December CAL FIRE Continues Burning

A wildfire ignited on Wednesday, December 23rd, which is burning off of De Luz Road and Sandia Creek Drive, northwest of Fallbrook (San Diego County), California. The cause is unknown at this time.

Fire has burned approximately 3,000 acres on land owned/managed by the Military Camp Pendleton base.

Command is Unified Command with Military Camp Pendleton, CAL FIRE and North County Fire.

At 0339 hours this morning, Camp Pendleton has issued a mandatory evacuation order for the DeLuz Housing, Wounded Warrior Battalion, and Lake O’Niel Campground areas due to a fire near Naval Weapons Station – Fallbrook. Affected personnel were relocated to Paige Fieldhouse.

An impressive but yet scary image of what firefighters are being challenged on the ground and during a pandemic.

Camp Pendleton released this statement at 0905 hours PT: “The fire is holding at 3,000 acres with 0% containment. Fallbrook gate is closed to all traffic except for emergency vehicles. PMO is guiding traffic away from fire.”

“Fire is pushing southwest of De Luz Road further onto Camp Pendleton towards Ammunition Road. Road closure on De Luz Road at Sandia Creek. Area along De Luz Road under mandatory evacuation. Additional resources moving onto Camp Pendleton.” – CAL FIRE/San Diego County FD

Credit: CAL FIRE

Through the Eyes of Social Media

“There is thick black smoke in DeLuz again, probably right where they’re doing a “controlled burn” which is now under the high wind attack.” (1626 PT)

“The wind is so bad right now. Just within the past hour it’s picked up. I was starting to think this was under control.” (1610 PT)

““The Creek Fire began late Wednesday night near Fallbrook and forced the evacuations of at least 7,000 residents from the community of 30,000 next to Camp Pendleton.” (1233 PT)

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About Camp Pendleton

Camp Pendleton is a Marine Corps Installations West/Marine Corps Base/Air Station Camp Pendleton-Training/Supporting Marines since 1942

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Incident Summary |  The North County Fire Protection District reported around 1545 PDT that a fire had broken out, which is approximately 3/4 mile from De Luz Road on Friday, May 19, 2017.  It is located in the “Hotel” area, near Camp Pendleton in San Diego County, California.

Resources | North County Fire Protection District fire personnel.

(A request has been sent to the District for a breakdown on Resources and Equipment on-scene, including air and ground resources.)

Current Fire Conditions | Limited fire behavior is known, other than 450 acres have been destroyed and fire crews have reached a 20% containment status.   The fire is moving away from Fallbrook.  There are no assets being threatened at this time.

Photo Credit: North County Fire Protection District

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Naval Weapons Station – 3 Fires *Update*, 1 New Fire Started


0700 PDT – 5/15/14 | Fire largely contained to installation of Base | 6300 acres | 23% contained | No spot fires remain | Mop-up ops in progress | No structures are currently being threatened | Initial surveys indicate damage to 2 uninhabited storage sheds | No damage to inhabited structures or structures associated with munitions handling or storage | The base is still in a shutdown status, only allowing essential personnel [Security, Fire & Public Works] on site | Ammunition Rd and access route to neighboring Camp Pendleton will remain closed until further notice 


1600 PDT – 5/16/2014 | Firefighters are reporting 23% containment. | 6500 acres burned. | Cause is still under investigation.

Tomahawk Fire | Photo by: Lance Cpl. Joshua Murray


1330 PDT 5/16/14 | 62 Area [Camp San Mateo] personnel on  Camp Pendleton evac’d to the Paige Field House | Due to the closure of the Basilone Road past the School of Infantry, evacuees should use the I-5 to make their way to Mainside. | 22 & 23 areas have a shelter in place order in effect.

0509 PDT 5/16/14 | Fire grown to 8,000 acres | 5% contained. | Camp Las Pulgas, Camp Margarita, Camp Las Flores Area & 32 Area evac orders remain in effect

0331 PDT 5/16/14 32 Area evacuated | road closures notice pending | Marine Air Support Squadron 3 [32 area] evacuating to the I MEF parade deck in Camp Del Mar behind Devil Doc Hall, Building 210825. | Las Pulgas Gate closed to all traffic except emergency vehicles | Stuart Mesa Rd close N of Assault Craft Unit-5. | Basilone Rd from Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton to CampHorno, plus Las Pulgas Rd remains closed. | Ammunition Rd aboard Naval Weapons Station Fallbrook also remains closed. 

