UPDATE 1 – JUNE 28, 2020

PHOTO CREDIT | Bureau of Land Management (BLM)


INCIDENT SUMMARY.   The MAHOGANY FIRE started this afternoon.  The fire was said to be at about 15 acres around 1459 hours PT when firefighters were first dispatched.

The fire is to be located 24 miles north/west of the Las Vegas Strip near Mt. Charleston.

PHOTO CREDIT | Humboldt Toiyabe NF


CURRENT STATUS.  Fire behavior is extreme, wind-driven and potentially spotting.  The fire has exploded into 5,000 acres of pinyon juniper and brush and has a 10% containment status.

Fire weather as of 2000 PT consists of 12% relative humidty, temps of 95*F degrees with winds out of the south/southwest at 32 miles-per-hour.  Visibility is very good at 10 miles. (2000 hours PT)

PHOTO CREDIT | Humboldt Toiyabe NF


EVACUATIONS.   The Clark County Spring Mountain Youth Camp and Lee Canyon have been evacuated.

INCIDENT COOPERATORS.  NWS Las Vegas. NV Fire Cameras. BLM. Las Vegas Metro PD. Las Vegas FD. Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest. Red Cross Nevada.

RESOURCES.  Aircraft have been grounded due to high winds.

THROUGH THE EYES OF SOCIAL MEDIA.  Eyewitness accounts of this fire through various social media platforms.

“I can see the [fire] from Mt. Charleston Hotel, as it bends around the corner.”

As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse….”

Fire can be seen growing as seen from Kyle Canyon Road.”

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Update 2 | #PeavineFire | Nevada

Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest | Fire assets from the USDA Forest Service, Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District and the Reno Fire Department responded to a brush fire about five miles up Peavine Mountain on Saturday afternoon.

The fire was originally at 15-acres is now well into 30-acres destroyed.  Fire crews have reached a 15% containment status and are expected to remain overnight into Sunday morning.

Smoke is said to be expected to impact communities of Stead, Lemmon Valley, Sun Valley. Red Rock and Spanish Springs, which are north and northeast of the fire in Washoe County, Nevada.

The fire started from an unknown ignition and is currently under investigation.

Photo Credit | Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest




Current weather conditions are 39*F with winds from the north and gusts up to two-miles-per-hour.  There is a 10-mile visibility with conditions being fair and partially cloudy.

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NEW | #PeavineFire | Nevada

Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest | Firefighters from the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District and Reno Fire Department responded to a 15-acre brush fire about five miles up the Peavine Mountain in Washoe County, Nevada.

It was said to be burning behind the Reno-Stead airport.

Photo Credit | TMFPD



This occurred on Saturday, February 1, 2020, around 1615 hours PST.

Six engines and three water tenders were immediately deployed to suppress the fire.

No threats to structures or lives, nor any injuries to firefighters were reported.

Photo Credit | Reno Fire Department



Photo Credit | Reno Firefighters




The cause is unknown and under investigation.

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The Wildfire Log: Elko County’s Whiterock Fire

Update 1 – Tuesday, July 2, 2019

A wildfire is burning near Osino, near Whiterock, Nevada that is now the size of about 2.4 acres.  Containment status is unknown at the time of this post.

Fire personnel and assets, which included 701, 702, 703, Brush 13, 232 and 52-32 were dispatched this evening around 1949 hours PDT to the fire line.

Due to limited scanner feed and pressers, we are waiting for more updates from our verified sources. Until that happens, this may be our last and final post on this incident.

Thank you for following our Official Fire Blog here.  We will be blogging on here and our Twitter @nwfireblog as wildfire incidents come online or if they are continued fires, we will be updating them as details emerge. – Ed.

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Active Wildfires | Large Incidents | July 18 2017

Large Wildfires Incidents is a post for any wildfire at 25,000 acres and over. Here our compiled list for Tuesday, July 18, 2017.  | These fire are across the United States.


Photo of firefighter putting out a hot spot near the line.

East flank on the Four Seasons Complex fires

This complex consists of the Roosters Comb Fire  (218,380 acres. 100% contained) + 3 other Unnamed Wildfires. 

They are located 50 miles North of Battle Mtn in a remote and logistically challenging environment for fire crews.

The Cornucopia 4 Midge Fires are both in patrol status.

Snowstorm Fire’s behavior is active, running and flanking.  About 116,934 acres  for this fire alone has been burned.

A Firefighter walks in the black on the Roosters Comb Fire.

Collectively, this wildfire has scorched 155,502 acres and is 60% contained.  Fire behavior is moderate with smoldering and some active fire behavior in various areas.  606 personnel are assigned.  Lightning was the cause.

