Major Bridge Collapses Over I-5 in Skagit County, Mt. Vernon, WA

At approximately 1914 Hours, Washington State Trooper Mark Francis tweeted that the major bridge over Skagit River in Mt. Vernon, Washington, had collapsed. 

Fire and PD crews began descending on scene immediately and details of the major collapse began pouring in.  To listen in on the conversations, check out our Twitter page @nwfireblog.

Reports of several cars into the water with multiple persons were witnessed by stunned onlookers, media sources began tweeting.  Online radio traffic could be heard between the Fire and PD Dispatchers and resources on scene.

Dive teams, boats and choppers were deployed from Snohomish County, Coast  Guard and NAS Whidbey and have reached the scene.  Also, a helo from Airlift NW has been deployed.  Area resources are pouring into the scene, but as of 2030 Hours there is no current need.

Several people have been hoisted out of their vehicles and are on their way to safety.  Helos are being deployed to look for victims in the water.

Police and Fire crews are asking that people stay away from the area. There is an influx of citizens and others self-deploying into the area.  They are desperately trying to funnel people away from the area.  Too many are coming into the area, overwhelming local officials. 

The best route to avoid the area is to go SR 9.  Please, please, please don’t come into the area as Officials are so overwhelmed and resources are coming out of the woodwork.

For those who live in that area, please drive carefully and avoid the area at all when possible.

We are sending high praises to our Fire, EMS and First Responders that have convened on the scene. Your quick response is being highly praised.  We hope that you all stay out there.

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