Update 5 | Whipping Creek Road Wildfire | Alligator Wildlife National Refuge | April 29, 2016




PIO Topo Map - Fire Perimeter

Photo Courtesy: inciweb


The Whipping Creek Wildfire, once two separate fires continues to burn in the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, just North of the Hyde County airport and Pamico Road.  It is said to be on the Hyde County side of the Dare / Hyde County line, NW of U.S. Highway 264 in Englehard, North Carolina.

whipping creek fire by IC

The fire started around 1400 hours on April 18th on private land South of the Dare Bombing Range and Alligator River National Forest.

WC Fire by IC 2


The Incident is in an Unified Command System with North Carolina Forest Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services.

WC Fire by IC 4


Fire resources are now 35 down from 121 the day before.

CL-415 Framed in Pines

Photo Courtesy: Inciweb


Fire activity has been decreasing and no hotspots in the 264 Low Pocosin.  However, Fire Managers are concerned with limited to no access near the fire N of US Highway 264 near Stumpy Point.

Photo Courtesy: NC Forest Service

Photo Courtesy: NC Forest Service

WC Fire by IC 6

Photo Credit: NC IMT

Acreage is being divided up by sections.  Bllock 7 is 50% containment;  Dave Bombing Range is at 821 acres with a 5% containment status and ending with 6940 acres with a 45% containment status on State and  private lands.

WC Fire by IC 7.jpeg

Photo Credit: NC IMT


Fire fuels are 6-feet of Chaparral.

WC Fire by IC 8.jpeg

Photo Credit: NC IMT


On Saturday, April 30th, Fire crews will use water drops, engines, and a marshmaster to douse any and all located hotspots.  These types of flights will continue until all fo the heat has been extinguished by ground fire crews.

CL-415 Water Drop (4/24)

Super Tanker drops water on the fire below. Photo Credit: IMT


The current cost-to-date costs have run as high as $505,242.00 as the last report.  No new info released at time of this post date.

Flame Front near US 264

Photo Credit: IMT


The current weather forecast consists of 20% chance of thunderstorms, relative humidity of 61% and wind from the north at 7 mph,.

SEATs Working Under Smoke Column

Photo Credit: IMT


NOTE:  Always remember to Move Over when there are lights and sirens [to the right] and move one lane over as safe as possible,  if you see emergency vehicles, including Department of Transportation, Police, Fire, Tow trucks etc. on the shoulder of the highway.

Fire at Sunset

Photo Credit: IMT

You may see Emergency Fire vehicles and equipment working in the area.  Please yield to them, as safely as you can.


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