# # #


The Brianhead Fire has been burning for a very long time and has consumed up to 71,673 acres with a containment status of 96%.  It is located about 1 mile North of Brian Head in Utah.  There is still 79 personnel assigned along with 2 crews, 3 engines and 1 helicopter, though the fire has a minimal fire behavior.  26 structures have been completely lost.

The fire suppression and containment costs-to-date have reached an all-time of $36 Million.

# # #


The Long Valley Fire is located is about 2 miles North of Doyle, California and 50 miles North of Reno, Nevada.  Fire was wind-driven today with winds gusting up to 44 mph.  However, there was little to zero fire activity.

Very Large Air Tanker is dropping retardant on the Long Valley Fire

A VLAT (Very large air tanker) dropping some retardant on the Long Valley Fire

Approximately 83,733 acres have been scorched.  57% containment has been reached.  The fire started on 7/11/2017 from an unknown cause that is being investigated.  There are 896 personnel assigned along with 47 engines, 9 helicopters, 13 dozers, 15 water tenders and 25 crews.

# # #

GARZA FIRE – California

The Garza Wildfire is burning near Avenal in California that began on an unknown cause on July 9, 2017.  48,889 acres have been burned but crews have reached a 97% containment status.

A California National Guard (CNG) helicopter sits in a LZ with a bambi bucket nearby on the Garza Fire, while another one takes off. (Credit: LACoFireAirOps)

There are still 625 personnel with 21 engines, 16 crews, 2 helicopters and 5 water tenders.

There has been 1 reported injury.  We are unsure if it is a firefighter or a civilian casualty.

            # # #

FRYE FIRE – Arizona

The Frye Fire is burning in the old burn scar of the 2004 Nuttall Complex Fire, which is located on both the North and South of Mt. Graham on the Safford Ranger District in the Coronado National Forest in Arizona.

Portable water tanks, commonly called pumpkins for their orange color and rounded shapes, are positioned near the summer homes on Mount Graham on July 4, 2017.

Pumpkins (portable water tanks) are placed strategically near summer homes as part of Fire crews tactics to protect structures aka structure protection on the Frye Fire.

There has been 48,443 acres destroyed but there is almost a line around the whole fire reaching today a 93% containment status.  There has been minimal fire behavior.

# # #

Two firefighter trucks are stopped by a wall of flame crossing the highway

Stopped by a wall of flames on the Frye Fire.


Lightning passed over the Onaqui Mountains on July 16, 2017 @ 1700 hours causing several wildfires under this complex.  No names have been given to the wildfires so we are collectively reporting on the complex only.  Fire fuels include Grass, sage and pinyon-juniper.


Onaqui Mtn Complex fire photo taken on 7/16/2017.

35,153 acres have been consumed but fire crews have successfully reached a 45% complete partially around the wildfire.  325 personnel are assigned.

This fire is burning on Utah’s Department of Forestry Forest State Lands.


# # #


CAL Firefighters and other Agencies are battling a firestorm about 2 miles East Lake of McClure (Mariposa County) in California.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office gathers for an Evacuation briefing. See the background of the fire storm behind Officers. (Credit: TCSO)

The town of Mariposa is in the process of evacuating the whole town with up to 1,500 structures currently under direct threat.

Structure protection in effect for the town of Mariposa, California. (Photo Credit: Novato Fire District)

25,000 acres have been scorched while the wildfire is racing out-of-control to nearby towns.  There is a 5% containment reached by fire crews.

Evacuations are in effect.  Red Cross has several shelters open.

There are 1,405 personnel assigned along with 217 engines, 35 crews, 9 airtankers, 11 helicopters, 35 dozers and 26 water tenders.

The fire is burning near the Central California Reservoir.

Fire behavior has been reported as extreme and aggressive with active crowning, short-range spotting and uphill runs.

# # #


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Active Wildfires | Great Basin Area | July 16 2017

Not only are many States more drier than ever, some are literally burning up the landscapes all around us and becoming large fire incidents.  Here is our compiled list for the States of Nevada and Utah.

# # #

Hotshots travel the fireline as they begin thier day.

Hotshots traveling up the fireline beginning their day on the Brianhead Fire. It is not easy being a wildfire firefighter. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Brianhead Fire.  1 mile North of Brian Head, UT.  71,673 acres. 95% contained.  355 personnel. 7 crews. 9 engines. 1 helo. 26 structures destroyed. $34.8 Million CTD.

Cornucopia Fire.  32 miles SW of Owyhee, NV.  1,523 acres. 25% containment. 73 personnel. 1 crew. 14 engines. 1 helo.  $50,000 CTD.

