Seattle, Washington | Shooting | MCI | 8 People Shot


A verbal dispute ignited in gunshots with multiple people involved and shot. A total of eight people were shot resulting in one death, a 50-year old patient in critical condition and in surgery, while a 9-year old was listed in very serious condition.  Five others were said to be in stable condition.

SFD Chief Scoggins:  “We transported five patients to HMC and we were told that the hospital is treating seven total.  There is unknown information as to these two additional patients, if they were walk-ins or self-transported to the facility and they are working on gathering additional information.  There were a total of eight people were shot, including one deceased person.”

SPD Chief Best:  “There was a dispute in front of the McDonalds where people out pulled out guns and shots were fired.  It is unknown if this shooting is connected to the earlier afternoon incident on 3rd and Blanchard.  Still gathering information on the number of suspect(s). Multiple people were involved but they are still investigating.” (7:45 PM)

Here is a tally of what has been happening this month alone:

January 22, 2020 – 4th Avenue x Pine – Shooting – MCI 

Police radio traffic on the scanner feed switched over to a Tactical channel and then the feed eventually stopped transmitting. (8:00 PM)

A presser was released on this incident. (7:45 PM)

Police were dispatched to the Washington Convention Center located in the 700 block of Pike Street, Seattle.  The suspect was described as a black male, thin build, 6’1″, wearing gray jacket and black turtleneck pulled over his face. He attempted to force his way into the Center but they are currently on lockdown.  Security Guards were reporting this as possibly to as the shooter’s same description. (7:30 PM)

Mass Casualty Incident or MCI for short |  Another shooting in the downtown area.  Shooting in this area with multiple victims. Police say suspect fled but they were still searching for him. They were assisting with First Aid treatment of the multiple patients. (5:11 PM)

January 22, 2020 – 300 block x Blanchard – Shooting Call 


Photo Credit: Seattle DOT

Officers were dispatched to this area for a shooting.  3rd Avenue has been closed to all traffic, while they are investigating.  (3:00 PM)

Officers from Seattle Police and Deputies from King County Sheriff’s Office were involved in this shooting.  The suspect has been transported to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of non life-threatening injuries. No officers or deputies were injured during this encounter. Force Investigation Team detectives are responding. (3:19 PM)

January 21, 2020 – 1600 block x 4th Ave – Shooting Call 

SPD Officers were dispatched near Pine Street. 1 person found with a gunshot wound was located in the stairwell of the Westlake Center. The 55-year old later died of his injuries.  Officers performed CPR on the victim until they were relieved by Seattle Firefighters and Medics. (3:45 PM)

January 19, 2020 – 4200 Blk x S Willow Street – Possible DUI Call

A concerned citizen stopped a SPD Officer to report a possible drunk driver passed out next to vehicle.  The responding Officer found the victim to have a gunshot wound to his head.  He was declared deceased at the scene by SFD Medics. The victim was 52-years old. (1:00 AM)

January 17, 2020 – S Kenyon Street x Renton Ave S – Shots Fired Call

SPD Officers were dispatched to the area to find no one injured but property damage from multiple shots fired.  Police took two guns off the street along with multiple spent casings. Suspects fled in a stolen car.  This is located in the Rainier Valley area.

January 10, 2020 – 4500 blk x 40th Ave SW – Injured Person, Unresponsive

25-year old male, roommate to the victim called 9-1-1 to report a female down at the bottom of a staircase in their shared West Seattle home located.  Officers were suspicious and turned the case over to Homicide Detectives. The victim died on January 13, 2020. Initially, they interviewed him but released the person-of-interest. However, after further evidence, they charged him with murder on January 22, 2020.  He was booked into the King County jail.

January 2, 2020 – Belltown – Shooting

Witnesses began flooding 9-1-1 with multiple calls of a person down on the ground after reports of shots were reported just before 11:00 PM.  Officers arrived within minutes to find a 35-year old man with a single gunshot wound to the leg.  Arriving patrols applied a tourniquet to the wound and called for Medics.  The patient was transported to HMC with non-life threatening injuries. Detectives were busy investigating the shooting case the following day on January 3, 2020.

