s Day first as an Amereican national holiday and later as an International holiday.  It was declared by the West Viriginia state as a National Holiday in 1910.  Other States soon followed suit.

On May 10, 1913, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution from the President and down to wear a white carnation the following day after the observance of Mother’s Day.

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” – Jill Churchill

A Proclamation.

On May 8, 1914, the U.S. Congress passed a law designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day and requesting a proclamation.  The next day, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation declaration the first national Mother’s Day, as a day for American citizens to show the flag in honor of those mothers whose sons had died in war.

In 1934, President Franklin Roosevelt of the United States approved a stamp commemorating the holiday.

“Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love.” – Mildred B. Vermont

Holiday is for Every Special Mom.

Mothers come in all different forms in life from those who gave birth to their child[ren], adopted them, are a foster mom or just being there for someone in their point in life; as a Police Officer, a Firefighter, an EMT and in all levels in the Public Safety field.

No matter where you are today, whether you are working on shift, with family or out and about, we hope that you enjoy your special created especially for you.


to all American Moms

and to those around the World!

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Easter Egg Hunt for Kids to be Held at Medina Park

Medina, WA | Join in the celebration of Easter with your kids during the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Medina Park on April 19, 2014, beginning at 10:00 a.m.

What a great and memorable way to spend time watching and giggling just as much as your kids do.  And, a fun event for all.

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When GOD Created Firefighters

When God Created Firefighters

When God was creating Firefighters, He was into the Sixth day of overtime,

When an Angel appeared and said, “You’re doing a lot of extra work on this one.”

And the Lord said, “Have you read the specs on this order?

A Firefighter has to wake up to a fire alarm, go into burning buildings to rescue people and enter areas the normal person wouldn’t go.

He[She] has to be willing to leave his[her] family and put his[her] life on the line, work to exhaustion and beyond and be ready for the next call.

He[She] has to have a strong commitment to a personal calling that places their lives in jeopardy every day.

He[She] has to be in top physical and mental condition at all times, function on black coffee and half-eaten meals, and have a heart big enough to love members of the ‘brother[sister]hood’ world-wide, and a unity of purpose.”

The angel shook it’s head slowly and said, “A heart that big… no way.”

“It’s not the heart that is causing me problems,” said the Lord, “it’s the extra hands and eyes a Firefighter has to have.”

“That has to be on the standard model?” asked the Angel.

The Lord nodded. “One pair of eyes that sees the whole situation, another pair that sees what is ahead to be dealt with, a third pair to watch out for his[her] brothers[and sisters], and another pair here in front that can look reassuringly at an injured victim and say, ‘You’ll be alright,’ even when he[she] knows it isn’t so.”

“Lord,” said the Angel, touching his sleeve, “Rest and work on this tomorrow.”

“I can’t,” said the Lord, “I already have a model that can carry a 190 pound victim out of a burning building, has dedicated his[her] life to helping people, and is willing to come to the aid of those threatened by the deadly force of fire.”

The Angel circled the model of the Firefighter very slowly, “Can it think?” the Angel asked.

“You bet,” said the Lord. “It can tell you the elements of a hundred fires, the victims and rescues, and the importance of fire safety…. and still keep its sense of humor.

“This Firefighter also has phenomenal personal control. He[she] can deal with fire scenes painted in hell, coax a trapped person or animal out of a burning building, and still go home and love his[her] family.

Being a Firefighter is one of bravery, loyalty and devotion to public service. He[she] is willing to put his[her] life on the line every day to protect our homes and our loved ones from the devastating effects of fire, and sometimes, the honorable job of saving lives requires many Firefighters to pay the ultimate price for their valor in the line of duty.”

Finally, the Angel ran a finger across the cheek of the Firefighter. “There’s a leak,” the Angel pronounced. “I told you that you were trying to put too much in this model.”

“That’s not a leak,” the Lord said, “it’s a tear.”

“What’s the tear for?” asked the Angel.