Long Valley Fire.  (also reported on the CA wildfires post).  50 miles North of Reno, NV. 51,750 acres. 24% contained. 533 personnel. 14 crews. 39 engines. 7 helicopters. 5 structures lost. $3.4 Million CTD.

MM 155 Fire.  21 miles SW of Winneamuca, NV.  11,789 acres. 15% containment. 173 personnel. 5 crews. 11 engines. $500,000 CTD.

Roosters Comb Fire.  25 miles North of Battle Mtn, NV.  218,380 acres. 90% contained. 362 personnel. 3 crews. 16 engines. 5 helicopters. $3.5 Million CTD.

Snowstorm Fire. 50 miles North of Battle Mtn, NV.  IMT also managing Cornucopia and Roosters Comb fires. 60,000 acres. 5% containment. 142 personnel. 6 crews. 5 engines. $500,000 CTD.

Summer Fire.  10 miles North of Wells, NV.  1,250 acres. 80% contained. 201 personnel. 7 crews. 9 engines. 1 helo. $75,000 CTD.

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Active Wildfires | Nevada | July 8 2017


SUMMARY| Here is a recap of active wildfires for the State of Nevada. Other states will be posted separately and as time allows.  Don’t see your wildfire here? Please send us a message on one of our Social Media channels: Twitter (@nwfireblog) or Facebook.

Chase Spring Fire | Elko District Office, BLM |  25 miles SE of Wells, NV

Brush and tall grass. Moderate fire behavior with wind-driven runs and single tree torching. — 560 acres. 95% contained. 46 personnel. 1 crew. 5 engines. $25,000 CTD.#

Dry Gulch Fire |  Elko District Office, BLM. IMT 2 (Rohrer) | 23 miles SE of Jackpot, NV

Brush, tall grass and timber. Active fire behavior with running and single tree torching. Structures threatened. Sage grouse habitat threatened.  — 64,000 acres. 50% contained. 255 personnel. 6 crews. 5 engines. 2 helicopters. $300,000 CTD.#

Earthstone Fire | Sparks Fire Department. IMT 2 (Chadwick) | 5 miles NE of Sparks, NV

IMT is also managing the Truckee and Winnemucca Ranch fires. Started on private land. Brush and short grass. Minimal fire behavior. Structures threatened.  — 41,545 acres. 75% contained. 4 crews. 1 engines. $3.5 Million CTD.#

Flower Pass Fire | Elko District Office, BLM | 27 miles West of Wendover, NV

Brush, short grass and timber. Moderate fire behavior with creeping and single tree torching. — 617 acres. 85% contained. 70 personnel. 2 crews 7 engines. $40K CTD.#

HD Summit Fire  Northern Region, NV DOF | 20 miles North of Wells, NV

Brush and short grass. Extreme fire behavior with wind-driven runs. Structures threatened. Sage-grouse habitat threatened. — 600 acres. 20% contained. 39 personnel. 7 engines. 1 helicopter. $250,000 CTD.#

Limerick Fire | Winnemucca District, BLM | 12 miles NE of Lovelock,  NV

Timber, brush, and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. Residences threatened. Sage-grouse habitat threatened. Reduction in acreage due to more accurate mapping.  — 14,598 acres. 92% contained. 210 personnel. 5 crews. 13 engines. 3 helicopters. 2 structures lost. $1.4 Million CTD.#

Potosi Fire |  Humboldt-Toiyabe NF | 28 miles SW of Las Vegas, NV

Brush, tall grass and timber. Extreme fire behavior with torching, running and spotting. Structures threatened. — 500 acres. 0% contained. 26 personnel. 1 engine. 1 helicopter. $200K CTD. #

Tar Creek Fire |  Humboldt-Toiyabe NF | 11 miles SE of Austin, NV

Timber and brush. Minimal fire  behavior. Rain over fire ground on Friday. — 930 acres. 60% contained. 13 personnel. 3 crews. 1 engine. 1 helicopter. $150K CTD.#

Truckee Fire | Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District | 10 miles N of Fernley, NV

Started on private land. Brush and short grass. Minimal fire behavior. — 98,960 acres. 83% contained. 158 personnel. 5 crews. 14 engines. $714K CTD.#

White Horse |  Elko District Office, BLM | 32 miles West of Wendover, NV

Brush, tall grass and timber. Extreme fire behavior with running, single tree torching and wind-driven runs. Sage-grouse habitat threatened. — 800 acres. 15% contained. 12 crews. 6 engines. $200K CTD.#

Winnemucca Ranch Fire |  Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District | 15 mles North of Reno

Started on private land. Brush and short grass. Minimal fire behavior. Numerous structures threatened. — 4,799 acres. 55% contained. 221 personnel 7 crews. 17 engines. 5 structures lost. $577K CTD.#

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#TruckeeFire | Nevada | 2


Incident Summary | A large wildfire is still burning in the Carson City District Office area, about 10 miles North of Fernley, Nevada from an unknown cause that is under investigation. The fire started on July 3rd around 0430 hours.

