New TX Wildfire | Daphne Prairie Fire



A wildfire that began on Friday, February 5th around 1618 CST has burned about 662 acres of brush and timber. Fire crews have reached a ninety-percent containment of the fire perimeter and twenty-percent of the overall containment inside fire lines.

The wildfire is named the DAPHNE PRAIRIE FIRE.

Credit | Texas A&M Forest Service

The incident is located about three miles north of Highway 67 and just off of FM 1896 in Franklin County, Texas.

Resources include crews from the Texas A&M Forest Service which is in Unified Command with local Volunteer Fire Districts (VFDs). The Incident Commander (IC) is Cody Mayo with the TA&MFS.

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New TX Wildfire | 3210 Fire



A wildfire ignited on Saturday, February 6, 2021, around 1430 hours CST near the small community of Rumley, Texas.

The fire has been named the 3210 FIRE.

Currently, there has been 40 acres of short grass and brush/juniper pasturelands destroyed. There is a current zero-percent containment status.

Texas A&M Forest Service members | Credit: Texas A&M Forest Service (Stock photo)

Two houses, one outbuilding and a barn were saved by fire crews.

Resources include Texas A&M Forest Service and multiple local fire departments. They are in Unified Command with the local FD Incident Commander.

Current weather report | Sunny skies with temps of 65*F and winds at 11 mph and humidity at 29%. Temps are expected to rise to 69*F on Sunday and in the 70’s on Monday through Wednesday.

To learn more about Texas A&M’s Wildfire Education and Fire Prevention program, visit them on their facebook page here –>

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Out-of-Area * TEXAS * Wildfire | Update 2 | Holcombe Road Fire

UPDATE 2 – April 23, 2020


Photo Credit | Texas A&M Forest Service

Incident Summary | A wildfire is burning off of Holcombe Road near Ozona (Crockett County), iTexas.

It started from an unknown cause on Sunday, April 19, 2020.  Initial reports stated the fire was said to be at already 700 acres with an initial 0% containment status.

Resources |  Firefighters and personnel with Texas A&M, Livingston Fire District,  Crockett and Val Verde County Firefighters, St. Augustine District,

Current Status | 21,043 acres. 20% contained.  Reduced from 26,500 due to more accurate mapping.

Injuries | None have been reported to civilians or firefighters at this time.

Hashtags | #HolcombeRoadFire #FireSeason2020

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Out-of-Area * TEXAS * Wildfire | Update 1 | Holcombe Road Fire

UPDATE 1 – April 20, 2020 – Monday

photo credit: Cody Lambert

Incident Summary | A wildfire ignited on Sunday, April 19, 2020, off of Holcombe Road in Crockett County.

At the time, when local firefighters arrived on-scene estimated the raging fire already at an alarming 700 acres with a 0% containment status.

Fire behavior is considered extreme with short runs and isoldated torching of juniper.

photo credit: Cody Lambert

Resources | Firefighters and equipment are from the Crockett County VFD, Val Verde Counties, along with mutual aid from Texas A & M Forest Service.  Crockett and Texas A&M are in Unified Command.   At around 1300 hours CDT, there were 27 firefighters, three dozers, 15 engines (TFS), four (4) Val Verde engines with a command unit, one Crockett county engine with a command unit and one large tankers.

video credit: Nolan Parry

Current Status |  Currently, there has been 10,000 acres scorched and a 5% containment status reached. Fire has been extreme with spotting throughout the day on ridgelines out to 300-400 yards.

Structures are still under threat but crews have been able to save three structures so far.  Point protection around the buildings is showing it is starting to make a difference.

Temps in the low 90’s during the day increased the fire behavior to be more erratic.  However, it is due to be more of the same on Tuesday, as reportedly by Fire Managers prompting more resources to be on deck.

Damage Assessment | 2 RVs and 2 vehicles have been scorched.

Injuries | None have been reported to civilians or firefighters at this time.

