BREAKING NEWS: House Fire in Renton Washington

0100 Hours PST

Renton, Washington


Location:  Firefighters were dispatched to a residential structure  located in the 14600 block of SE 142nd Street finding the fire alarm active.

Observations:  First due crews arrived on-scene just after midnight early Saturday morning to find a chimney fire in the walls and attic.

Staffing:  Additional fire units arrived on the fire ground very quickly.


Personnel:  Battalions 12 & 13, Engines 11,16, 78, 1078 (Norcom), Ladder 11, Aid 12.


Timeline of Call:

0003:  Fire Department resources dispatched.

0019:  fire crews were still in the offensive strategy on the Alpha/Delta side, approximately 10 minutes into the incident.

0020:  E16, A12.  were checking extensions into the attic.

0021-0022:  L11, E78 and E1078 were at Level 1 Staging.

0022:  Crews indicated the fire spread into the walls, there were zero heat found

0023:  L11 was tasked with checking for extension and primary search.

0024:  B13 as Safety completed a 360* and found no basement to the structure.  B12 reported A12 was on-scene with L11 on the Alpha side.  Communications reported 23 minutes on the timer since the time of the call.

0026:  A county investigator was requested by Command.

0027:  Fire crews were opening up the Chimney on Delta side. No needs.  L11 reported primary search complete with nothing found.

0028:  A secondary search was in process.

0029:  Secondary search complete, nothing found.

0030:  27 minutes on the timer.  Discontinued by  Dispatch.

0031:  Crews were checking the attic over the garage for extension.  E1078 returned back in service back to NORCOM (Eastside)

0034:  E11 reported L11 opened up the wall above the garage and found no fire but residual smoke.

0035:   Crews went interior bringing in a fan from Alpha to Charlie side.

0036-0050:  Crews began doing some salvage work and completing all assigned tasks.  They were sent through REHAB and then released from this incident. All have returned back in service.

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Western Washington Weather Brings Lots of Rain, Flooding and Mudslides


Tuesday’s weather has been a very soggy day bringing lots of rain with some reporting up to 2″ in some places, causing flooding and mudslides in Western Washington State.  Already saturated by rains in the last few days, more began dumping today and not letting up until later this afternoon.

By then, areas like Kent reported large flooded areas and some drivers ignoring common sense and trying to “drive” [we call it boating] across large bodies of water that seemed more like a big swimming hole.



  • Index Galena Rd |  @ MP 3 to end of Roadway | Closed: 11/9/15 – Long-term closure | Washout | Source: Snohomish County Public Works.

Granite Falls

  • Monte Cristo Rd | Mtn Loop Hwy to end of roadway | Closed:  4/24/15 1200 PST, Long-term closure | Source:  Snohomish County Public Works.
  • Mtn Loop Hwy | Monte Cristo Rd – White Chuck River Rd | Closed:  11/18/15 1745 PST | Source:  Snohomish County Public Works.


  • Ben Howard | 311 Ave SE – Cedar Ponds Rd | Water over Roadway | Closed: 12/18/15 2030 PST | Source: Snohomish County Public Works.
  • Tualco Loop Rd | Tualco Rd | Water over Roadway | Closed:  12/8/15 2100 PST | Source:  Snohomish County Public Works.


  • Hwy 27 | 2 Mi N of Palouse | Landslide blocking roadway | Source:  KREM 2 News 12/8/15 2122PST


  • 35 Avenue SE | 141 St SE – 139 St SE | Water over Roadway | Closed: 12/8/15 1230 PST | Source:  Snohomish County Public Works.
  • 311 Ave SE | SR 2 – Mann Rd | Water over Roadway | Closed: 12/8/15 1930PST | Source:  Snohomish County Public Works.
  • Mann Rd | 311 Ave SE to end of Road | Water over Roadway | Closed: 12/8/15 1530 PST | Source:  Snohomish County Public Works.

FLOOD WARNINGS  [Source:  NWS Seattle]

Skokomish River Near Potlatch

  • Warning til Thursday, 12/10/15
  • Flood stage is 16.5′
  • Currently at 17.6′ as of Tuesday, 12/8/15
  • Expected to rise & crest at 17.8′
  • Major flooding occurring
  • Expected to drop below flood stage at 0400 Wed, 12/9/15
  • Expected to drop to 17.5′ on Thursday AM
  • To cause additional major flooding, deep & quick floodwaters flooding some homes, roadways and much of the farm land in Skokomish Valley.

FLOOD WATCHES [Source:  NWS Seattle]

  • Lower Columbia and I – 5 Corridor in Cowlitz County; South Washington Cascade Foothills; Willapa Hills | Expires: 12/9/15 0400PST.
  • Central Columbia River Gorge; Western Columbia River Gorge | Expires:  12/9/15 1600PST.
  • Greater Vancouver Area | Expires:  12/9/15 1900PST.
  • South Washington Cascades | Expires:  12/10/15 0852PST.
  • South Washington Coast | Expires:  12/11/15 1200PST.
  • Yakima | Expires:  12/10/15 0852PST.
  • Cowlitz | Expires:  12/9/15 1903PST.
  • Whatcom | Expires:  12/9/15 1624PST.
  • Snohomish | Expires:  12/10/15 0723PST.
  • Mason | Expires:  12/10/15 2040PST.
  • Grays Harbor | Expiring Until Further Notice. 


Bellevue & Vicinity, Bremerton & Vicinity, E Puget Sound lowlands, Seattle & Vicinity, W Slopes North Cascade and Passes, W Slopes N Central Cascades and Passes, West Slopes S Central Cascades and Passes.

  • Additional heavy rainfall: expected tonight will lead to an increased threat of landslides in Western Washington.
  • Rainfall expected: 4-7″ on the Coast.
  • Rainfull expected:  5″ elsewhere in lowlands.
  • Rainfall total expected:  1-3″ rain expected in lowlands in the next 18-hour period ending 12/9/15 1000 PST.
  • 12/7/15:  Landslides occurred in Woodinville and Edmonds.
  • Future Expectations:  More land/mudslides to occur.
  • Warning Expires:  12/9/15 1400 PST

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