January 1, 2020 – S Washington Street at Occidental Avenue S – Shooting


Photo Credit: Seattle DOT

Police responded to a shooting in the Pioneer Square area to find a victim that had been shot, who was transported to Harborview Medical Center but succumed to his fatal injuries.  The suspect was located immediately and arrested SPD bike Officers, booked into King County Jail.

If you have any tips to some of these unsolved shooting cases, please contact the Seattle Police Homicide Detectives at 206-233-5000.

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#SeaTac | Protest Shuts Down Airport

SeaTac, Washington


SeaTac Airport was invaded this evening around 1800 hours PST when those claiming to be Muslim Ban Protesters turned violent.  The event was kicked off with the detainment of those in major airports, but mainly in the Brooklyn airport of Terminal 4.

Protesters were seen blocking exits so passengers and employees were trapped inside with Police Officers, while chanting, screaming, shouting and interfering with airport operations.  The airport was eventually shutdown. Employees had to be escorted out by Police.

Other airports in Portland (OR), Denver (CO), San Francisco (CA), O’Hare (Chicago, IL), JFK (NY), DFW (TX), Brooklyn (NY) and among others were also targeted.

Those whom were most impacted was a male who went into a Diabetic episode who had to be protected from the hoards of protesters; a male who had a bump on his head but refused aid; to one of the suspects who had a cut on his hand.

It was very difficult for Police Officers to get the Fire Department into the area where those needed it most.


The protest was said to have over 2-3,000 protesters in the many terminals eventually shutting down the entire airport facility altogether.

After those who had been detained at U.S. airports were said not to be deported, were still being detained and some were moved to another location.  Some media outlets had indicated several detainees had been released but were waiting for court dates. The ACLU was working to represent the many people who had come through the airport on Saturday, January 25, 2017.

The POTUS along with the Speaker of the House, both released statements that the order was not an “order to ban all Muslim people”. However, not many people around the world were believing what Government officials were saying.


Officers from mutual aid Agencies were called to help with manpower, crowd control and assisting with arrests.  During multiple times, Officers requested a fast back-up or also known as “Officers needs assistance”.  Law Enforcement Officers arrived from the Port of Seattle PD (Seatac Airport), Seattle PD, Bellevue PD, Kent PD, Tukwila PD, King County Sheriff Office (KCSO), Normandy Park PD and Washington State Patrol (WSP).

“”If you aren’t willing to risk arrest, this may be time for you to leave.” Police prepping zip cuffs on periphery of protest.” – Media

We saw on numerous images that possibly up to 10 people were arrested but only heard four had been arrested on scanner feeds and via other sources.

The Incident Commander discussed plans of releasing some outside resources around 1230 PST. Seattle Police Department secondary assets were being released first as they are said to be dealing with protests on Sunday.


Around midnight, Protesters were openly discussing their strategy for the evening to either 1) to join a larger group on the property or 2) to leave 100-200 protesters at the airport for the night and bring in more people in the morning.

About 30-40 protesters remained in certain areas, while about 300 were said to be in the largest part of the airport.


At the time of this post, protesters were still in full force at the airport causing problems for passengers, airlines, their staff and for Fire and Police Officers.

“I’m stuck on a tarmac just landed at and we are not allowed off the plane due to protesters. I’m fine with that.” – Arriving Passenger


Hashtags – #SeaTac #MuslimBanProtest #OccupyAirports

From the moment, protesters descended on all major airports, here is what they were saying about SeaTac Airport in SeaTac, Washington near Seattle.

“Officers, some wearing riot gear, have detained several protesters.” – Media

“The unity shown across all major city airports throughout the US is heartwarming.” – Twitter user

“Attention: Protests appear to be getting out of hand.” – Twitter user

“Police using pepper spray on protesters to push them back from the terminal. Using bikes as barriers.” – Media

“Watching police back away from protesters with cameras is a powerful sight.” – Media

“This airport is closed. Seattle shutting Trump down.” – Media

“Seattle District Court Judge grants Emergency Stay on Motion of Removal. Great work by -WA and .” – Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee


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Car Drives into House, Kills 1, Injures Others

Bellevue, WA | A car drove into a house on the shore of Lake Sammamish, killing one person and injuring two others.  The vehicle then drove into Lake..