“It’s for bottled-up emotions, for Fallen Comrades, for the victims, and for commitment to that piece of cloth called the American flag.”

“You’re a genius,” said the angel.

The Lord looked somber. “I didn’t put it there,” he said.

~ Author Unknown

[We added info to include our female firefighters and this story is for ALL Firefighters throughout the World.

Thank you for your service, dedication, commitment, putting your lives on the Line and being there for one another.  You all are remarkable model Firefighters.

Keep up the great work!] – NWFB

2013 The NW Fire Blog

Happy Mother’s Day to All Moms Around the World

Here in the U.S., today we will celebrate Mother’s Day, a holiday created in honor of our mothers.

Moms are people whom may be unrelated, those who have adopted children, those whom have stepped in when others stepped out, to those who gave birth to their child or children, or to the Moms who have been there for fire/EMS/First Responders day in and day out.

Today, is your day.  A time to reflect for all of us how lucky we are to have you in our lives. Thank you for what you do in being a Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of Our Moms out there!


(c) 2013 The NW Fire Blog

USFS: “Give Mom the Perfect Gift this Year”

Posted by Robert H. Westover, Office of Communication, U.S. Forest Service, on May 7, 2013 at 9:50 AM

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and most of us have yet to find that “perfect” gift for mom. But don’t panic. Let the U.S. Forest Service help out.

You read that right. The Forest Service wants you to give mom the gift of nature in all its innate perfection. And all you need to do is take her to your nearest national forest or grasslands.

For instance, if you live in Washington State, the Olympic National Forest, with its dramatic mountain range, conjures up images of the European Alps. The beauty doesn’t end there, though. The Olympics’ varied landscape includes lush rain forests, deep canyons, high mountain ridges and ocean beaches. Taking mom on a drive through this incomparable backdrop would be a scenic tour to brighten her day.

Just south of the Olympic National Forest is the Gifford Pinchot National Forest (named for the founder of the Forest Service). Within the forest is one of the most famous volcanos in the world, Mount St. Helens. A visit to the Forest Service-managed Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument is well worth the trip and will make for a Mother’s Day to remember.

Looks can be deceiving: Mount St. Helens from its south facing slop looks as if had never erupted. Photo Credit: Robert H. Westover.Looks can be deceiving: Mount St. Helens from its south facing slop looks as if had never erupted. Photo Credit: Robert H. Westover.

Not all forests are full of trees, though. Some Forest Service land is filled with millions of cacti. So, if you happen to be in Arizona, take mom to the awe inspiring Sabino Canyon on the Coronado National Forest just north of Tucson, Ariz.  (Some of the trail is handicapped accessible.) You’ll want to hike the wonders of the Seven Falls, but mom will have to be a sturdy hiker because the trail is about 8 miles round trip and you’ll have to cross a stream a dozen times as you zigzag through the valley to and from the falls.

But the views are well worth it. Like a giant rock-ribbed cathedral rising up from the valley floor, the canyon suddenly opens up to the vista of the Seven Falls splashing down a natural staircase feature that climbs over a thousand feet directly in front of you.

But if forests and mountains don’t excite mom, don’t forget that the Forest Service manages millions of acres of grasslands in the heart of the ancient prairie lands of the West. From northern Texas to North Dakota, these serene grasslands seem to unfold forever across landscapes uninterrupted by mountain ranges. Aside from taking in the scenic views, you can do many other things on Forest Service grasslands. For instance on the Pawnee National Grassland you can camp, hike, mountain bike, or even go horseback riding.

If you live in North Carolina, visiting the Pisgah National Forest is a must. Surrounding the historic town of Ashville, N.C., and near the cradle of American forestry, the Biltmore Estate, the Pisgah has many fun activities for mom and family. Whitewater runs through the mountains of the forest creating deep river gorges, world-class whitewater, premier trout streams, scenic waterfalls and reservoirs with undeveloped shorelines. For a truly breathtaking experience that she won’t soon forget, take mom to Wilson Creek which offers great adventures for hiking, scenic viewing, mountain biking, fishing, camping, horseback riding and backpacking!

