Heroes Honored for Brave Actions

NASHVILLE, Tennessee

Two Officers were dispatched to a shots fired call inside a building in the downtown area of Nashville, Tennesee early Christmas morning would instead be faced with a RV playing a warning about if those who could the message to evacuate. A bomb was said to be inside the vehicle and it was about to detonate in fifteen minutes.

Officers called in backup and knew they only had minutes to evacuate everyone out of the area with the aid of four other Officers. After making sure all citizens were evacuated and some, but not all of their fellow Officers had cleared the area – the bomb exploded.

One person was killed in the blast – the bombing suspect, Anthony Quinn Warner, 63. Police believe there is no one else involved in helping him.

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Credit | Metropolitan Nashville PD

The incident was reported to have occurred at 0630 hours CST in the 100 block of 2nd Avenue North in Nashville, TN.

Less than 10 people were said to be hurt. The Metro Nashville Police Department states about 40 buildings were damaged, with some having poor structural integrity and making them uninhabitable. On Tuesday, December 29th, about 225 business and building owners, as well as contractors visited the protected area to secure the building with plywood and tarps. Offiers and the FBI provided victim specialist for all those on-scene.

Credit | Metro Nashville PD

Six Metro Nashville Police Officers were recognized for their life-saving measures in evacuating all residents out of the area, prior to the explosion. The Bomb Squad also was saved in that, thankfully they did not reach the RV in time before explosion.

Credit | Metro Nashville PD

The FBI Evidence Response Team, which includes the FBI and ATF Agents painstakingly got on their knees and started to comb through the bomb site on Monday, December 28th.


Credit: Metro Nashville PD (see above photos)

DISCLAIMER: This Police body cam may be disturbing to some readers. This is from one of the MNPD Officers who responded to the scene and leads up to the blast.

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Christmas Bomb Rips Through Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tennessee

What would start as a shots fired call turned into a bomb inside a RV ripping through the downtown area of Nashville on Christmas Day.

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Credit: Metropolitan Nashville PD

Police were dispatched to the 100 block of 2nd Avenue North for shots fired call at 0530 hours CST. The Metropolitan Nashville PD’s own Hazardous Device Unit was then called to respond to the RV to check it out.

The incident was reported have occurred at 0630 hours CST.

Police took it seriously and began to evacuate people from area buildings quickly, saving hundreds of lives and as promised, the RV bomb went off ripping through many buildings damaging them, and significantly causing poor structural integrity in several of them.

The address Police have released is 166 2nd Avenue North, Nashville, TN. At this location is said to have been a 62,104 square-foot Office building with living quarters along with area businesses which include The Melting Pot, The Old Spaghetti Factory, Beers Enterprises, Bell South (cell phone store) are some of the local restaurants in the area.

The explosion happened outside an AT&T transmission building.

Significant communications and commerce businesses are the Bellsouth building on 2nd Avenue North and Church Street and the Commerce building on 2nd Avenue North and Commerce Street.

The motive for this intentional bombing is unknown and the person or person(s) behind this domestic attack is unknown but authorities are tirelessly working to solve this case and bring those to justice.

On 1st Avenue North, it is unknown if there are any damages to that street which is home to the Fort Nashboro Historic Foundation site of Nashville. The Cumberland River is just on the other side of the street.

Credit: Nashville FD

Officers from the HDU were en route and had not reached the scene yet, thankfully and saving their lives.

Just after 0700 hours CST, the Metropolitan Nashville PD released this statement:

“Both the FBI and ATF are investigating the 6:30 a.m. explosion on 2nd Ave North linked to a vehicle. This appears to have been an intentional act. Law enforcement is closing downtown streets as investigation continues.

At 0900 hours CST, Nashville Police K-9 teams are currently working on protective sweeps in the downtown are. All traffic to this is currently restricted. AVOID THIS AREA.

Some residents say they could feel the explosion across much of Davidson County.

This is a developing story. More updates will be posted as new information comes to light.

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National Fire Activity Report| April 15, 2016


The following report was released from the National Interagency Coordination Center for the week of April 8-14, 2016.

During this week, 729 new fires were reported as Light Initial Fire Activity incidents.  Of those, 17 were new large events and crews were able to contain 20 large fires.  Six [6] remain not contained.