The King County Sheriff’s Office is enroute to the scene for assistance.

oso 12

King County Sheriff’s Office at Arlington Airport [previous photo]. Photo by LR Swenson

The crash happened just before 1900 hours in the 3400 block of E Lake Sammamish Shore Ln SE.

More details on the way.

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Phone Scams Can Drain Your Wallet, Says Local Poilce Departments

n a joint news release with Redmond Police and the King County Sheriff’s Office, Bellevue Police report that cities in King County are experiencing a significant increase in reported and unreported phone scams and frauds. The scams vary in nature, but most involve the suspect contacting the victim by phone and notifying them that they are the subject of a government investigation.

The government agency they supposedly represent can vary depending on the victim’s location. The caller tells the victim that they have to send money through various means to keep from being arrested. In some cases, the suspects have the ability to alter their caller identification display to be that of the local police department.

If you are receiving unsolicited calls demanding money or requesting personal information or computer access information you should decline.

If you are concerned about the validity of the contact, follow up by contacting the agency that the caller is supposedly representing. Make sure you use a number that you locate, not the one provided by the caller.

Victims who have sent money, please call Bellevue Police to report the incident.

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Sammamish [King County Sheriff] Police Need Your Help

Sammamish, WA |  Police Detectives Need Your Help.

Were you the victim of a burglary between January 2012 and July 2013? If you were and you live somewhere between Mill Creek, Washington and Tigard, Oregon we may have property that was stolen from your burglary.

Detectives from the Sammamish Police Department and the King County Sheriff’s Office are trying to find the owners of stolen property that was recovered last July after the arrest of a
couple who admitted to committing dozens of burglaries between Tigard, Oregon and Mill Creek, Washington.

Krystal Sweetman, 27 of Puyallup and Steven Tipton, 27 of Tacoma were arrested last July after an investigation that revealed the couple had committed over 80 residential
burglaries between January 2012 and July 2013. The couple sold many of the stolen items at area coin shops netting over $346,000 in the 18 month crime spree.

Detectives also discovered that the pair had a storage unit that was packed with property taken from the burglaries. Many of the stolen items from the storage unit have not been claimed and detectives are hoping to reunite victims with their property.

In January, Sweetman pled guilty to multiple charges and was sentenced to 36 months in prison and 36 months in community custody. Tipton is expeected to plead later this month.

Detectives have photographed the unclaimed property and have provided a link to photos for the public to view. Detectives are asking anyone who was the victim of a burglary between January, 2012 and July, 2013 to look at the photos to see if any of the property belongs to you.

Release Date: Feb. 18, 2014

Detectives from the Sammamish Police Department and the King County Sheriff’s Office are trying to find the owners of stolen property that’s been recovered. For full details, click on the News Release link below.

If you think some of the recovered property may belong to you, click on the “Photos of recovered property” link below.

If you see a photograph of an item you believe was taken from you during a burglary that was previously reported to police, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your incident’s case number
  • The law enforcement agency you contacted
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • The number of the photo and a description of the item in the photo.

If you have questions, please call 804-885-KCSO (5276). PLEASE DO NOT CALL OTHER POLICE DEPARTMENT NUMBERS. If you see property that you believe belongs to you, please complete the Recovered Property Claim Request Form. You will be asked
to provide the case number of your burglary and will need to provide some proof the item is yours.

If you have trouble accessing the site please try at another time. We expect the site to be inundated with viewers and access may be limited during the initial release of information.


Password (case sensitive): SammamishPD

CASE 13-160094 

Recovered Property Claim Request Form

Please view the following 299 photos of items recovered under King County Sheriff’s Office case number 13-160094. All items are believed to have been stolen between January 2012 and July 2013, and recovered on 8/6/13 & 8/7/13.

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HOT JOB! King County Sheriff’s Office – Deputy Sheriff

Deputy Sheriff

Apply online at

King County is committed to equity and diversity in the workplace. In addition, the county is committed to recruiting and maintaining a quality workforce that shares our guiding principles: collaborative, service-oriented, results-focused, accountable, innovative, professional and fair and just.