2213 PDT 5/15/14 Military personnel in the Las Flores Area of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton have been ordered to evacuate to the I MEF parade deck in Camp Del Mar behind Devil Doc Hall, building 210825.


1950 PDT – 5/16/14 | 750 acres. | 0% contained.

1705 PDT – 5/16/14 | 0% containment | 62 Area personnel, San Onofre Housing area, School of Infantry West ordered to evac | SOI-W evacuating via Basilone Rd W, I-5 S to report to Edson Range. | Started in the Talega area. | CAL Fire is assisting Camp Pendleton Firefighters.

1401 PDT – 5/16/14 | Fire started at 1124 PDT | 25 acres | 62 Area evac’ing to Paige Fieldhouse via Christiantos Rd W, I-5 S & Hwy CA76 | Command General of  Camp Pendleton directed all non-essential personnel to go home at 1200 PDT.

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3 Fires Burn on Marine Base, Camp Pendleton in California

CAMP PENDLETON, CA | 3 fires broke out either outside of the containment field near base or started on the base itself.


2013 PDT – 5/15/14 | 309 Las Pulgas personnel evacuated to N of School of Infantry | 62 Margarita personnel evac’d to S to Camp Del Mar | Evacs remain in effect overnight

1857 PDT – 5/15/14 | Unknown when 33 Area will reopen, 43 & Naval Weapons Station – Fallbrook close through Friday, 5/16/14.

1735 PDT – 5/15/14 | 1 Camp Pendleton FF suffered heat exhaustation, receiving medical treatment | Only fire-related injury reported |

1642 PDT – 5/15/14 | Camp Las Pulgas personnel evacuating to N to the School of Infantry parade deck behind the mess hall, Bldg #520430. | Camp Margarita personnel moving S to the I MEF parade deck behind Devil Doc Hall, Bldg #210825.

1638 PDT – 5/15/14 | 33 Area – mandatory evac to 21 area parade deck

1527 PDT – 5/15/14 Basilone Road from 52 Area going S to the Air Station will be closed to non-essential personnel/vehicles

1521 PDT – 5/15/14 | Fire reported by Sewage Plant, Bldg 43103 | Las Pulgas personnel ordered to evac to the School of Infantry parade deck behind mess hall, bldg #520430 | Fire at 55 acres | Military assets have responded to CAL Fire’s request to the San Marcos Fire | Naval Weapons Station – Fallbrook still closed

1515 PDT – 5/15/14  | Las Plugas fire now 500 acres, moving South at a moderate rate of speed | Camps Las Pulgas & Margarita  are evacuating | Las Pulgas Fire 600 acres, 0% contained.

1438 PDT – 5/15/14 | New Fire started | Evacuation orders for 3 area – Las Pulgas Gas Station | 43 area – Laundromats, Barbershop, MCX, SMP Rec Center, Fit Ctr, Ramones Mexican BBQ | Evac to SOI Gym, SOI Barracks, Billeting for Marines


2013 PDT – 5/15/14 | 8 Marine Corp H-46 Sea Knight Helos, 7 CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters, 4 HU-1Y Huey choppers provided support to the Escondido fire and the Coco’s fire in San Marcos

Marine Firefighters at Camp Pendleton.  [Photo Credit: US Marine Cpl. Trevon Peracca | CPPA | 5/15/14

Marine Firefighters at Camp Pendleton. [Photo Credit: US Marine Cpl. Trevon Peracca | CPPA | 5/15/14]


2013 PDT – 5/15/14 | Fire spread to Camp Pendleton and City of Fallbrook | 6,300 acres burned | 15% containment

1327 PDT – 5/15/14 | De Luz Housing power has been fully restored & evac order has been lifted | Naval Weapons Station – Fallbrook still closed | Fire still estimated at 6,000 acres burned, 15% contained.

