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Incident Summary 

A wildfire started by lightning on May 8, 2017, around 1515 hours on the Tonto National Forest, about 6 miles South of Globe, Arizona.

This is a lightning-caused wildfire.

Current Fire Conditions

Fire behavior is extreme, uphill runs, torching and backing.  Terrain is very rugged and steep.

Firefighters have been able to gain a 70% containment around the fire.

There has been 7,171 acres destroyed.

sky crane and sun

Photo Credit: Jayson Coil, Operations Section Chief/SW IMT1


There are 610 personnel assigned to this incident.  A new Type 3 IMT will take command on 6/2/2017 around 0600 hours.

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The hashtags that are being used by those using Social Media are #PinalFire #NMwildfires2017 #NM.

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#PinalFire | AZ | Newly Reported!


Incident Summary 

A wildfire started by lightning on May 8, 2017, has not seen any type of fire since 1952!  So, as you can imagine there is a lot of heavy fire fuel to burn.  Generally speaking, this area sees fire every 2-17 years, says the Forest Service.

The fire is located approximately 6 miles South of Globe Arizona and burning on the Tonto National Forest.  It has destroyed 4,375 acres and is at a 21% containment level.

Firefighters are having to conduct suppression and containment techniques in rugged and steep terrain.

Current Fire Conditions

The current fire behavior is being considered as moderate, flanking, backing with short-range spotting and single tree torching.

Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

Photo Courtesy: Inciweb


There are currently 383 personnel assigned to this incident, some from the Gila County Emergency Management, Red Cross and the U.S. Forest Service.

Community Meeting

A Community will be held on Thursday, May 25, 2017, at 1700 hours (5pm) at the High Desert Middle School located at 400 High Desert Drive in Globe, Arizona 85501.

Social Media

The hashtags that are being used by those using Social Media are #PinalFire #NMwildfires2017 #NM.

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WA WILDFIRES | By State | August 25, 2015


Carpenter Road Fire:  Start 8/14/15 around 200 PDT from unknown cause. 35 mi NW of Spokane, N & E of Carpenter Rd & Mudget Lk Rd. 484 personnel. 37,589 acres with 20% containment.

Chelan Complex:  Includes Wolverine Fire:  5 mi E of Chiwawa Valley, near Stehekin. First Creek Fire:  Moving along Slide Ridge. Some parts of the fire are 3 miles from Lake Chelan, while others area near the Columbia River are contained. 644 personnel. 88,104 acres. 40% contained.

Announcement:  Fire Info Community Meeting. Wed, August 26, 2015, @ 1900 [7pm] PDT at the Plain Community Church located at 12565 Chapel Dr, Leavenworth, WA.

Cougar Creek:  Start 8/10/15. Located on lands of Yakama Nationa, WA DNR and USFS. Burning S & W flanks of Mt. Adams. 6 mi NW of Glenwood. 552 personnel. 37,900 acres. 15% containment.

North Star Fire:  Start Date 8/13/15. Cause under investigation. 12 miles NE of Nespelem. 539 personnel. 150,000 acres. 5% contained. 2000+ structures threatened.

Upper Skagit Complex:  Start 8/10/15. 8 fires: Goodell Fire: 5573 ac. Cat Island:  .25 acres. Thursday Fire:  481 acres. No Name 15 Fire:  413 acres.  Neve Creek Fire:  .1 acre. Rocky Beaver, 141 acres. Snowfield Fire:  37 acres. Klawatti Fire:  10 acres, located near Cascades National Park. Lightning caused. 6655 acres. 179 personnel. 0% contained listed.


Grizzly Bear Complex:  20 miles SE of Dayton, WA, burning on Umatilla NF on the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness, private lands and lands protected by WADNR. 60, 272 acres.  New Fire:  Green Ridge Fire. near Little Turkey trail. Started 8/24/15. Bear Ridge Fire:  100 acres. Grouse Flats:  in mop-up operations.  Notes:  14 miles containment line around the fire.  125 National Guard to arrive on Sunday to assist with mop-up ops.  They will be based E of the fire near Flora or Troy, OR.  Total personnel is 676 with 59,200 acres total burned and a 5% containment status.

Announcement:  The Fire Managers are asking the Public NOT provide food as firefighters are on strict diets and must maintain their high energy levels, their health and to remain in tip top shape.  However, if you would like to donate please contact the Wildland Firefighter Foundation or the American Red Cross. – Thank you.

We will add more fires to this list, as time allows.

Thank you for following us this evening and, may you be safe wherever your shift or journey takes you.

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Aspen Wildland Fire to Hold Community Meeting

Incident: Aspen Fire Wildfire
Released: 30 min. ago

Aspen Fire Community Update

Please come to Lakeshore Resort to hear Sierra National Forest officers and Aspen Fire Incident Commander describe the Aspen Fire’s suppression progress.

 Where: Lakeshore Resort

When: August 1, 2013 2:00 to 3:00 PM

Community members, campers, employees, visitors and all others are welcome.

Source:  Inciweb.org

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