Hashtags | #HolcombeRoadFire #FireSeason2020

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The Wildfire Log | Texas | August 18, 2019

The State of Texas has been receiving their fair share of wildfires.  Here is the activity for Sunday, August 18, 2019.  This list also includes those that have been on-going incidents.

*All of these wildfires are burning on private lands owned by the Texas A&M Forest Service.


FIRE FACT | The Texas A&M Forest Service has opened the Austin Air Tanker Base to assist with increased wildfire activity.


Bird Ranch Fire | Cottle County | 2,000 acres | 30% contained

The Bird Ranch Fire is located in Cottle County and has all resources being dispatched via Northwest Dispatch Center.  It was reported on August 17th at 2250 hours.

*Caverns Road Fire | 75 miles S of San Angelo | 2,409 acres | 70% contained

The Caverns Road Fire managers are reporting active fire behavior and structures threatened.  Fire fuels include brush and short grass. The fire was reported on August 15, 2019, at 1824 hours.


Caverns Road Fire | Credit – Texas A&M Forest Service

There are 36 personnel along with four engines and one helicopter.

Cost-to-date are unknown for this privately burning wildfire.

*Copper Break Fire | 8 miles NW of Crowell | 5,000 acres | 20% contained

This  fire is burning just northwest of Crowell with fire behavior as being extreme with wind-driven runs.


Copper Break Fire | Credit – Texas A&M Forest Service

There are 36 total personnel along with two engines and one helicopter working on the fire line.  Fire fuels include brush and tall grass.

There is an unknown cost-to-date expenses.

*Green Juniper Fire | 14 miles S of Claude | 300 acres | 95% contained

The Green Juniper Fire is burning on Texas A&M Forest Service lands, about 14 miles south of Claude.  Update | Fire has been fully (100%) contained.

There have a total of 10 fire personnel. No other resources are working this fire, burning on private land.

Fire behavior has been reported as moderate. Fire fuels include brush and short grass.

Cost-to-date expenses are unknown.

*Henderson Robertson Fire | 16 miles SW of Ozona | 328.5 acres | 85% contained

The Henderson Robertson Fire incident has 18 total personnel, down from five yesterday and one engine.  It was reported to Dispatch on August 16, 2019, at 1447 hours.

Fire fuels include brush and short grass.  Fire behavior is reported as moderate.

This incident is in Crockett County.

*Henson Fire | 18 miles NW of Hamlin | 313 acres | 95% contained

The Henson Fire is also burning on private land owned and managed by the Texas A&M Forest Service.  Fire fuels include brush and short grass.

Fire behavior is reported as moderate. There are 14 fire personnel assigned along with one engine.

No cost-to-date expenses are known due to this being on private lands.


Credit – Texas A&M Forest Service

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Texas Fires: #BowersCityFire | 1

INCIDENT SUMMARY | A wildfire reportedly broke out in Bowers City (Gray County), Texas on Thursday, April 12, 2018. We are working on the exact location of the fire.

FIRE TIMELINE | Here is the timeline according to fire suppression and containment efforts as posted on Social Media and verified sources.

“Do you know why some of the wildfires are named? The reason for naming wildfires is to avoid confusion when there are multiple wildfires in an area or the state. Giving each fire a unique names allows first responders and citizens to know which fire is which.”

– Texas A&M Forest Service

1934 PDT:  Containment increases to 70% and fire is holding at 1,750 acres. Containment lines improving and in mop-up operations.

1808 PDT:  Fire burning in Gray County in Bowers City, OK.  1,750 acres. 50% containment. Fire crews are burning pockets of unburned fuels and making good progress.

1630 PDT:  1,000 acres with a 20% containment status.  Forward progression has been stopped.  Fire behavior is active with fire on flanks of the fire.  Good progress being made.

1429 PDT:  Fire resources are volunteer firefighters and working tirelessly on fire suppression efforts.

FIRE WEATHER | Though this map is from almost 12 hours ago, the fire weather remains to be the same, if not more critical and people need to be extremely careful outdoors.