Resources | Fire Managers:  IC2 with Trainee from the GB Team 6.  Logan Hot Shots.  BLM. Nevada Department of Forestry. Humboldt-Toiyabe NF. There are approximately 158 personnel assigned to this incident.

Hotshot buggy on Logan Ridge

Size Up | The fire is currently at 98,960 acres with an 83% containment status.  The fire is minimal with creeping and smoldering but has the possibility of a moderate spread to the North due to spotting from the interior.

Crews will continue to monitor, improve direct & indirect lines on the Northern and Eastern divisions with crews and dozers.  Fire Managers will also direct air resources to assist ground personnel, as needed.

Fire Image | Courtesy of Incidweb.


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Thank you for reading our post!  We have been busy breaking down wildfire news into sections.  Hopefully, you’ll get a little taste of what’s happening in our region.  This post only includes NEW wildfires that is overnight Breaking News.

Hope you enjoy!


#Breeze Fire

Boise District, BLM. 11 miles NW of Mountain Home, ID. Short grass. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs and running. Residences threatened. 800 acres.  20% contained.  19 personnel.  2 engines. $30,000 CTD.

#Lock Fire

Boise District, BLM. 4 miles NW of Mountain Home, ID. Short grass and brush. Active fire behavior with running, flanking and backing. Residences threatened.  1,500 acres. 20% contained.  35 personnel.  7 engines.  $75,000 CTD.

#Ditto Fire

Boise District, BLM. 15 miles NW of Mountain Home, ID. Short grass. Moderate fire behavior with running and flanking.  500 acres.  25% contained.  5 personnel.  1 engine.  $10,000 CTD.

#BeetDump Fire

Boise District, BLM. 8 miles SW of Mountain Home, ID. Short grass. Active fire behavior with running.  1,500 acres.  20% containment.  16 personnel.  5 engines.  $5,000 CTD.

#Yeti Fire

Boise District, BLM. 30 miles West of Mountain Home, ID. Short grass. Active fire behavior with running. 3,000 acres.  20% contained.  36 personnel.  1 crew.  3 engines.  $15,000 CTD.


#Cole Creek Fire

Elko District, BLM. 9 miles South of Carlin, NV. Brush and short grass. Extreme fire behavior with long-range spotting, wind-driven runs and running. Sage-grouse habitat threatened.  2,500 acres.  10% contained.  115 personnel.  3 crews.  5 engines. 2 helicopters.  $200,000 CTD.

#Dolly Fire

Elko District, BLM. 40 miles NW of Wells, NV. Brush and tall grass. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs and long-range spotting. Sage-grouse habitat threatened. 500 acres.  0% contained.   8 personnel.  $10,000 CTD.


#Hill Fire

San Luis Obispo Unit, Cal Fire. 6 miles East of Santa Margarita, CA. Short grass, brush and chaparral.  Extreme fire behavior with running, long-range spotting and uphill runs. Numerous structures threatened.  Evacuations, road and area closures in effect.  1,500 acres.  5% contained.  413 personnel.  12 crews.  50 engines.  2 structures lost.  $1.5M CTD.


#Cable Fire

Florida Forest Service. 15 miles SE of St. Cloud, FL. Southern Rough. Minimal fire behavior. 350 acres.  75% contained.  2 personnel.  $1,000 CTD.


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Photo Credit: Reno Fire Department

Incident Summary – Reno FD and Truckee Meadows FD are deploying brush and structure fire apparatus to a brush fire that has broken out on Sunday, June 18, 2017, around 1350 hours. The fire is located about 1/2 mile up Garson Road and West of Reno, Nevada.

Cause – The cause has been determined to be have started by target shooters.

Fire Conditions – Approximately 2-3 acres of sage and brush have already been destroyed and the fire behavior is currently active.

Resources – Firefighters were being deployed from Reno FD, Truckee Meadows FD, U.S. Forest Service, Washoe County and a request for a water tender had been made from the Air Guard National Guard located in Reno, Nevada.

Structure Protection – Structure protection groups are in place on Quilici Ranch Road.

Fire Conditions – Fire conditions are unknown at this time, nor is the amount of acres burned or containment status.

Threats – There are reports of no structures being threatened at the moment.

Social Media – We are using the following hashtags for this incident:  #GarsonFire #NVwildfires2017.


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