There is just so much you can do on your national forests and grasslands. You might discover taking mom into the woods (or grasslands, or desert) will be something you’ll want to do every Mother’s Day—or any other day of the year!

Waters from the Seven Falls in Sabino Canyon seem to come out from nowhere. Photo Credit: Robert H. Westover.Waters from the Seven Falls in Sabino Canyon seem to come out from nowhere. Photo Credit: Robert H. Westover.

Source: USFS

Republished: 5/9/13 2215 Hours PST

Wishing You and Your Family a Happy and Safe Easter

Easter for many is a religious holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, while others believe in the Easter Bunny.  Whatever way you will be celebrating or not celebrating this holiday, We Wish you and your family (including those working) a Safe Easter.

For those that have to work today, we hope you enjoy the hoiiday with your fire family and friends.

Stay safe, my friends.

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Shoreline Fire to Host Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Shoreline Fire will once again hold their Annual Easter Egg Hunt on the Beach at Saltwater Park, on March 30th (Saturday) at 1300 Hours PST.

Parking is limited, so gather up the kiddos, Easter baskets, cameras and carpool with your friends and family – to join in the fun!

Media contact:  Melanie Granfors, PIO.  206-533-6564.


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Consumer Alert: SpamSoldier Attacks Androids

SEATTLE – A powerful spam-sending application is attacking the most common smartphone operating system.

“Before you click on a link that is texted to you, understand it’s probably going to cost you,” says Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna. “That text that appears to come from a reputable retailer is usually a trick to take your money, install a virus, or both.”

As reported by The Next Web, SpamSoldier “spreads through SMS messages that advertise free versions of popular paid games like Angry Birds Space.” It is also found on disreputable, third party app stores. Once it’s infiltrated an Android handset, it uses the subscriber’s allotment of text messages to put its tentacles on more targets.

The Next Web says SpamSoldier’s texts include messages telling consumers they’ve won a $1000 Target gift card or provide an opportunity to download free games such as Grand Theft Auto 3. Someone who clicks on the link might actually receive a free game. But they will also install an application that in coordination with a kind of mother ship — a server somewhere in cyberspace — seeks to reproduce itself.

Detecting the SpamSoldier can be difficult because the app is programmed to intercept responses to its texts before consumers see them. Still, those who pay by the text or have a limited number per month will eventually notice the activity.

In order to avoid SpamSoldier and other malicious apps:

  • Only download apps from reputable vendors such as the app store pre-installed on your phone.
  • Do not download apps from a vendor who sends you a text.
  • Don’t fall for texts saying you’ve won something.
  • Regularly check your bill with an eye for texts you do not remember sending or for charges you did not authorize.
  • Check your smartphone’s security by visiting the FCC’s Smartphone Security Checker.

Courtesy: Washington State AG’s Office

Republished 12/21/12 2205 Hours PST


10 Great Organizations to Add to Your Christmas List

Want to make an impact on a person’s life or help make a difference this Holiday season?  Here are 10 Great Organizations to Add to Your Christmas List and we are completely behind them one-hundred (100) percent.

(1)  The New York City Firefighters Disaster Relief Fund.  “Helping our Brothers and Sisters in Need.”  The foundation was created especially to help aid them and start the rebuilding process after the Sandy Hurricane destroyed so many of those in the FDNY, EMS First Responders and those in the EMS Systems.  This is one way to help them to help rebuild their lives.

(2)  Old Dog Haven – Safe, Loving Homes for Senior Dogs In Their Golden Months.  This non-profit organization has been helping older dogs find foster homes so that dogs will enjoy their days in a warm, comfortable and safe home loved by many and given up by others.  They deserve a second chance at living just as if they were younger dogs.  They are looking for money or in-kind donations, sponsoring an older dog or becoming a foster care parent.