OPENING DATE/TIME: 01/23/12 12:00 AM (GMT -8:00)


SALARY:    $60,265.00 – $84,398.00 Annually

LOCATION: Multiple locations in King County

JOB TYPE: Civil Service, Full Time, 40/hrs Wk

DIVISION: King County Sheriff’s Office

JOB NUMBER: 2012LL02097


The King County Sheriff’s Office is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. With a commissioned staff of more than 720, we are among the largest sheriff’s departments in the country. Our deputies have opportunities to serve in many different communities, including unincorporated King County, numerous city police departments, a transit police agency, among others.

We offer countless unique assignments that range from school or community-based positions to drug enforcement and bomb disposal. All deputies begin their career on patrol (we have no jail service requirement), providing service to the people of a particular district. Deputies are assigned to single-person patrol cars, and gain a strong sense of ownership in their communities by interacting with the residents, business owners, and visitors to the area. Often, their work requires working together with these people or supporting fellow deputies in adjoining districts.


Basic qualifications for all applicants:

  • You must be a United States citizen;
  • You must have the ability to read, speak, and write the English language fluently;
  • You must be at least 20.5 years of age at the time of application;
  • You must have a Washington State driver’s license or be able to obtain one;
  • You must have a high school degree or GED;
  • You must meet KCSO medical standards, as determined by a medical exam following an offer of employment; and
  • You must be able to pass the background investigation. (We have provided a short self-screening background questionnaire that will help us determine whether you meet some basic background qualifications. This is attached to Deputy Sheriff Job Application and must be filled out as a part of the application package.)

Additional qualifications for lateral entry applicants with previous experience:

  • Experience as a full time commissioned police officer with at least 12 months of active patrol;
  • Successful completion of probation as a commissioned officer with a city, county or state police or sheriff’s department;
  • Less than a two-year break in service from a former police officer position; and
  • Academy training that meets or exceeds the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center’s standards.

Basic skills you’ll need to be a law enforcement officer:

  • Am I able to speak clearly and listen to others well? Can I write a report with grammatically correct English?
  • Do I read and comprehend well to learn the laws and procedures of law enforcement in the academy?
  • Do I have a good memory to recall what I’ve learned and what I’ve witnessed in incidents?
  • Am I pretty good at following maps and finding my way around?
  • Do I have excellent physical fitness?
  • Do I have basic computer skills?




Application and testing process:

First, complete your application at and schedule a date to take the written and physical tests. Following the test, you will receive a printed copy of your results. This is for your information. The test you take will be validated and the results will be sent to us directly.

Apply for deputy careers Apply online


Oral Board

Once we receive your results from the testing vendor, we will contact you to schedule an oral board. This is a formal interview in front of a panel of King County deputies, detectives and/or sergeants. The panel will evaluate you on the following criteria: communication skills, background, community involvement, experience, integrity, motivation, interpersonal skills and problem solving.

Civil Service Eligibility List

Based on the combined scores of the written test and the oral board, as well as veterans preference points if applicable, qualified candidates will be merged onto the existing entry-level or lateral eligibility lists. This list determines the order in which background investigations are conducted.


Background Investigation

Our thorough background investigation includes a look at your criminal history record, employment history, personal references, driving history, credit history and an evaluation of psychological suitability. KCSO detectives will conduct the investigation, which now includes a home visit. Personal references and current and previous employers will be contacted. Once the background investigation is complete, you will take a polygraph test and you will undergo psychological testing and an evaluation by a department psychologist.


Final Interview and Medical Exam

If you pass the background process, you will have a final interview with the hiring captain. Upon successful completion of that interview, you will get the call for a job offer contingent on passing a basic medical exam that confirms your fitness for duty.


While some background investigations take longer than others and depending on your position on the eligibility list, you can expect the time from the point your background investigation begins to the time you are offered a job to take around eight weeks.

Note: Online applications are preferred. However, if you cannot apply online, go for other options.

If you need an accommodation in the recruitment process or an alternate format of this announcement, please inquire directly with the contact listed on the job announcement or the department’s Human Resources Service Delivery Manager.


2013 The NW Fire Blog