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A Fire Like No Other

The #FortMacFire is more or less like the unstoppable runaway train and it is the only one considered as being out-of-control.  Every day, we see  and hear there are more and more fires occurring in the Alberta region.

Courtesy:  @BoucherMItch
Courtesy: @BoucherMItch

Yesterday on Wednesday, 15 wildfires were burning to today’s (Thursday) number increasing to 20.  Rising temps and dry conditions are the perfect conditions for anything to happen.

News of a possible arsonist a few days ago made headlines but has since died down. We have not heard/seen any proof that an arsonist is actually out there causing these fires but anything is possible.  We just hope that whomever or whatever is the cause is quickly determined to help with fire prevention in the future.  We know, however, that may take awhile until the fires have been contained, knocked down and extinguished.

Influx of Resources

Hundreds of Firefighters have been deployed to Canada and more are en route.

Here is the current list of resources currently fighting all 20 Alberta fires including the largest of them all, the #FortMacFire.

  • 566,188 ha or 1.4 Million acres in Alberta alone
  • 3,200 ha or 7,907 acres in Saskatchewan
  • 2,062 Firefighters
  • 105 Helicopters
  • 258 Pieces of Heavy Equipment
  • 24 Air Tankers

Yesterday, on May 25th, Firefighters from the NW Territories and Parks Canada arrived in the area.

Courtesy: @BoucherMitch
Courtesy: @BoucherMitch

Here is the total count of Fire Suppression (Firefighters) and what State/Province/Country they represent:

  • South Africa. 280.
  • United States of America. 200.
  • British Columbia, Canada. 113.
  • Ontario, Canada.  85.
  • Quebec, Canada.  44.
  • NW Territories.  30.
  • New Brunswick. 22.
  • Parks Canada.  8.
  • Saskatchewan, Canada. 6.
  • Newfoundland/Prince Edward  Island. 3.
  • Nova Scotia. 3.

Weather Forecast

Fire Managers are expecting a higher amount of humidity and potential rain showers, which will assist Fire crews.


For a more detailed list of Resources for the Public, please see this website:  http://www.alberta.ca/emergency.cfm

Courtesy:  Alberta Canada Forestry
Courtesy: Alberta Canada Forestry

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