Though the number of fires are showing a downturn at this time of year [based off of April 15, 2016] down to 12,272  since its prior years in 2015, of 13,286 and listed as 16,470 in 2014 – it is clearly a sign of land burning much more rapidly.

In 2016, 1,381,078 acres have been consumed, while at this time of year in 2015, only 297,023 acres and even a lesser amount of 226,291 in 2014.  Times have changed and the numbers do not lie.  The proof lies here and some, have already began early recruitment and staffing up for when the Firestorm attempts to burn up the landscape like it did in 2015.  Reinforcements will be ready for Mother Nature’s fury, when she most likely will strike.


Arkansas.  1 new. 1 contained.

Arizona.  0 new. 1 contained.

Florida.  3 new. 1 contained. 3 still burning.

  • Long Pine Key.  Everglades NP.  12 miles SW of Homestead. 3780 acres. Timber & brush. Moderate fire behavior.  Structures threatened. 65% contained. 59 personnel. 1 crew. 10 engines. 2 helicopters. $341,000 cost-to-date.
  •  Relay.  Florida Forest Service.  7 miles SW of Favoretta.  Southern rough.  Min. fire behavior.  400 acres. 85% contained.  6 personnel.  6 engines. No cost-to-date.
  •  Still Road.  Florida Forest Service.  3 miles NE of Barberville. Southern rough.  Min. fire behavior.  205 acres.  95% contained.  6 personnel.  1 helicopter. No cost-to-date available.

Kansas.  0 new. 1 contained.

Mississippi.  2 new. 2 contained.

Montana.  2 new.  1 contained.  1 still burning.

  • Elk Hill.  Lewis & Clark National Forest. 21 miles NE of Augusta.  Min. fire behavior with creeping and smoldering.  Trail closures are in effect. 1089 acres.  80% contained.  32 personnel.  1 crew.  2 helicopters.  $575,000 cost-to-date.

New Mexico.  0 new.  1 contained.

North Carolina.  2 new.  2 contained.

Oklahoma.  4 new.  6 contained.  2 still burning.

  • 350 Complex.  Department of Forestry.  6 miles N of Woodward.  Tall grass, brush and timber. Min. fire behavior.  Structures threatened. 57,167 acres. 92% contained. 37 personnel.  5 engines.  $900,000 cost-to-date.
  • Top Hat.  Osage Agency.  2 miles S of Hominy.  Hardwood litter.  Min. fire behavior.  1,544 acres.  95% contained.  3 personnel.  1 engine.  $22,000 cost-to-date.

South Dakota.  0 new.  1 contained.

Tennessee.  1 new.  3 contained.

Virginia.  2 new.  2 contained.


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Sciota Road Fire | April 2 | Update 2


The Sciota Road Fire is located 5 miles SE of Unicoi, Tennessee on the Cherokee National Forest and East of Unicoi in the Little Mountain area on the Unaka Ranger District.

The fire is burning light logging slash, hardwood litter and timber that began on Tuesday, March 29, 2016, around 1600 hours.  The cause is currently unknown and is under investigation.

Firefighters have reached a 75% containment increased from the earlier reported 60% containment status.


About 75 nearby National Forest personnel are still assigned to this incident, down from 92 originally assigned earlier today.

There are 2 – 20 person hand crews, 3 engines, 1 helicopter and 1 dozer attached as resources.


Firefighters worked on improving containment lines and will continue to patrol the areas.

Additionally, they are prepping the area for a nearby burnout operation on the Western flank, that is expected to take place on Sunday.  Operations are estimated to start later in the afternoon, which will then tie in with the Sciota Road Fire.  This is to reduce the chance for fire to spread into other areas.  150 acres are expected to be burned.


No structures have been damaged or destroyed.  0 Injuries and accidents have been reported.

The Cost-to-Date for fire suppression efforts has risen from $110,000 to $245,000.

Originally, 191 acres were reported as burned but due to more accurate mapping, the true number of land scorched is 168 acres.


Cooler temps and recent rain have fallen upon the fire ground.


Fire Managers ask drivers to be aware of your surrounding as heavy equipment and fire traffic will be still be active in the area.  Please remember to #MoveOver for lights and sirens, when safe to do so.

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Sciota Road Fire | April 2 | Update 1


The Sciota Road Fire is located 5 miles SE of Unicoi, Tennessee on the Cherokee National Forest and East of Unicoi in the Little Mountain area on the Unaka Ranger District.