(3)  Karelian Bear Dogs (KBD) Fund – WA Department of Fish and Wildlife. This program unsupported by the State of Washington is solely supported by donations from the public and privately.  These dogs are used to track down elk carcasses needed to catch poachers, chasing bears and cougars out of the area.  This is a critcal service for them that they rely to help with law enforcement, protection to do their jobs and to assist the public.  To donate, send check or money order to WDFW – KBD Fund, Attn. Captain Bill Hebner, 16016 Mill Creek Blvd., Mill Creek, WA 98012.

(4) Support Your Local Food / Clothing Bank.  There is a dire need for people to restock their Food and Clothing Banks all across the United States.  Though many have struggled throughout the year either from being homeless or stretching their paycheck to paycheck, it is really rough out there for many.  What a great time of year to show that you care about people’s lives and wanting to help them succeed in the new year.

(5) Seattle Police Foundation. With Agencies facing major cuts, it can begin stretching budgets beyond their capabilities putting people at risk or becoming a safety issue.  The Seattle Police Department almost faced one of those challenges when the City Budget almost axed the City’s Mounted Patrol (Horse) Unit. Due to the Seattle Police Foundation’s heroic actions, they have stepped in to assist.  This is not only a great invaluable resource but a much needed tool.  Help them today by going to their website and making a donation.  Designate it to “SPD Mounted Patrol Unit”.

(6) United Way’s Sandy Hook School Fund. https://newtown.uwwesternct.orgDonations received will help with financial expenses, counseling and other services.  Sandy Hook School Support Fund c/o Newtown Savings Bank, 39 Main Street, Newtown, CT 06470.

(7) The 22nd Annual Scott Firefighter Stairclimb Event.  Firefighters around the States will be participating in The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Annual Event on March 10, 2013, at the Columbia Center in Seattle.  This event was sold out in less than eleven minutes and you can clearly see the passion of firefighters who work very hard to train for this event, share with friends and family to raise money for this great cause every year.  Contact your favorite firefighter today and be a sponsor today!  What a great way to help them raise money for blood-cancer research and patient services.  It is so greatly appreciated!

(8) Northwest Burn Foundation.  http://nwburn.orgThe Northwest Burn Foundation created as a non-profit 501(c)(3) in 1982, serves burn injury survivors and their families in WA, OR, MT, ID and AK.  It’s mission is to prevent burns and to improve the quality of life for burn survivors through programs.  So many have been saved through this program.  Log on to their website and give to today.

 (9) Firefighters Pipes and Drum bands in the Northwest.  Do you love to hear the pipes and drums played by firefighters dressed in kilts and entertaining us?  I know, we do.  Check out some of these great pipes and drum bands here in the NW and help them keep playing our favorite songs at entertainment venues, in parades and respecting our brothers and sisters that have passed by playing at their memorial services.   Here are some great bands here in the Northwest but they are truly everywhere.  Seattle Firefighters Pipes & Drums –; Eastside Firefighters Pipes and Drums –; Snohomish County Firefighters Pipes and Drums –; Pierce County Firefighters Pipes and Drums – and Seattle Police Pipes and Drums –

(10) The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.“Honoring their Sacrifices”.  In 1992, the US Congress created this organization in Emmitsburg, Maryland to honor a nationwide effort to honor America’s Fallen Firefighters.  By making a donation today, your tax-deductible dollars will help families attend the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend, provide a scholarship for a child, stepchild and/or for a spouse of a Fallen Firefighter, to expand the Memorial Park and to provide the much-needed resources to help the Fire Service deal with the loss of a firefighter.  Donate today.

As always, please remember to not give out your credit card number over the phone or in writing unless you have initiated the contact and know the organization well.  We also recommend not to click on any links that you are unfamiliar with. These organizations listed above have been gleaned from the internet and we truly believe they are all legitimate but recommend you check out each one carefully before making a donation.

You will definitely save a life  today and be acting as a Hero. We greatly appreciate you helping us supporting our many favorite charities and causes.

We wish you and your Family a Very Merry  Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Wishing you all a safe journey where ever the holidays may take you.

(c) 2012 The NW Fire Blog