SOCIAL MEDIA | #BowersCityFire  #TXwildfires2018


The Texas A&M Forest Service was created in 1915, that today has been recognized as the leader that defines the way of the future in forestry, tree development and wildfire prevention, mitigation and protection.  This is an integral part of the The Texas A&M University System.  It is mandated by law to “assume direction of all forest interests and all matters pertaining to forestry within the jurisdiction of the State.”

There are approximately 400 employees in offices across the state.

The Texas A&M Forest Service can be found on Social Media such as Facebook (@texasforestservice) or on their website at

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Wildfires Break Out in Texas | Update 1

Updated 1900 PST


The State of Texas has been reporting high to extreme high fire danger in the Panhandle and Western Texas for several days.

Here is a look at the forecast on December 16, 2016.

View image on Twitter


Carson 1059 Fire

The Carson 1059 Fire started on December 16th around 1255 CST (1055 PST) from an unknown cause.

Currently, 4,000 acres have been consumed but Texas A&M Forest Service crews have reached a 65% containment status.

The fire is located near small Skellytown (population 462) and State Highway 152 in the Panhandle in Carson County, Texas.

No injuries reported.

No structures are said to be threatened at this time.

Green Baca Fire

The Green Baca Fire is located in Oldham County, Texas.  The fire started December 16th at 1610 CST from an unknown cause.

Texas A&M Forest Service firefighters were dispatched as mutual aid resources for this fire.

No number of personnel are known at this time, nor are have their been any injuries reported.

2,000 acres scorched with a 10% containment status.

1260 Fire

The 1260 Fire started December 16th around 1515 CST from an unknown cause.

1200 acres and 75% containment status has been reached.


The following hashtags are being used for the above three wildfires as:

  • #txfire
  • #TFS
  • #Carson1059Fire
  • #1260Fire
  • #GreenBacaFire

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UPDATE | #HiddenPines in Bastrop County, Texas | October 22, 2015


The #HiddenPines Wildfire burning in Bastrop County, Texas that started on October 13, 2015 around noon has reached an 80% containment status and not without further damage to its surroundings.

Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

Photo Courtesy: Inciweb


The fire cause is unknown at this time but is still being investigated.


Many resources are still attached to this incident, including the following:

  • 263 Personnel
  • (2) Type 2 Initial Attack Handcrews
  • (5) Type 3 Engines

Structures are saved from the Fire. Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

Houses are saved from the Fire. Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

  • (1) Type 4 Engine
  • (19) Type 6 Engines
  • (2) Dozers
  • (4) Water Tenders
  • (1) Air Attack
  • (2) Single Airtankers

*Airtankers are on stand-by and have not been used for several days.*

[Pictured above:  A “Single Engine Air Tanker” or known as a “SEAT” drops a load down below.


Emergency Feed & Hay Distribution

  • Hours of Operations:  For affected Livestock owners: 9-5 10/22,23, 26, 27, 28 at the Bastrop Show Barn.
  • Livestock grazing on grass or hay:  You can get help with feed and hay, made possible by donations from citizens and agricultural agencies. Contact:  Rachel Bauer, County Extension Agent, if you have questions at (512) 468-7953. Agricultural producers need to report grazing, hay and fencing losses to Rachel Bauer as well.

Hidden Pine fire


Fire crews are currently in patrol and mop-up stages near structures and currently holding to its current burned area of 4,582 acres.  No injuries reported. 64 Homes have been destroyed.

“BURN BAN IS STILL IN EFFECT. DO NOT BURN OR YOU WILL BE HELD TO THE HIGHEST ACCOUNT THE LAW WILL ALLOW!” – Bastrop County Office of Emergency Management via their Facebook Page.

We know  they are facing dry drought conditions and fire behavior has been very extreme these past several weeks. Please respect the environment and be Fire Smart.


A TFR has been in place over the fire to protect all involved with this incident.

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