The fire is burning light logging slash, hardwood litter and timber that began on Tuesday, March 29, 2016, around 1600 hours.

The cause is currently unknown and is under investigation.

Firefighters have reached a 60% containment status.


Assigned to this incident are 92 Firefighters from nearby National Forests and from the Tennessee Department of Forestry.

There are 2 – 20 person hand crews, 3 engines, 1 helicopter and 1 doze attached as resources.


Fire Managers will continue have personnel continue with Friday’s fire activities of removing dead trees and extinguishing hot spots along the containment lines.

Additionally, they will continue to patrol lines and prepare for burnout operations that will take place in the next few days.


No structures have been damaged/destroyed nor are there any being threatened at this time.

Cost-to-Date for fire suppression costs are $110,000.

191 acres have been scorched.


High winds are expected.


Fire Managers would like to let the Motoring Public know that heavy equipment and fire traffic will be moving about on Sciota Creek Road and ask to be aware and alert, yielding to traffic.

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An additional Weather Service Alert has been issued for:

  • Eastern Arkansas
  • Missouri Bootheel
  • Northern Mississippi
  • Western Tennessee

The alert was issued from 4/9/15 1835 CDT to 4/10/15 0100 CDT.

  • Scattered large hail events up to 2 inches in diameter possible
  • Scattered damaging wind gusts up to 70 mph resulting in 1-2 tornado watch area
  • It is approximately along a 90 statute miles East/West of a line from 35 mph N of Dyersburg TN to 20 mil SW of Greenwood, MS
  • Scattered severe thunderstroms into this evening, spreading Eastward into Tennessee and Mississippi

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FDA PRODUCT RECALL: Mars Theater Chocolate due to Undeclared Peanut Butter



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 19, 2014 – Today, Mars Chocolate North America announced a voluntary recall of its M&M’S® Brand Theater Box 3.40 oz UPC #40000294764 with the following lot numbers:

See Website for Lot #s:  http://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm415490.htm

Outside carton label, Milk Chocolate M&M's 3.40 oz

This theater box item within these lot codes may contain product containing peanut butter without listing on the ingredient label on the outside cardboard box.  The inside package is correctly labelled with ingredients and allergy information.

People who have allergies to peanuts run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if their theater box contains an inner M&Ms Brand Peanut Butter bag and they consume the product.  No adverse reactions have been reported to date.

iOutside carton image of side panel label -- Milk Chocolate M&M’s 3.40 oz

The issue was identified after a consumer notifed us of a M&M’S® Brand Peanut Butter package containing peanut butter M&M’S® inside a M&M’S® Brand Milk Chocolate Theater Box.

These specific lot codes were shipped and distributed to our customers’ warehouses between May 8 and July 1, 2014, located in:  NC, TX, MN, IL, FL, KY, MS, AZ, GA, AI, CA NJ, PA, WA NY, CO, MO, MI, NH, CT, TN, MD, SC, OH, ME, VA, RI, WI, WV, IA, LA, OK, MA, NE, OK, AR, VT, ID and IN .   These customers then redistribute products for retail sale nationwide.

The M&M’S® Brand Milk Chocolate Theater Box comes in a 3.40 oz brown, 3 inch x 6.5 inch cardboard box  stamped on the right-hand side panel with the lot number and best before date.

Potential inside package -label - Peanut Butter M&M's 3.20 oz

Mars Chocolate will work with retail customers to ensure that the recalled product is not on store shelves.  In the event that consumers believe they have purchased this item and have allergy concerns, they should return this product to the store where they purchased it for a full refund.  Consumers with questions or concerns may call our toll-free number:   1-800-627-7852. This number will be operational Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (EST).

Source: FDA.gov

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L-O-D-D MFD Capt. Richard Floersch

Capt. Richard Floersch, 56, a 36-year veteran of the Milan (Tenn.) Fire Department, died Wednesday after suffering a heart attack while on-duty.

Courtesy of Fire Rescue 1 Facebook Page

Courtesy of Fire Rescue 1 Facebook Page


<< We are so sorry for the loss to your Department, community, friends, family and those who were impacted by Captain Floersch.  WE WILL NEVER FORGET his dedication, service, committment or the Legacy he leaves him. We send our sincere sympathies to the Milan Fire Department. >> – The NW Fire Blog


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