0540 PDT – 5/15/14 | Naval Weapons Station – Fallbrook closed today, no childcare or facilities open | Power utility crews are working on the 40 damaged power lines

0421 PDT – 5/15/14 | Naval Weapons Station – Fallbrook remain closed today | Closed roads in City of Carlsbad – viara Parkway from Ambrosia Lane to El Camino Real; El Camino Real from Alga Road to Palomar Airport Road ; Camino Vida Roble between Palomar Airport Road and El Camino Real; Poinsettia Lane from Black Rail Road to El Camino Real; Palomar Oaks Way; Cassia Road

1235 [am] PDT – 5/15/14  | 20% contained | 14 Area shelter in place lifted | No reports of damage or casualities | De Luz Housing is w/o power due to 40 damaged power lines. Power crews unable to repair until daylight due to safety concerns | Military aircraft, Camp Pendleton FFs worked together w/CAL Fire to stop spread of fire off base | Evacuation order lifted for Oneill Heights Housing |

2029 PDT – 5/14/14  | Fire was threatening the City of Fallbrook and military aircraft | Camp Pendleton Firefighters worked w/with CALFIRE to prevent the fire from spreading off base | Camp Pendleton may have mutual aid from CAL Fire for potential air support [military] pending wildland fire status within the San Diego County | for Thursday 5/16/14 | Oneill Heights Housing evac has been lifted | De Luz Housing still under evac order pending eval by utility district | 890 evacuated to the Paige Field House | National Weapons Station – Fallbrook is without power & will be closed 5/16 | No reports of damage to house or persons

1756 PDT – 5/14/14 | 6,000 acres | Started on Naval Weapons Station Fallbrook has moved on to Camp Pendleton | Camp Pendleton personnel in area 14 told to “Shelter in Place” | Camp Pendleton FFs are working with CAL Fire, North County Fire, Orange County Fire and Oceanside Fire to contain fire | Cause is under investigation.


1606 PDT 5/14/14 | The Paige Field House now “Shelter in Place” changed from “Evacuation”

Camp Pendleton FD working w/CAL Fire, North Co Fire, Orange Co Fire, U.S. Forest Service and Oceanside Fire to contain the Tomahawk fire on Naval Weapons Station Fallbrook. The firefighters are staging at the Lake O'Neill area on Camp Pendleton. The Lake O'Neill recreation park is closed, however the camping site remains open [Photo Credit: US Marine Cpl. Trevon Peracca | CPPA | 5/15/14 ]

Camp Pendleton FD working w/CAL Fire, North Co Fire, Orange Co Fire, U.S. Forest Service and Oceanside Fire to contain the Tomahawk fire on Naval Weapons Station Fallbrook. The firefighters are staging at the Lake O’Neill area on Camp Pendleton. The Lake O’Neill recreation park is closed, however the camping site remains open [Photo Credit: US Marine Cpl. Trevon Peracca | CPPA | 5/15/14 ]

1449 PDT – 5/14/14 | Camp Pendleton personnel in the 14 area ordered to evacuate at 1400 to 33 Area parade deck

1403 PDT – 5/14/14 |  Fallbrook H.S. [Military] being bussed to Camp Pendleton’s Paige Fieldhouse after school lets out | Ward Lodging is accepting fire evacuees w/no pet fees [2 max] | San Onofre & South Mesa Lodging are currently at capacity | Iron Mike’s is closed 5/15/15. | Pacific Views Event Ctr is closing @ 1600 PDT | N Camp Pendleton phone lines are not operational

1249 PDT – 5/14/14 | Camp Pendleton’s O’Neill Heights Housing + De Luz Child Dev Center were order to evacuate | Relocated to Fisher Child Care Center on Mainside | 

1215 PDT | Fallbrook fire estimated at 150 acres. | Cause is under investigation.

1200 PDT – 5/14/14 | Deluz Housing was being evaluated for evacuation to the Paige Field House as the evac center | Mary Faye Pendleton students were moved to the Paige Field House | 2 fires were burning on base [Tomahawk Fire [IVO Fallbrook] and an unnamed fire IVO Border Checkpoint.

1020 PDT – 5/14/14 | Evacuations were in progress.

0945 PDT – 5/14/14 | Fire began | Cause is unknown and under investigation.  |  Personnel and Camp Pendleton’s De Luz Housing residents were told to evacuate, including Mary Faye Pendleton Elementary. | All were evacuating to the Paige Field House on the Mainside.

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