MISSING | Seattle Firefighter Greatly Missed by Many

As some of you may or may not know, Seattle Firefighters along with the Seattle Police Department and fellow friends and Firefighters have been searching since last Thursday [December 10th] for missing Seattle Firefighter Joshua Milton, a 3-year veteran of the Department and entering into his first year into King County Medic 1 Program as a Paramedic student.


Photo Courtesy: Seattle Police Department

Initial reports after he went missing a day or so,  reported by various sources said he had been found and working to bring FF Milton back home.  His car was found abandoned at Deception Pass – approximately 80 miles from Seattle, Washington.

Little information has been shed on the details surrounding his disappearance, so for the sake of hurting his family, we [The NW Fire Blog] have taken a back seat and seeing where we can help or lend support.  As of the time of this publication, this is still deemed as an active Missing Person case being investigated by the Seattle Police Department.

His Fire Family, immediate Family and Friends still are looking for him and if you know of any details on where he is located, you are urged to contact 9-1-1.

Many have been asking how they can help support his Family during this difficult time of year and there has been a Go Fund Me account setup for him.  Here is the information:  https://www.gofundme.com/4nf925y4.  We don’t know the person  directly, but we are led to believe this is a legitimate fundraising page for the family.

Please take a moment and give if you can. If not, please keep FF Milton’s family and his Fire brothers and sisters in your thoughts and prayers.  As you know, this has left a HUGE hole in the Fire Family and to those who know and loved him.

Editor’s Comments:  Generally speaking from experience, living with Depression or other underlying issues that can cause potential suicidal thoughts are embarrassing to admit, little alone share with someone that you are thinking about ending your life because it seems too hard or no one can really understand just comes with the territory of the burden they are carrying.  It becomes your reality and something that you hide on a daily basis.

I can attest to this state-of-mind when I was began experiencing suicidal thoughts at the age of five years old from a very bad childhood into my adulthood at age 21. Yes, that is the truth and has been a worthy cause for me to try to help at least one person, then I know I am making a difference in someone’s life to keep on living.

Be a good listener and to issues that he/she may be going through. Don’t criticize or be judgmental as it could easily send the person over the ability to handle the stress impeding your opportunities of assisting them.  Always check in with them to see how they are doing and let them know they are important.

Did you all go through a traumatic call? Talk it out with each other or let your Chaplain know you need to chat about it.  It is better in so many ways to let off the “steam” then holding all those emotions deep down inside until the burden is way too heavy to carry anymore.  There are many resources including @safecallnow, a 24 hour/7 day/365 confidential line.  Many of those who reach out to are great listeners, confidential, compassionate and know what you are going through. Some of them have gone through very bad situations.   Give them a call @ 206-459-3020.

I don’t know about SFD Firefighter Milton’s situation or if he was dealing with many personal issues, but I can tell you from experience that it is very important to talk things out with one another and get a feel for what they are going through. Being a good listener and helping them through whatever it is that they are going through is the best way to offer assistance.  If you feel it is out of your scope, please talk to a Professional or Chaplain for recommendations.

Be Safe Friends and remember, we care a lot about every single one of you all.

– Lisa Swenson, Editor of The NW Fire Blog [@nwfireblog – Twitter]