Updated 5/28/2016 Hours PDT

Incident Summary

Today, only 17 Wildfires burn in the Province of Alberta, Canada, which includes the still out-of-control #FortMacFire, however good news is that Fire Managers say the fire is no longer extreme in ALL area but now only in SOME of the areas.  With that being said, it is still dangerous for both Firefighters and residents alike.

Here is today’s update of the #FortMacFire burning in Alberta, Canada.

Fire conditions have changed from yesterdays “High to Extreme” to “Extreme” in SOME fire areas.  The #FortMacFire continues to be the largest and only fire still out-of-control.

Fire Family Globally Responds

Hundreds of Firefighters have been deployed to Canada and more are en route.

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Here is the current list of resources currently fighting all 17 Alberta fires including the largest of them all, #FortMacFire:

  • 576,781 ha to 1,425,257 acres (Thursday: 566,188 ha)
  • 3,200 ha or 7,907 acres in Saskatchewan (no change)
  • 2,309 Firefighters (Thursday: 2,062)
  • 104 Helicopters (Thursday: 105)
  • 261 Pieces of Heavy Equipment (Thursday: 258)
  • 24 Air Tankers (no change)

There are still more from around the Globe responding.

Here is the latest total count of Fire Suppression (Firefighters) and what State/Province/Country they represent:

  • Parks Canada.  28.
  • New Brunswick.  7.
  • Saskatchewan.  34.
  • Manitoba.  2.
  • Newfoundland / Prince Edward Island.  19.
  • South Africa.  298.
  • U.S. of America. 199.
  • British Columbia.  113.
  • Ontario.  85.
  • NW Territories.  52.


For a more detailed list of Resources for the Public, please see this website:  http://www.alberta.ca/emergency.cfm

Courtesy: Alberta Canada Forestry
Courtesy: Alberta Canada Forestry


There is a 50% chance of rain or thunderstorms to occur over the weekend. No rain reported as of yet.

Residents Returning

A plan is in the works to assist residents to re-enter into their homes on June 1st.  A Press release state everything is on track for this to happen.  More updates will provided in our next few posts.

Social Media

The following #hashtags have been detected as being used by media, residents, fire personnel and others across Social Media platforms.

#FortMacFire.  #FortMcMurrayFire.  #ABFires.   #abStrong

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